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Lars Faltskog

Well, what caught my eye immediately was that the article pointed out that the boy "has a girlfriend". Truly, how many 11 year old's can seriously have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

It seems as though the issue here is wrong choices on both sides (the boy who got plastered with the "B" misdomeaner and the boys bullying him and sister). The trouble escalated into what occurred at the bus stop, which is (as far as legal parameters are concerned) on school property.

I believe more sympathy could be given to this boy if he had not reacted by bringing the BB and shouting the profanities. Let's face it, both sides were relishing in the series of incidents. What I don't understand is why not impose the same class "B" misdomeaner on the other boys (with classification of "bullying"). TIcket the other boys, and call it even.

Seems as though the boy should learn to stay at home (instead of scurrying to bus stops to further trouble). Stay home and do his homework. Sidebar: Doesn't the picture show boy and mom in a seemingly aggressive semblance of being? I don't see innocence on their part, I really don't.

Mary Ellen Brennan

@ sverige1. I certainly hope your work for world peace is practisied with a higher standard than your post here. The boy was at the bus stop to protect his sister. His response to take a BB gun to protect both he and his sister, was not good judgement. However, unless you were on the receiving end of the bullying, at 11 years old, you don't know what your reaction would be. Peace!

Gary Miller


Must be some 11 year old kids with "girl-boy" friends. Planned Parenthood does dozens of "Hush Hush" abortions for 12 year old girls a year.
IS displaying anything that looks like a gun a worse crime than bullying?
We wonder why education isn't provided at Public Schools?

Carlos Ponce

Sverige, "how many 11 year old's can seriously have a girlfriend/boyfriend? "
There are many at that age who will claim a boyfriend or girlfriend. While it is not a dating relationship it is what we once called "puppy love". While adults do not consider it a serious relationship, they do. It is now considered a part of growing up.

alyssa lozano

TOY BB pistol this time what about next time? Hopefully because of the charge there won't be a next time. I believe the other students should be punished as we'll for the bullying but in the end he went a step further than them.

Gary Miller

These bullies will keep doing it until a victim uses a real gun.
Punishment now could save their lives later.

We read of bullied kids killing themselves. Not me.
I'd arm myself and hunt down the bullies first.

Kevin Lang

Of course, we know that both "remedies" aren't good ideas. However, trying to avoid the issue and hoping it goes away sooner rather than later, is also not a suitable response. Administrators, parents, etc. waiting until they catch them in the act is not the right way to do it, either. As soon as someone reports even the perception of bullying, someone of authority needs to take it seriously, and needs to take charge. Seems to me that only one person took it seriously prior to him pulling the BB gun. It's good that the school finally took it somewhat seriously, but I don't think it's seriously enough, and I don't believe they've taken charge or the situation.

Lars Faltskog

Very true, Cyssa. He definitely went overboard. As for meb3's comments....Well, I think most of us can raise our hands in the affirmative in response to whether we have been "bullied".

That being said, there's no excuse for the boy's actions. Perhaps the school officials were handling it. None of us really know, but I'd bet the farm that the school has done what they needed to do to protect their "hides". I don't think the majority of posters here would excuse the boy's actions. I still don't despite what the boy's "defenders" may say.

Carolyn Meehan

So...young Devon Josey is Anglo. Betcha the bullies are not Anglo.

Bullying is going on at AIM Academy in Galveston ISD also. Ms. Bruce should file an Open Records Request with the ISD demanding to know if any of the bullying incidents are recorded on the school's security cameras AND if the incident at the bus stop was recorded as well. And she should demand an opportunity to view the camera footage in her Request. And then...the ISD will back-pedal, toss the Open Request to the AG's office in Austin to sit for months and, as usual, nothing will be done to change the school's culture or the bullying behavior. I see private school or home school in Devon Josey's future...if he's lucky. If not, then Ms. Bruce should keep the guns locked up.

The state of public education in the U.S. is disheartening.


I agree 155% with the mother of the son who pulled the BB gun in this incident! Bullying is a national issue,..a problem which everyone should take note of, and be very aware of where their children are concerned.
This time it turned out okay, but the next individual who gets bullied by those who allegedly bullied this young man might not fake it with a BB gun. Instead it might be a GLOCK 40 they come out with!
The mother said the young man with the BB gun reported the bullying to school authorities, then I would like to know why did they NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!
Ohhh, they can say now it is not a school policy to allow it, but what did they do when this young man went to them? Sure the kid's mother is going to defend him!
This stinks to high heaven in my nostrils! I'll tell you why, because there is bullying going on in this county, and this country, more than people would imagine, and many times it is looked over and accepted! IT IS EVEN GOING ON IN THE NFL, AND NOW WE SEE EFFORTS OF INDIVIDUALS WANTING IT COVERED UP!
This is not just an indictment again that little six grader, but I think the school authorities should look in the mirror and take a long look at themselves, and their failure to protect that young man from his oppressors! Let me say something here and I want to be listed to,...LONG and hard.
Eric David Harris, and Dylan Bennet Klebold, the two shooters responsible for the Columbine High School Massacre was bullied, harassed, called nerds, and made fun of continuously, and NOBODY did a &^* thing about it! Tell me something, how did that little ordeal turn out?
One thing the mother said in this article that I disagree with, and that was when she said, boys, having these kinds of problems was normal. Well I don't see nothing NORMAL about it!! People need to start raising their kids to respect others and the property of others! It might take a little time, "SHO NUFF" but I had a couple of parents who did just that, and they did not even need a "VILLAGE" to help them do it,...all they needed was a big BLACK "STROP"....and they stayed in good shape swinging it too!
Both of them are in their grave and their spirits are in heaven now,...for they were saved, but, there is not a day, goes by I am not appreciative of how they handled me because many times I look back in the rear view mirror of my life, and I see, an early grave, and prison bars, were it not for the efforts my parents went to to raise me to respect others and do the right things in life!
Now, somebody need to get off their rear ends and do the right thing by this young man, because he is not, in my opinion receiving justice here, in this BS situation!!!
I'm HOT!!! [angry]

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 11:37 am on Mon, Nov 25, 2013:

One method of getting children in shape (and away from the temptation to bully) is to invite a parent of either the "bullied" child OR a parent of the "bullier" to sit in a few classes with perspective child. The presence of Mommy (or suitable relative) with a visitor's badge would curtail the "back and forth" that both parties would be tempted to engage in.

In reality, none of us will really ever know the true story behind this particular issue. Who's to say whether this individual who used the BB gun has been a bullier/perpetrator. It's a possibility. More than that, if a child has the fortitude to pick up a BB gun and be an aggressor, he may have had lots of practice indeed being an aggressor. Definitely not a shrinking violet.


correction ***** last sentence in the 5th paragraph.
listed to,...should be listened to. Excuse me,...I'm a little......[angry]

Lars Faltskog

Oh, forgot to respond to kev's point about school administrators' actions (or lack thereof). I would think it's a delicate web that is weaved. On the one hand, kids tend to blur the boundries of decorum. That is, two children could have given an exchange for several months involving profane language and talks of aggression. EX: "I'm gonna kick your behind!!" could be said for months, and an exchange among youngsters. Then, all of a sudden, one of the youngsters doesn't like it anymore, so he/she yells "bullying". Point is, much of the time it takes 2 to tango, as the saying goes.

That's where the school administrators are in a pickle. To eradicate each and every word of aggression and/or taunt, to eradicate every push and shove is an impossibility. Judgment calls have to be made. And, on top of that, I would imagine at this particular school 2 or 3 similar issues are going on of which the administrators have to manage, monitor, and respond.

Kevin Lang

I see no reason to call all involved into the office and let them all know that they will be watched. Then, call in the parents of all involved, and let them know that the kids will be watched, and the parents will be on speed-dial and will put on notice that any escalation will be dealt with promptly, and very likely with the police department involved. Make sure the parents know that any attempts at denial will be followed with allegations of improper parenting to the proper authorities.

This kind of behavior needs swift and authoritative action. If it doesn't get that action, then one or both of the remedies that IHOG cited will be chosen. Neither of the outcomes of that are good.

Kevin Lang

That should be: I see no reason NOT to call all involved....


Yall have to forgive me,...but I GET "MADDDD" WHEN KIDS, WOMEN, AND OLD FOLKS GET BULLIED, or mistreated! ( This is a short post I know,..but it is golden!)

Andy Aycoth

The only thing bullies understand is a good old fashion a__ whooping . You can not show fear . To avoid getting the school district and their politically correct policies involved is never solve at school or buss stop. Bullies pushed my son to the point where he snapped and the outcome was not good for the bullies Guess who got punished , my son . The bullies never bother my son again and did not have to deal latter with bullies.

Lisa Blair

Bullying is a big problem at GISD and there's often a racial element to it. GISD seems to focus on punishment afterwards more often than intervention and prevention. They really need to take it more seriously. Apparently there is no consistent punishment either. In the situations like this one that I'm aware of, all students involved are punished. I'm really surprised this student wasn't sent to alternative school for 30-60 days. I thought that was GISD's policy.


I'll tell you what I think Mr. Lang, I think GISD needs to drop back and redo and retrace their actions and try to give the young man who was BULLIED in this incident a little more fairness, and justice than what I see he has gotten. I've seen bullying at it's best and I've seen it at it's worst and I did not like it under any conditions!
If that was my son who was treated like this, I'd spare no expense in going after justice! That's all I know! I could tell yall a few stories about how one of my sons was treated by a certain school district and, ............let me stop bragging,...it is not befitting my humble nature.


Bullying takes place in all school districts, not just GISD.

Kevin Lang

Like the mother said, the other kids deserve some "attention", too. This is not something unique to GISD. I'm sure that even FISD gets some of this kind of garbage, too. The first reaction the schools should avoid is waiting for facts. Take clear and decisive action geared at education. When the facts are in, punish.

Don Ciaccio

GISD official need a good old fashioned chew out. What a bunch of morons. I will cut off all support to the school district.

George Croix

Root cause.
'What's the root cause' is essential to making sure that the correction for a problem is the right correction for the real problem.
Why do kids bully?
Aside from the few people who are born sociopathoic or just plain mean and evil, kids usually act out based on their home life experience. You have to be taught better, and taught respect and value for your fellow man. That's why it's often not an answer at all to expect some parents to reign in their bully children. They'd have to do so for themselves first.
There are also the actual coward 'bullies' who pick on others as a way to make themselves feel powerful, just because they get away with it.
A good old fashioned punch in the nose can often cure that type.
For the sociopath, or the kid who's simply given up any effort to get along because that's what he/she have been taught, a punch in their nose these days might get the puncher killed!
No easy answers, but expecting a bully's target to meekly sit back and take it, or punishing THEM for trying to protect themselves, while the tormenters skate, is the stuff of 'modern thinking' that is useless as mammary glands on a boar hog.
But, it is very 'progressive'.

Kevin Lang

gecroix, it appears that the administration was trying to do the RCA before trying to figure out whether they had a bomb about to blow. How many times did you wait until the RCA was done before deciding whether to shut a unit down? I would assume that the fact you're here chatting with us would indicate that it wasn't many.

George Croix

I don't recall ever shutting anything down because of an 11 year old with an unloaded airsoft pistol...
That's a difference between the ability to make decisions based on the situation at hand, and a one size fits all, zero tolerance way of thinking.
I also never shutdown just part of a system in trouble, then waited to see if the rest would blow up in my face.
But, that's just me...[beam][beam]

Kevin Lang

Or the desire to even address the situation at hand. When the sensors start giving you signals that something's wrong, there's always the option to ignore the sensors. After all, sensors do give erratic readings sometimes. No sense inconveniencing people over false alarms.

BOOM! Oh, bleep, that sensor was right, after all. [wink]

Despite all the false alarms, Chicken Little was right once. So was the little boy who cried "Wolf!". Fortunately, this time, there was no wolf involved, only a toothless mute chihuahua.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 9:58 pm on Mon, Nov 25, 2013:

Well, carlosdeponce, I believe you're missing the "big picture", or should we say, the "deduced inference" (TAKS skill) from the point I made regarding an 11 year-old having a boyfriend/girlfriend. That is, with any child who is obviously suffering from repeated abuses from bullies, it's probably not a good idea for the family to encourage yet another potential form of strife and unrest. That being an approval or positive sanction to the child of having a "girlfriend/boyfriend".

This child is going through enough already, and let's face it. Eleven year olds cannot really go out on a date with another person. Unless we count riding bikes in the neighborhood, or hoofing it to the nearby CVS as a "date". Parents likely would have to "chauffer" the young lad/lasso in love to various locations. And besides, are youngsters at that age really equipped to take on what ought to be practiced by older teens - the emotional roller coaster that involves "love"? Not only that, if the young lad is accompanying the girl to events, stores, and other entertainment venues, wouldn't the onset of the bullying problem be exponentially increased, due to the potential of other incidents?

IMHO, the mom needs to focus on the boy's healing and coping mechanisms regarding the bullying, and the "puppy love" associated with the premature "dating" ought to be downplayed. Perhaps he should not be allowed to "date" for awhile until his bullying victim situations are at bay. After all, what girl wants to "go out" with a boy who is being bullied? She also is likely enveloped in this chain of events. Not really fair to her, in my view.

Lars Faltskog

Response to gecroix posted at 11:47 pm on Mon, Nov 25, 2013:

Well, geocroix, you come up with a good point of discussion. I would think that the brash action of a child brandishing a BB gun would overshadow any "study" of a root cause analysis (RCA) of the situation.

First and foremost in folks' minds are Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the like. That's why, at this writing, the individual boy is slapped with a B misdomeaner, and the other boys are left unpunished. It may be an "unfair" lesson to learn, but that's how the world works nowadays. That's "progressive" for ya.

The best thing a parent can teach a child is to know how to go through the proper channels of authority to resolve problems. Seems like the boy (if he can handle having a g-friend, he ought to handle this). If you go to school officials and that doesn't work, go to mommy again. She can call the sherrif. But, don't bring a gun. That could very well shut down a school and involve the media. This is 2013, not Mayberry and Opie getting into a scuffle with a freckled-face, overweight, red headed goober bully.

Kevin Lang

From an 11th-grader perspective, and perhaps for even higher standards, I would presume, the kid believed he had given his authority figures notice and opportunity. He definitely shouldn't have handled it the way he did. However, the administration should have done more to keep it from getting that far. Their inaction, it would appear, was a key contributor to his going a bit overboard. However, it should also be noted that he had the foresight to not have any ammo in the gun. It's pretty obvious that his tactic was to let them feel the sensation of having a load in their pants so that they might have a few more things to consider.

This can turn out OK IF the administration decides it's now time to get involved and address the immediate problems.


Sverige1, sir, either you are not listening or you have your head buried in the sand where this issue is concerned. You have already read where other posters said bullying is a massive problem around this country and NOBODY WANTS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
What? Do you think because nobody wants to do anything about an individual(s) being bullied, they are going to just say "OH WELL" ...that's life,..that's how the real world is? Dream on my friend. Another thing, as I eluded to earlier on this thread, why do you think Eric David Harris, and Dylan Bennett Klebold became so violent and vengeful, they decided to commit massacre,and suicide at Columbine? Allow me to enlighten you even while realizing it will be grossly discounted by you, and others who bury their heads in the sand concerning bullying, like certain school districts in this county and around this country:
Bullying of Harris and Klebold:

One of Harris' last journal entries read: "I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't … say, 'Well that's your fault,' because it isn't, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. No no no don't let the weird-looking Eric KID come along."
Dylan Klebold said on the Basement Tapes, "You've been giving us *%&$ for years. You're &*^%*&^ gonna pay for all the %&$! We don't give a %&$. Because we're gonna die doing it."
Accounts from various parents and school staffers describe the BULLYING that has been described as "rampant" at the school. Nathan Vanderau, a friend of Klebold, and Alisa Owen, Harris's eighth-grade science partner, reported that Harris and Klebold were constantly PICKED ON. Vanderau noted that a "CUP of FECAL MATTER" was thrown at them. "People surrounded them in the commons and squirted KETCHUP PACKETS all over them, laughing at them, calling them (expletive) ," Brooks Brown says. "THAT HAPPENED WHILE TEACHERS WATCHED." They couldn't fight back. They wore the ketchup all day and went home covered with it. "In his book, No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine, Brown wrote that Harris was born with mild chest indent. This made him reluctant to take his shirt off in gym class, and other students would laugh at him.
My friend, you can keep denying that BULLYING is at epidemic proportions in this country, all you want, it is not going to make it go away, and it won't go away! It won't go away until society get off their rear ends and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Bullying like extortion will exist in an atmosphere where is is conducive for it to thrive in! I would tell you what I told a certain Principal concerning a coach publicly bullying my oldest son,...but I won't. I will tell you this though, MY SON NEVER GOT BULLIED AGAIN! Now, that is straight-up real my friend!
The world has become a giant prison population, where only the strong survive. It is said that Eric David Harris called this process in his journal the "natural selection."
Now think of all the lives and futures which could have been saved here if certain people had GOTTEN OF THEIR REAR ENDS AND HANDLED THE PROBLEM OF TWO GUYS GETTING BULLIED? This is my last post on this matter, because I don't want to argue, just to be arguing.

George Croix

Few things cause more misery in this world than refusal to take a stand, to stick up for what's right. You don't have to not be scared. You just have to be unwilling to be beaten without a fight.
Like Jbgood, I know another person who sometimes had a little discussion with the intent of rectifying a bad situation when the people supposed to be doing so would not. However, unfortunately, PC and just plain old disengagement from reality so prevalent these days, has caused a significant decrease in getting involved. That's very 'progressive'.
IMHO, such positive involvement on behalf of the downtrodden or bedevilled is admirable, and should be applauded.
It's amazing how much attention you can get when the right person finds out in no uncertain terms that you are paying attention to HIM and will pay a lot more of it if he doesn't start paying attention to what he should on his end. Unfortunately, such direct involvement is a lot less prevalent these days than it should be. And, some children/adults suffer needlessly because of it's lack.
The question each should ask is, if it was YOU getting the short end of the deal, would YOU want somebody to stick up for you?

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jbgood posted at 9:05 am on Tue, Nov 26, 2013:

Well, JBG...I have a short and simple question - What leads you to believe that my contributions on this thread imply my "head buried in the sand"?

After all, I acknowledged the fact that this boy has been bullied. I have written support for his well-being and the well-being of children in general. I also wrote how I, too, was "bullied" in school. Most of us were. However, it bears to look at the reality. Reality is, in this case, the boy was not innocent as soon as he picked up a BB gun. Period. Yes, he needs help. And, yes, the 3 bullies should face some disciplinary consequences. Does that clear it up for you?


Sverige 1,... HOW ABOUT THIS: #1 ? ( The following are two statements made by Mr. sverige1. .concerning a young man defending himself against bullying.)
"First and foremost in folks' minds are Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the like. That's why, at this writing, the individual boy is slapped with a B misdomeaner, and the other boys are left unpunished. It may be an "unfair" lesson to learn, but that's how the world works nowadays. That's "progressive" for ya."
"The best thing a parent can teach a child is to know how to go through the proper channels of authority to resolve problems. Seems like the boy (if he can handle having a g-friend, he ought to handle this). If you go to school officials and that doesn't work, go to mommy again. She can call the sherrif. But, don't bring a gun. That could very well shut down a school and involve the media. This is 2013, not Mayberry and Opie getting into a scuffle with a freckled-face, overweight, red headed goober bully."
HOW ABOUT THIS: Statement #2
"Seems as though the boy should learn to stay at home (instead of scurrying to bus stops to further trouble). Stay home and do his homework. Sidebar: Doesn't the picture show boy and mom in a seemingly aggressive semblance of being? I don't see innocence on their part, I really don't." ( SHAME ON YOU,...SHAME..jbg)

Tina Powers

See they never pay the parents that do care any mind.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jbgood posted at 7:04 pm on Tue, Nov 26, 2013:

Well...and double well....All you did was regurgitate/cut and paste what I said before. And what I say stands, as it's my right to say so.

And, what I merely said was that things aren't always what they seem. I admit, the boy is being bullied. But, he very likely dished some of it out and isn't totally innocent. Mustering out a BB gun, running over to a busstop and flailing it isn't being innocent, and yes...it is aggressive. So, JBG..let's call it what it is. Yours and my right to express ourselves. I never squelch your desires to write endless bible verses, so you should do the same to me. BTW, speaking of which...ta daaa......here's a good bible verse in reference to this subject matter, regarding nonviolence and "turning the other cheek":


"But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also."

EXODUS 14:14:

"The Lord will fight for you; you have only to be still."

GOD BLESS you, JBG and all my other Bible followers :)

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