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Walter Manuel

Well, this was no huge surprise seeing how the district had to hire someone from outside of the district to read and follow simple directions that TEA had basically guided them through when they dent their notice back that their other solvency plans weren't approved and the reason why?

"While academic ratings were not issued in 2012, financial statuses were and in that year, La Marque was found to be below state standards for financial standing".


Some things being out of sight are NOT necessarily always out of mind! If that was the best that this group could come up with as to why TEA should reverse the districts accreditation status, they are weaker as an organization than anyone could ever imagine!

These people need to read what just happened this week to Beaumont ISD and count their blessings....

They need to prove that their plans that they supposedly have in place in fact helped them meet standards this year with your STAAR testing and only then should they be given more time to continue proving themselves.

This appeal is nothing more than their best effort in buying more time for themselves while robbing the children of LM and West Texas City of their education! Period!

Walter Manuel

Ooops! "sent" not "dent"...

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