The city of Friendswood has been transformed into a novel by author Renee Steinke.

The Friendswood native morphed it into the setting for “Friendswood.”

“I started out wanting to write a fictional version of the town I grew up in,” Steinke said. “The book was very much inspired by that place.”

The book is set for release on Aug. 14.

Steinke has been working on the novel for nine years. It will be her third published book, after “The Fires” and “Holy Skirts.”

“I changed all the names of places in Friendswood, though a few things might be recognizable,” Steinke said. “It’s kind of a conundrum because I wanted it to feel really realistic, but it’s a work of imagination.”

One of Steinke’s intentions while writing the novel was to focus on the inner lives of her characters.

“I hope the book makes people think about the mysterious ways one person’s actions affect those around them,” she said. “Obviously one character says something that negatively affects the people around them, but others have positive affects.

“I wanted to show how everyone is connected and how we really don’t know how we are affected by the people around us for a while.”

Though Steinke now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., she hoped to show the love for her hometown through her writing.

She said Friendswood is unique.

“It still has the feeling of small town even if it is thought of as a suburb,” she said. “I wanted to honor the sorts of people who lived there. Even though my characters are made up, I wanted to show the character of Friendswood within them.”


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