TEXAS CITY — Calling the incident that led to his arrest on domestic assault and felony drug charges “a stupid decision,” Baypoint Community Church pastor the Rev. Bobby Gass stood before his congregation Sunday and announced he would step down from the pulpit and church leadership. He said he hoped the move would be temporary. 

Gass, 60, Baypoint’s founder and lead pastor, was arrested Wednesday after police received a call that a man shoved a woman out of a vehicle.

Police allege they found Gass to be in possession of cocaine when they questioned him.

Gass did not address the specifics of the incident with his congregation during two morning services. After the first service, he told The Daily News that police reports of the incident “were not as they would seem.”

He denied hitting the woman riding in his car or trying to push her out of the vehicle. He also said the bag of cocaine had been found in the church parking lot. He said he had kept it for a meeting during which church leaders were to discuss how it came to be on church property.

Gass’ appearances at the church services were brief. Associate Pastor Terry Ray delivered the sermons.

Wearing blue jeans and a short-sleeved red shirt, Gass spoke in a strained voice. Ray and another pastor stood by his side and at times put their arms around him.

During the second service, the woman Gass is accused of abusing joined him on stage. The Daily News’ policy is not to identify potential victims of domestic violence unless they agree to be identified.

Gass said Ray and another associate pastor, along with elders, would run the day-to-day operations of the church and the worship services.

Gass said he would attend services but would not be involved in church management or the handling of finances while he worked “to get this over.”

Reading from the Book of Timothy, Gass noted that the Bible calls for church leaders to “be above reproach,” and that given his arrest and criminal charges, he had to step away.

Gass had plenty of supporters at the church.

When he told the congregation he loved them, a woman from the audience shouted out, “We love you, too.”

Most of the 60 people who attended the first service Sunday gave Gass standing ovation after his address.

After the first service several people joined Gass in the back of the worship center, and many hugged him and offered their support.

Ray did not directly address Gass’ situation.

But in a reference to overall issues, including an effort to sell the church’s worship center, Ray said “we are at a point to make right decisions,” and that what action they took would reflect how the church handled adversity.

Ray also admonished church members to avoid “gossip” and “harsh words.”

None of the church members The Daily News attempted to interview would comment on Gass’ status or what consequences his situation would have on the church.

Before the criminal charges, Gass said the church was struggling.

Since 2008, attendance has dropped from 1,000 to less than 300, Gass said. 

A 2011 divorce also had caused some members, including some of the church’s biggest donors, to leave, he said.

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Harley Rider

what a joke...it's not mine,i found it..haha ! loser...

Lars Faltskog

I think I'll start me a little church with stolen sermons from other congregations. But, 1st, I need to become a coke-head and find some gullible followers who will say that I'm a great person. After all, nobody's perfect. Oldest excuse in the book. My suggestion to folks who continue to follow persons such as this, who obviously has no morals or scruples (and abusive to women at that)....break your ties from the chains of the religious babble that you've allowed yourself to be fed for years.

As much as (maybe) this Gass person can change, so can you. You can get up on your own two feet, think for yourself. You can do something constructive on Sunday instead of sitting 2 hours in a building where they beg you for $. You can paint your house, cut your lawn, visit your aging parents. Read a good book, take a class, or become better educated. The things churches feed us are at the lowest intelligence level - pure memorization of things that have been made up - and have been challenged for decades by the more educated and intelligent. Wake up.


Sverige1, while I can agree that most need to "break their ties from the chains of the religious babble that you've allowed yourself to be fed for years" It is not about religion, it is about a relationship. A relationship with Christ is exactly that, a relationship.

Your immediate assertion that those that believe in Jesus and the words that the Bible say are somehow less intelligent than those who do not is ludicrous. You jab at those who listen to "memorization", while you spew out what you memorized from others who are "more educated and intelligent". The argument that somehow those who believe in Jesus are somehow less intelligent is folly and worn out. Read Alister McGrath's "Intellectuals Don't Need God, and Other Modern Myths" for a more indepth analysis of how you are trying to put God in a box built by Human hands and that is not possible.

You are obviously angry at the church, God, or possibly the mistreatment you felt from someone involved in a church. Or maybe you are the product of a school system that renounced God years ago. I am truly sorry that you have been let down, but Christians are not perfect, we are just forgiven.

If you ever want to check out a service that is not based on rote memorization, at a church that is not money hungry, with a congregation that will truly show you an example of God's love, check out www.lifefellowship.me for something different.

With love I send prayers to you and your family. Have a blessed day

Lars Faltskog

Jlucas - I don't believe you, but if you're happy then that's what counts the most. Sheepish folk gravitate toward churches. They can't think for themselves, and they're just as children who believe in Santa Claus. In reality, I think it's healthy from time to time to escape in a fantasy world.

Ways to accomplish such escape is to be mesmerized through music, drugs, and yes - church. That's fine as long as you don't get bilked out of your $ and if you lead a successful, independent life. Some folks can handle it, some can't.

Lars Faltskog

What a goofball this Gass is. I would think if I was "running" a church of originally 1000 members, and it's now dwindled to 300 or so - and I've done abusive things and became more of a coke-head, then I'd gracefully step down.

Maybe god will give this guy another "sign" to fess up and go away, and let the congregation sheepishly follow another leader - that is, if they all still need the crutch that church is on folks. Maybe some of them will toughen up, become independent, and realize that all churches that churches do is suck in "followers" and take their $.

PD Hyatt

Wow sverige1.... You sure seem to have a hatred for Church.... Is it the Church that you hate or is it God? Do some of the people who Pastor a Church mess up? Yes they do and God does hold them to a higher standard.... Does this Pastor need to step down and repent and be reconcilled to God? Yes, and it seems like that is the way that he is headed as that is what is taught in the Bible, and only time will tell if he is sincere or if he is just playing with God....

Infamous Vodka

God Bless Everyone.

Island Retiree

Wow...not many people are willing to stand up in public and admit their mistakes like that. Way to go Bobby. Now go do what is best for you and get cleaned up. We love you.

Texas City

"He also said the bag of cocaine had been found in the church parking lot". Wow never heard that one before!


So the guy has had drug issues in the past, even going to rehab, & he just happens to find some coke in his church parking lot?

Yea sure he did!


Compare this to Mr. Gass:

Also, the willing ignorance of his congregation is stunning. Methinks they're afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.

Lars Faltskog

Mr. DiggerNick - You hit the nail on the head on this one. It's either very sad, or very funny (however we want to look at it) - to see the ignorance that folks demonstrate in the name of religion. I've said it before, the best thing lately I've seen that reveals how dumb religion is (and the people who follow it) is Bill Maher's movie "Religulous". The folks that adhere to this Gass person (and people of their ilk) should see that movie. Maybe they'll "wise up".

Melissa Copado

That doesn't describe him at all! Obviously you don't know him that well.

Lawabiding Citizen

This guy definately has a future in politics! [smile]


I have heard it all Bobby!!!!!! Think you could have come up with something better than that.........If I was keeping some "cocaine" that I found in the "parking lot" to discuss with my church members, I don't think I would be carrying it around in my wallet!!!!!!! FLUSH IT Bobby......OH, it's Bobby, snort it Bobby!!!!! What a JOKE!!! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!!!!! And for those who believe it are just as stupid!!!! Where are you going to get your money now for your habit?? Go back to construction where you weren't any good at that either....

Texas City Man

Ha Ha. It one gets funnier and more ludicrous each day. Found it in parking lot. Hee Hee. What a joker he is becoming... Actually already was. It was noted by someone that the attendance began to fall in 2008 -- that's true!! Well ... do members recall what events and decisions and personell decisions B. Gass made about that time that set this train wreck in motion? Think. REAL HARD. Do you? I do ...very vividly. It was 2008, BCC was booming, a great staff was on board, and then BOOM!! Horrible and WRONG decisions were made and look where BCC is today. It's dying and will be D. O. A. very soon. Nothing but a bad memory. Just wait as its coming. It's sad but imminent. Come on now -- in the parking lot?!? Ha Ha.

Doing Itwell

What decisions are you talking about that changed the church and made it take a downward dive??

Michelle Houston

True or not true. Denial ? ... maybe ... maybe not ... Members and pastor need paryer and support .If you have ever had a drug or ancohol issue or some type of Hurts Habbits and Hang Ups... you would know its not funn y ... its really sad. , do Not discriminate. It can destroy anyone of us.

Michelle Houston

opps posted with out finishing ... anyway ... i will pray and hope others pray for the healing to began.


I know several people that are quitting Baypoint. My one friend nailed it. She said she wants a church where Jesus is the main focus & not the pastor.

If this guy has any love for those people he would walk away & let them start over if possible.

He comes back & so will the drama.


Please show some compassion. Do not judge or use harsh words. Don't you think he has enough of the emotional pain at this time without others making it more difficult for him. He is human and makes mistakes. Ultimately he will pay the price.

Lars Faltskog

Sakes alive - he's 60 years old. He's had plenty of life he's lived to clean up his act. He's also an abuser. How much compassion should we have for an individual like that??

James Griffin

Compassion is triggered by humility. As soon as the pastor humbles himself, then others can see the humility and respond compassionately.

Not From G Town

How can we not judge a man that calls himself a Pastor and has people in his church that love him but he still stands before them and give them this ridiculous excuse of why he (an recovering drug addict) was in possession of cocaine. He also has the "girlfriend" that he is accused of assulting stand beside him as if it is ok to abuse others. This is a great lesson to teach the many kids that attend BCC!!! This man has not stood up and admitted ANYTHING (as this post states:Wow...not many people are willing to stand up in public and admit their mistakes like that. Way to go Bobby. Now go do what is best for you and get cleaned up. We love you.) What did he admit to? He plainly states someone else in the church left them in the parking lot and he was just holding onto it until the next meeting. He also denies assul;ting his girlfriend so I am not sure what you think he admitted to.


Because the Bible told us so. Would you be willing to judge so harshing if that were your son, brother or husband. He is weak and easily lead astray. He needs love, support, and kindness. [sad]


My compassion extends to him getting medical help before he kills himself or somebody else.

He is 60 years old. Not 16. He has been in rehab previously. I realize it doesn't always work & is a daily struggle.

I absolutely do NOT buy that he found the coke @ the church & was just holding it. If others do well ok believe what you want.

There were witnesses to the assault who called the cops. I guess he will have his day in court on that one.

Good luck to the associate pastors. They're going to need it.

Jimi Luv

pastor bob found what appeared to be cocaine in the parking lot. I guess he rolled up a bill from his wallet and did a field test to make sure it was cocaine.

I guess he didn't think about calling police to report finding the cocaine, but decided to hold on to it instead.

pastor bob assaults a women and this brutal assault is seen and heard by a witness, but tells his flock it never happened.

He's going off the rails of a crazy train.

Tracy Marquez

I went to BCC several years ago. I really enjoyed it up until the point I started asking some questions. Then I was accused of having a vendetta against the church and certain members. I must have hit close to home on a few points with my questions or I would not have been verbally attacked at the time. Maybe comments cards are not the best thing to hand out to the congregation if you can't handle the truth. Just this year I found out that Terry Ray had joined BCC and thought I'd give it another chance because I had heard Terry preach on several occasions before. But, now with all of this going on, I think it's time I find another place to worship. Even if changes are made at BCC, Bobby and his actions will always overshadow the church and make it hard to trust anyone that steps up as a leader. Once you lose the respect and trust of your members, it's hard to gain that back.


Who all heard Bobby shout "thank you Jesus" when he "found" cocaine? Really!! It's a know fact that he has had and does have a severe drug addiction! Along with that addiction is an ego larger than life...this man was offered the opportunity to go to rehab and save himself, his marriage and his family but after a few days he came home because the people of Baypoint only attend there because of him...he couldn't be gone!! really! He ENJOYS doing DRUGS people...all you followers wake up...you are in actuality enablers!! What's worse is that's he's suppose to be a man of GOD but not only is he doing drugs but he does them with his own family! BCC is not a church for Christ, it was a get rich scheme that has backfired tremendously in his face. All of you truly searching for a wanting to serve Christ...run...go find you a church with a leader that lives to serve Christ and lead the sheep of his congregation.


Bobby, If you are innocent of the drug possession and innocent of the family violence then why are you stepping down to get your life together? That doesn't make much since. If the attendance at the church started dropping off because of your divorce, what does that say? How did the police find the drugs wrapped in a dollar bill in your wallet when you said you found the "bag" of cocaine in the parking? All of this sounds like a dope fein move to me -" poor innocent Bobby" - " I am just the victim of all these people lying about me" - Well, why did the woman yell for help and someone call the police? What did you use to buy her silence? Or is she too scared of you to go against you? She needs to run as hard and as fast as she can to get away from you because it will happen again and will get worse the more you crave your drugs.

John Doherty

I don't attend BCC but I will leave it up to God Almighty to judge Bobby. A mistake is a mistake, we all have made them. Some worse than others. Good luck and prayers go out to all involved! They will need it.

Texas City Man

This has turned into a runaway train that is a disgrace to God's Kingdom. The church shouldn't be @ a man but about God! It's Jesus who needs our attention. But Gass man has always wanted the light on him! It's always been: 1. Look what I did! 2. Look how I started a great church with 6 in my house! 3. Look how I am better than all other pastors in TxC. 4. Look how great I can copy down a Rick Warren sermon and repeat it on Sunday! 5. Look how cute I am with catchy phrases for PR campaigns! ( Who can forget the disgraceful PR Campaign / sermon series he called -- "The Real F Word". I had to keep my young kids at home during that time to avoid them asking and talking about it! I was embarrassed all over town to admit I went to BCC.

I could go on and on about this egomaniac, sociopath, but must I? We all get the point.

PS - B. Gass once bragged to me and a few others that HE NEVER WROTE OR DEVELOPED HIS OWN SERMONS -- NOT ONE!! He got every one from printed material and sermons published by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church! Wow! I'd be embarrassed to admit that if I was a preacher. Not one! Many people told me He has never been a real pastor or preacher -- just a bad builder who was going under / broke as a builder who decided to give church work a try. It worked for awhile, but the wolf in sheep's clothing has been exposed! Thanks to God!

Melissa Copado

Wow! really? I was there for The Real "F" Word series and NO it's not at all what people think it was forgiveness he was talking about! Embarrassed about what? to talk about forgiveness? The church has Never been about man and time and time again he has said and I quote" Never put your trust in man,even me...because I will fail you but God won't! Put your trust in Him." He mentions about how the church was founded yes but it's never about him. It's just information to let new people know how baypoint got started. He stays up and writes his own sermons as well. So your info is WRONG! It is based on Saddle Back Church but not written by them.

John Doherty

I didn't attend BCC but I will let God Almighty do the judging. I thank God for his forgiveness. I will be praying for him and the congregation. They are going to need it going through this.


Being a drug addict does not justify being a cheat, liar or thief. Being a drug addict is a disease like any other disease - you can choose to do something about it or choose to do nothing about it. But if you choose to do nothing - you do not have an excuse for wrong behavior.


You go - Texas City Man - I totally agree!

Texas City Man

Xt.1955 seems to know his stuff for sure as its related to drugs and alcohol abuse, addiction, problems, methods to help, etc., and there certainly seems to be a lot there that he can offer via his experience and knowledge. But the question remains: will B. Gass accept the help offered? Or will he turn a deaf ear to the help offered. I say they match up this week and let the healing begin. What @ it Gass? Will you go for help? We sure pray you will, as we all want you to find healing and the living hand of God. You need to get healed. God wants to use you some more.

However, poking some fun -- I'd like to know more about this parking lot find you mentioned? I'll bet one thing: every cocaine addict and user will be scouring every inch of BCC's parking lot this week for their own discovery. Ha. They'll tear it up looking for their own line of Cocaine.

Edwin Marquez

I know what job Bobby G. will be doing while he gets back to running things from the pulpit of Baypoint, he is going to be the new comedian at the nearby Comedy Club. His routine will be “Found cocaine in the Church parking lot” along with “ Beat the girlfriend”.

Really people are you that gullible? If so then, Santa is my real dad and the Tooth fairy is my mother too. I saw the brief message that he gave on Sunday prior to the sermon and he did not mention once what his mistake was that he committed. He mention that he LOVED Baypoint, but if so why is it that he said my marriage was not valid when I was a member of his church? I’m not the only one that he has back stabbed that has gone to Baypoint. I want him to contact me and show me how much he has changed and to apologize for what he said about my marriage not being valid. If he is for real and sincere he can contact me at edwin_0315@hotmail.com. I’m not afraid of hiding behind a screen name and I’m not afraid of using my name Edwin Marquez so that everyone knows. Show me you’re Christian enough to turn the other cheek and accept whatever comes your way. I respected some of the people that are church elders and members of the congregation at Baypoint, but now I have none whatsoever. I’ll never go back to Baypoint or their new building, if they ever get one, if Bobby Gass is Pastor because he has had all the chances to change his ways, but in the long run, never has.


This whole fiasco began at Mainland Community Church where he successfully convinced multiple people to move with him to start a new church.This did not start in his living room as he claims. They may have met there to plan buth that's about it. It actually started at a thriving church he was an active member of. This is when MCC was at it's peak and he was the leader of the priase team. What started the whole thing was he did not get his way in matters of the church where he thought he was in control. When he found out he could not control that church, he decided to start one he could. He successfully convinced most of the praise team along with many long time members to move to his newly formed church. I would doubt there are very many members active at BCC that were there from the early days. I would venture to say there are less than 5 and likely none.

Melissa Copado

I am a member at baypoint and have gotten to know Pastor Bobby a lot more the last couple years and know enough that he is a good person with a good heart and that he is human. We are all human and not perfect. No one else's sin is any different than anyone else's. All sin is the same in God's eyes and for that we will have to answer to God. God's Word says this and also He is the ultimate judge. Yes, whatever that Pastor Bobby did that was wrong..I'm not saying is right and that it's ok but God gives us grace every time we fail. NOT sometimes but EVERY TIME. See we are All sinners and fall short of the glory every single day. No one is perfect and yes as believers we strive to be more like Jesus and and yes we are supposed get better everyday but the truth and reality of it is, at the end of the day we are all human.The Awesome thing is that God forgive us for our mistakes BIG or small. So, therefore we should do the same to EVERY ONE. The same Grace God extends to us we should extend to that brother or sister in Christ or Anyone. We need to be there for him and love and pray for him. Also, I was there for both services this past weekend, my husband and I both volunteer at baypoint and the story told here is not 100% correct as is with a lot of media so people before you make a decision to talk about something please know the facts. You can view the sermon online and see it for yourself on their website. The lady that was supposedly involved in this assault did not go on stage with Pastor Bobby at all and he did Not get a standing ovation.She did not file against the Pastor, the cops did and said they would do it on the state's behalf.Apparently, all that was said in that report wasn't true. We clapped b/c of what he told us and that he loved us as well. We all need to examine our own life before we talk about any one because according to God's Word all sin is the same. It's about moving forward now and doing what's right now.It's about mercy and grace. All this ugly talk about Pastor Bobby and baypoint needs to stop just because your life isn't in the limelight doesn't mean it's perfect so just pray for our Pastor and our church instead of bashing it every chance that you get.


I cannot believe that this guy intends on coming back to any pulpit & more to the point that people would welcome him back.

People think! HARD! Do you really believe that a man with drug issues found drugs in the parking lot & put said drugs in his wallet? Mercy! May I interest you in some lakefront property in the Sahara if you believe that!

I have no dog in this fight except a friend who has been lied to by this pastor & apparently he has a history of being less than honest.

Get yourself a real man of God & get rid of this guy. THINK!


Concerned_citizen hit the nail on the head and is 100% correct! I was one of the originals that left MCC...we also had an unbelievable pastor named Dan that everyone loved. Then for no reason Bobby fired him and decided he was going to do the "preaching"!
It was obvious really quickly that his sermons were bought and he didn't exude anything "godly"! My family and I left when the church started conforming more and more to the world instead of the people changing for Christ! It started feeling more like you were going to a bikers bar than church.
By the way am I the only person that seems to think that the channel 11 news report he did last night was hilarious! The "girlfriend" that is half his age and lives with him( that's a Christian example) was stoned out of her mind! Just a thought here Bobby , next time your going to have your girlfriend defend you on TV...tell her to " put the pipe down"!


Thou shalt not lie-- "I found it in the church parking lot"!

Thou shalt not steal-- if it's not yours don't take it...if you found it turn it in!

Thou shalt not commit adultery -- the bible says that once you are married it is until death robs you of your helpmate. Even if you divorce if you enter into a relationship with anyone other than your mate it is adultery!

Thy body is a temple -- No drugs! Choosing to use drugs is not an illness it is a choice. No ones body craves or demands drugs until after one has made the choice to use and therefore abuse them!

There are so many more but I'm tired and this should get the point across. Anyone that doesn't see the writing on the wall for what he is, is truly blinded and would probably be the first in line for the kool-aid!

Melissa Copado

and you are perfect? No one is perfect! everything you hear is not the truth. Like I said in my posts earlier everyone is human and makes mistakes just because he is a Pastor does not mean that his life will be perfect, no one is. I'm sure we all have done some of these ourselves at least one thing before so before people point the finger they really need to examine their own lives and those of you who are Christian here should know what God's Word says and how God is a forgiving God of Grace and Mercy and so therefore we should extend the same to all. If you are a Christian you need to be walking in love and not bashing the Pastor on here in the media pray for him and the church.


I saw the interview & she did seem uh..intoxicated. I haven't seen any comments on here from his supporters explaining how it's ok for their pastor to have a live in girlfriend.

He said he doesn't even have an attorney. Why not? The drug charge is a federal charge.

Hot mess.

Melissa Copado

His girlfriend does not live with him.

Mom of Two boys

His "friend" was stoned out of her mind for her big television debut! Just a tip but next time you try to plead your case ask your crack head friend to put down the pipe until after the interview....smh

Texas City Man

That TV interview only put these two guilty dogs further out on the plank... that they are walking on to their incarcerated existence! They both looked ridiculous, and she looked either drunk or high or BOTH. Again, much more harm than good. Hey Bobby, get ready and get your affairs in order because you are finally going DOWN. As in DOWNTOWN to the Iron Bar Hilton... the Hooskaw ... Up the River... To the Joint. You are cooked, hotter than a goose at Xmas Dinner. This will be the big one that puts you where you need to be to finally get sober. I pray it helps. But they say there are drugs all over the prisons, so you may enjoy it a lot.

Please come clean and confess to the lies of the Parking Lot drug scam.. No one who knows your drug history and penchant for lying believes a shred of that cooked up story. LOL What a jokester you are. But I guess I don't blame you as you are doing anything you can to keep your fried butt out of jail-- who could blame you for that, huh? Oh, you boldly stated you had NOT hired a lawyer... well youd better do it ASAP since you will need one for a long, long time to get you thru this. You cannot do this on your own. There will be hearings, motions to file, probation to work on, jail time to talk about, and much more You NEED a lawyer. Ask BCC to pay the $10,000 to $20,000 you need. Or how about your girlfriend? Or ex wife? Maybe they'll come thru? Take up an offering at BCC the next 6 to 9 months to pay it? Take it out of your high salary? Ask Terry Ray and Glenn Sumney to pay out of their salaries? Who knows, you may make it after all. Unless you wind up in Huntsville doing 10 to 20. Thats a long, long time. I may have to come to BCC this Sunday just to see the "circus - style - freak" show that you are and that will be conducted there on Sundays after this fiasco. MAybe all the local TV stations will attend to cover it and ask you all questions. Maybe Galveston News will come. Adios


I still cannot believe he put out that story of finding the drugs in the parking lot.

I bet the police who have probably heard everything probably never heard that one before!

So his congregation believes that? Seriously?


Bobby, I gave offered my help, take it or leave it. Been down those roads but got straight and got right with God and attended college for 6 years now having a Bach. degree in ministry, close to the masters, I have 15 years experience in drug and alcohol counseling. Made my slips also but guess what, when I came forward with my mistakes I did not lie and minimize the sin. Funny thing is when I got honest about my wrongs I got free in Christ.... Come on Bobby, God loves you like any other sinner but we are called to get right or it could be too late. And you need to get true with how you get your sermons because you directly told me you use rick warren stuff after all it is only $4 a sermon. Have you ever read the bible and let God show you the sermon, not copy it, maybe you need to read psalms 51 were David cried out for forgiveness, fessed up to his sin with Bathsheba. Guess what Bobby, your excuses and blaming others needs to stop...own up do right.

PD Hyatt

Where there is smoke there is usually fire.... We tried that Church and it never seemed right for us so after a month or so, we decided to look elsewhere. The advice that you gave him about coming clean so that he can be free in Christ is so true..... If he would allow other Pastors to work with him and they would hold him accoutable to walk the line, then I can see him being restored to the body of Christ. I for one am thankful that God is the God of second chances and will testify that Jesus will meet you where you are at, but there is no excuse for you staying there.... Getting a divorce while still being a Pastor of a Churchs makes me wonder about that church and the people who attend it.... Now that drugs are added and from what it sounds like this is not the first time either.... I am all for the church loving him till he is restored, but to continue to pay him when he is doing what he is doing.... All I can say is WOW....


just watched the channel 11 news bit by Bobby and his girl. So he's been apart of your life since you were 14 huh, wow Bobby how does someone old enough to be your daughter fall so deeply for you especially when you were married at the time....what is really going on here. And sorry young lady you look high andand you are painted up like a harlot. ????? to the interview I can only laugh then cry and say a prayer for you two.

Not From G Town

I may have the answer of how he knows her.In the early to mid 1990's I worked at the restaurant in the parking lot of BCC named Michael T's which was owned by Gass. His nephew worked there as well as Nicole Gates and at that time the nephew and Nicole were dating. She was beautiful girl at that time and when I saw her on the news I was shocked!! She looks as if she has lived a "hard" life. Anyways Nicole is his nephews high school sweetheart....


Well the story of him dating this lady is creepy but I cannot say I am surprised that she dated a family member.


My friend is going to check out Fellowship Church here. A friend of hers left BCC for them many months ago & likes it. If anyone here knows anything about that church please comment.

She did not know what because it happened right after she got to BCC but apparently Gass did a local pastor terribly wrong at one time. Hired him then let him go. Don't know that story but the comments on here indicate he did loads wrong.

Melissa Copado

Those of you that claim to be Christian on this discussion, shame on you! You should know better than to even be discussing this matter negatively or bashing Pastor Bobby or anyone for that matter. As Christians, you don't do that. What he did was wrong & we are not justifying that but what you are doing is wrong too. So, don't come on here and talk about God but then join in with all these negative comments. The church will deal with the situation according to scripture. As far as the members there. I am one of them so don't go taking something you don't know either just because one person makes a mistake etc doesn't mean we did the same. Right now what the church, the congregation, Pastor Bobby & our other leaders need right now is prayer. All of this gossip etc.. Needs to stop! Again if you are a Christian you know that is wrong too. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't have all of the info. None of you know how the church is handling this situation so right now what we need is prayer that's all.

Melissa Copado

Those of you that claim to be Christian on this discussion, shame on you! You should know better than to even be discussing this matter negatively or bashing Pastor Bobby or anyone for that matter. As Christians, you don't do that. What he did was wrong & we are not justifying that but what you are doing is wrong too. So, don't come on here and talk about God but then join in with all these negative comments. The church will deal with the situation according to scripture. As far as the members there. I am one of them so don't go taking something you don't know either just because one person makes a mistake etc doesn't mean we did the same. Right now what the church, the congregation, Pastor Bobby & our other leaders need right now is prayer. All of this gossip etc.. Needs to stop! Again if you are a Christian you know that is wrong too. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't have all of the info. None of you know how the church is handling this situation so right now what we need is prayer that's all.

Audrey Flowers

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think anybody has ever kicked a drug habit because "everybody around them was so kind, nice, sweet, and prayed for them". I do believe those people are called 'enablers'. So those friends of Bobby better get tough on him if they want him to be clean.


A pastor is supposed to lead people, to help support people. I am a Christian, and I try not to judge others, but I just can't support anyone who denies what they did. Mr Gass, God knows the truth, and you cannot lie to him. I think it's terrible that Mr. Gass is unable to own up to his actions, and to repent to God in front of his church. Us Christians should hold each other accountable!

Jennifer Martin

Nicole dated his son, not his nephew. That is why she has been around since she was 14.


Which makes it even more creepy to date his son's old GF. All you have to do is watch that interview to see what their mutual interests are.

Heard Baypoint closing. Assoc pastors starting a new church.

Kevin Lang

Bobby Gass is a 60-year-old man, not a 6-year-old pee-wee football player. He was carrying drugs around AND he was accused of domestic violence. He does not deserve messages of "hey, it's OK. We still love you. You'll get it right next time." No, he deserves messages of "Hey, we still love you, but, you darned fool, don't you think you're running low on chances? Hasn't it been past time to straighten yourself up? You've got a good gig going, what are you doing, trying to blow it?"

Of course, no one's perfect, and we all have our weaknesses and frailties. When we're young and we lose control, we get sent to bed without dessert and TV. That's not enough "punishment" whan you're a grown-up.

It's perfectly understandable that his friends, family, parishoners, etc. aren't condemning him, but his actions should be in-bounds. Make him fess up to whatever the truth is, make him get help, and make him the poster child for the congregation. However, it's perfectly reasonable that his credibility takes a big hit, and it's perfectly reasonable that he be pushed to earn it back. To me, anything less than that is enablement.

User name

It a shame that a man of 60 years of age with everything he has accomplished, everyone he has helped and has led to salvation that this is the continued topic of discussion.
Let's all share stories and make a detailed list of his mistakes over the past 3-4 years or so and not remember a man that was President and active member of a Lutheran Church, lead MCC from COM to their own building and school, over 30 years of sobriety under his belt, led hundreds of people to Christ, helped leading Baypoint to one of the largest and the fastest growing church in Texas City, and anyone that really knew him will tell you that he would do anything for anyone on any day.
He has had a rough last 3-4 years making many mistakes. I am not defending his actions, but let's take a four year time period of anyone's life and all make our little comments behind screen names that are not even close to the actual facts.
This link isn't for comments.
It's a BGass bashing.

User name

I would love or Texas City Man to make is very insightful comments leaving his name at the bottom. Easy words to type, but words you could never have the courage to leave your mouth in fear of who may hear you.
Praise God for usernames huh??


Well let's see. He was the pastor of a one time thriving church that has just been closed. They've splintered off so goodluck to them on that.

Recent rehab & now it's apparent the last trip did not take. Hitting on his girlfriend who use to be his son's girlfriend which is very creepy.

So yea people are going to talk. People always do when someone ruins their life.


Link to the interview?

Audrey Flowers

Nicely stated Kev. To User Name, you are defending Gass, and you are an enabler. I am a victims advocate and I do not see Gass as a victim here. But I see many victims of his hurtful self gratifying actions. So those of you who continue to defend him stop doing that and just give him some "tough love" which will be more help than anything you post on here.

Lars Faltskog

AFlowers and Kevin are on the ball on this. However, I think all his family/supporters should progress past the "tough love" stage, and go on to the next stage. The only thing this dude MIGHT or could be trusted with now is to sign him up to join the license plate making assembly line. Then he can contemplate over all the transgressions he's made, the $ he bilked his "congregation" from and the physical abuse he has put on women (and probably other people in general).

Randy Chapman

Well, it appears this "church" is finally at it's end of life. The power is off in the building, and the bank is attempting to take possession of the property.

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