FRIENDSWOOD — A father and son from Houston, accused of stealing more than five bags of candy from a Friendswood HEB, led police on a high-speed pursuit that ended with a surprise in League City on Sunday afternoon.

H-E-B employees reported the crime at about 2 p.m.

Friendswood police Chief Robert Wieners said police followed the suspects as they fled in a Lincoln Navigator with 39-year-old Houston resident Angel Manuel Zayas behind the wheel.

Police reported Zayas driving recklessly and running red lights as he reached speeds of more than 100 mph, at the same time his son, 18-year-old son Alexis Zayas, was throwing candy out the passenger window.

They finally decided to pull over when League City police met them at the intersection of FM 518 and Newport Boulevard, Wieners said.

The driver opened the car door and stuck his hands in the air but did not get out of the vehicle, Wieners said.

“When they approached him, they saw that both the driver’s legs were amputated above the knee,” Wieners said.

The vehicle was not equipped with any specialized equipment to accommodate a handicapped driver, Wieners said.

“He was using a walking cane to press down on the gas pedal and brake pedal,” he said.

The driver was charged with theft, evading arrest in a vehicle and driving with an invalid license and is confined in the Galveston County Jail on $50,000 bond.

While the bags of candy were worth less than $50, the theft charge was a felony because he had been convicted of theft six times before, Wieners said.

His son was charged with misdemeanor theft and tampering with physical evidence and is confined in the jail on a $5,000 bond.

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Lars Faltskog

I wonder if the son is still in high school, and if he is, maybe he'd be better off living with a relative that has better guidance to offer.

If not, the son needs to sever ties to no-good daddy and make a life for himself. It's bad enough when young folks do dumb things, but they sure don't need their goofed up daddy masterminding and setting example for the stupidity.

Kevin Lang

Lars, I tend to think they were both in this together. With his arrest record, it's obvious that daddy isn't among the world's greatest thiefs. Maybe sonny-boy thought he was able to fix the problems with daddy's previous failed plots. Evidently, sonny-boy has some learning to do yet, too. I guess that we should hope that the criminal justice system gets smart enough before they do. Hopefully, too, the state will get a little bit smarter about keeping daddy from operating a motor vehicle with a cane instead of more legitimate controls.


Way to go guys! You guys fit right in the middle of this society's way of thinking, by putting people's lives at stake fleeing from police, running red lights at speeds of 100mph or more, and all for what? A few bags of cheap candy! Way to go! Just take what you want!

I cannot add but one thing which might help you next time, and there will be a next time, because yall's rap sheet proves that.(Cabeza Dura). Next time EAT the candy instead of throwing it away! Hey yall ought to get something sweet out of the deal!

Randy Chapman

This "Dad" needs to spend a long time in jail.

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