GALVESTON — A city fire truck wound up in a whole lot of trouble Monday afternoon.

The truck carrying four firefighters was traveling along Church Street about 2 p.m. when the pavement below its right wheels collapsed. The engine was stranded in loose soil up to its axles.

The street was recently under construction to replace a collapsed sewer line, a city spokeswoman said. It had been closed to traffic as early as this morning.

“They were driving down here at about 20 mph, and it just sunk in,” assistant Fire Chief Charles Olsen said. “They were just coming back from the lot and, next thing you know ...” He next made a noise that approximated the sound of a 25-ton vehicle suddenly losing its purchase.

Three tow trucks from Tony & Bros. Wrecker pulled the engine out of the hole. The operation took about two hours.

The truck is one of the newest vehicles in the fire department’s fleet, valued at $1.1 million.

The fire crew was not on its way to call when it fell through the street. A brief inspection at the scene revealed only superficial damage to the truck. No one was injured.

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(3) comments

Stevie Maradeo

That's the fine quality work the city provides. You don't hear about fire trucks falling through STATE funded roads (just saying)

Amanda Price

Clever headline. [beam]

George Croix

Water is water.
If the substrate washes out, no street will hold that weight.

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