LEAGUE CITY — One week into the 2014 City Council election season and there’s  already a pair of contested races. When voters go to the polls in November, the mayor and council positions 1, 2, 6 and 7 will be on the ballot.

So far in the race for mayor, incumbent Tim Paulissen is the only one to file. It is the same story with Council Position 6, as incumbent Andy Mann is the only one to file.

Both Paulissen and Mann said they expect to draw challengers.

In the race for Position 1, incumbent Dan Becker has drawn a challenger, Jay Ewend.

Incumbent Joanna Sharp Dawson also drew a challenger in the Position 7 race, with Nick Long tossing his hat into the ring. Long, who announced his intent to run last month, has twice run for the Clear Creek school board, each time challenging entrenched incumbents. He lost both races.

So far, no one has filed to run for the Position 2 race, including incumbent Dennis OKeeffe. 

With the exception of Mann, all of the other candidates filed on the first day of the month-long filing period.

OKeeffe and Becker drew national headlines in November when the pair got into a fistfight in the city manager’s office. Since then, with a few exceptions, divisions and infighting on the City Council have eased.

A council retreat and a revised format for council workshops on the day before council meetings have appeared to ease what had been regular contentious council sessions. 

The hiring of City Manager Mark Rohr also seemed to ease a lot of the public bitterness. 

Potential candidates have until Aug. 18 to file for office. Early voting for the election begins Oct. 20, and Election Day is Nov. 4. 


League City Council Candidates

Election winners serve a four-year term



Tim Paulissen, 56 (i)

Magazine publisher


Position 1

Dan Becker, 61 (i)



Jay Ewend, 53

Restaurant owner


Position 6

Any Mann, 47 (i)

IT consultant


Position 7

Nick Long, 31

Financial consultant


Joanna Sharp Dawson, 75 (i)

Community volunteer


i= incumbent






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(4) comments

Judy Foster

Why is it important to mention Nick Long's political defeats and not any mention of Jay Ewend's? Also why no mention of Tommy Cones running against Dennis O'keefe?

Kevin Lang

Judy0313, according to the article, at the time of writing, no one had filed for Position 2.

Victor Krc

I wonder if this coming election will turn into an after-the-fact referendum on the LC Illegal Alien Resolution?

Any thoughts yet?

I am surprised that the GDN hasn't played that angle yet.

Perhaps there will not be an angle to play.

Does anybody have any info on challenger or potential challenger positions on the Resolution?

Judy Foster

Jevjlang...The article must have been written last week because Cones signed up last Wednesday or Thursday. I just thought the GUN would have checked with LC before writing the story.

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