LA MARQUE — As the beginning of the school year approaches, the La Marque school district is getting its security options in place.

Trustees are set to sign a contract with a private security firm Monday and vote on a contract with a county constable to provide security for extracurricular activities.

Earlier this month, trustees agreed to direct school board President Nakisha Paul and the district’s attorneys to work out the details of a contract with Executive Threat Solutions, a Houston-based company that employs off-duty law enforcement officers.

School district spokeswoman Thomas Allen said officials would meet Monday to sign the $162,000 contract.

At a special meeting 7 p.m. Monday, trustees will vote on a contract worth about $20,000 with Constable Derrick Rose. The constable’s office would provide security at extracurricular events such as football games and school board meetings for the 2012-13 school year, Allen said.

“Executive Threat Solutions will provide (security) during the day, and Constable Rose’s office will provide it after school,” she said.

The district dismantled its police department this summer in an effort to cut costs and comply with a state-ordered financial solvency plan.

The police department and its 11 employees were budgeted about $315,830 for the 2012-13 school year.

At a glance

WHAT: La Marque school district special meeting.

WHEN: 7 p.m. Monday

WHERE: La Marque Administration Building, 1727 Bayou Road, in La Marque

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Walter Manuel

Well, well, well.... Didn't I say that the district wouldn't be able to hire a security company for $162,000 and get the services that they are going to need?

Mark my words that at the end of the day, even with the constable's office the district won't even come in close that $182,000 dollar figure.

Wow! It's simply amasing all of the extremes that school board members and district officials went through in order to get rid of Chief Field's when they have much bigger fish to fry right now like their poor turn out for student enrollment, as well as, their need for teachers in the district. And they said it wasn't personal, yeah right!

Hell, by the time school starts enrollment will be so low we probably only need one security company and a couple of off duty hambuger flippers from a local hambuger joint to provide security? Of course, there's no offense to the hamburger flippers intended.

$20,000.00 extra for security??? Really??? That sounds like something someone with very few working brain cells left would offer a crackhead!

No offense intended to the crackhead [wink]

With the constable's office involvement, don't be surprised if Russel isn't in the mix....

Walter Manuel

Ooopps, "won't even come in close "to" that $182,000 dollar figure".

Paul Hyatt

11 people for 315,000 or 4 people for 182,000.... Sounds like the taxpayers of LMISD are NOT getting their money's worth out of this deal....

Jimmie Saldana

Are you sure there were 11 people on the LMISD police staff? I am only aware of Four (4). Chief Fields, officers Lacey, Tottenham and Oliver. Three (3) of the Four (4) were at the High School and Tottenham located at the middle school. Officer Oliver was the only visible officer at the high school. Lacey unavailable a great percentage of the time and Fields could be found at home. There are many occasions the Chief car could be seen parked in the driveway of his home. Since he was sooo valuable maybe GISD, UTMB or Galveston County will hire him back.

I am sure Mr. MissionaryMan will help with clarification on the exact number of people that was in the LMISD police Department.


Well,..well, Well! What do we have here said the spider to the fly. They say when the "nitty" start getting to the "gritty" .....things start happening. I must say that SOMEBODY at LMISD is starting to use their heads at last!
Getting a local Constable to come on board, to handle extracurricular activities is a stroke of genius to me. I have long said that the right mix of security guards working with license peace officers will work, and can be very effective in schools. I watched it work in one of the highest crime cities in America.
Only difference in what I was suggesting is this,.. LMISD seems to have done better than that,.. by obtaining a firm with licensed OFF DUTY peace officers, to come in. I have to say,..I am very Impressed and hope this can be a seed sown for good and positive things happening for these kids in the future.
Now,..other wheels needs to turn and better things need to happen for a turnaround to happen. This is a start. My eyes will be focused on the discipline in the schools,...and that should be no problem with fresh eyes coming in with these new officers. Nothing loss there,..and with the Constables coming on board to handle the football games etc. etc. there will be nothing lost there either,..and I'm 100% positive of that!
LMISD is not out of the woods yet, is just time to quit worrying about security,...and start worrying about test scores and getting on with repairing what's been broken. It seems to be a new start,...with, a positive decision fueling it! Now,..reaching back in the past and tainting the progress made by making a foolish decision,...should not be an option! The order of the day should be to MOVE FORWARD,...not backwards! The LMISD Police Department as it was known in the past is no more, should be kept that way. In my expert opinion,..this move made today sent a message, which needs to be BACKED up, by future excellence! That comes up WORK,..and quality decisions made.
LMISD have a long way to pull,...but making decisions like this security decision will get them there. I support this security decision from A-Z! Improper handling of security and campus officers was what got LMISD in a downward spiral in the first place,...and it was the spark which stated students to leave for other places.
Okay! Good show,...good work,.. and I might add GREAT DECISION!

Walter Manuel

Wow Judge JD! So your now going to slander someone's name and character without having the proof to back it up?

Yes, there were 4 officers and 7 crossing guards under the LMISD police department.

If your going to try and make a story out of something at least be factual. Officer Oliver couldn't have possibly been seen all the time in the hallways at the high school because half of the day he was in a classroom teaching the criminal justice class because the district couldn't afford to pay a full-time teacher to teach that class. Officer Lacy has pages filled on the police activity log of incidents that he handled. Perhaps chief Field's was tied up having to write down every 30 minutes on a log what he did for the last 30 minutes in which no other district employee was required to do? Now, whoever made him do this obviously knows nothing about time management and the ability to effectively perform one's job duties?

As far as chief Field's having his car parked in front of his house during school hours, you must think he's an idiot like the rest of you to do such a ridiculous thing when every barracuda on the board and district officials were watching him like a precious gem.

Do you not think that maybe chief Field's was at home on his lunch break, sick, had paid time off like others in the district were entiltled to and that's why the car was parked at his house? Where's your proof that none that I mentioned was a possibilty?

Maybe before you say anything else in the way of intentionally slandering his character you might want to have your proof to back up your claim of him basically stealing time from the school district? Remember, talk is cheap only until the time comes that you have to get an attorney.

I would imagine that chief Field's reads these blogs just like all of the other school district officials and board members and if you are tied to the board perhaps they could easily be implicated of your slander by association.

Remember, a court can easily find out through the GDN who's really hiding behind the screen name Judge JD.

At the end of the day Judge JD, I finally received a copy of the breakdown of the LMISD police activity log and will post it shortly so that you and everyone else can see what 4 officers did on the heir own, without needing 3 officers, the constable's officers and now newly created positions for hall monitors to be approved in next Thursday's meeting in order to provide security in the LMISD.

So again, where's the real monetary savings to the district in comparison to it all being proven to be personal in order to get rid of chief Field's and his staff?

I think everyone already knows the answer to that question?

Walter Manuel

OK Judge JD, here's the proof that you have been asking for to clarify whether or not Chief Field's and his staff did a good enough job to keep their jobs?

Breakdown of LMISD Police Activity Log for 2012-2013:

La Marque High School:

Assault By Contact- 9
Assault Causing Bodily Injury- 3
Criminal Mischief- 1
Disorderly Conduct- Fighting- 46
Disorderly Conduct- Language- 41
Disorderly Conduct- Offensive Touching- 1
Disruption of Class- 16
Disruption of School- 43
Injury to a Child (Mother hurt child)- 1
Minor in Poss Tobacco on Campus- 2
Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone- 5
Possession of Narcotic Para.- 1
Public Intoxication- Marijuana- 14
Resisting Arrest- 1
Sexual Assault- 2
Telephone Harrassment- 1
Terroristic Threat- 3
Theft- 24
Weapon Violation (Razor)- 1
Weapon Violation (Knife)- 1

LMISD Middle School:

Assault by Threat- 12
Assault on Public Servant- 1
Disorderly Conduct- Fighting- 22
Disorderly Conduct- Language- 6
Electronic Transmission of Minor ( Nude Picture)- 1
False Alarm Report- 1
Interfer with Public Duties- 1
Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone- 1
Theft- 2
Criminal Mischief- 1

Rennaissance Academy:

Sexual Activity (Lewdness)- 2

Simms Elementary:

Burglary- 1
Possession of Narcotic Para. (Small amount of marijuana)- 1
Public Lewdness (Flashed by an Adult)- 1

Westlawn Elementary:

Burglary- 1
Theft- 1

Highlands Elementary:

Criminal Mischief- 1


Disorderly Conduct- Language- 1
Disruption of School- 3


Theft (Laptops)- 2

Old Junior High:

Gang Graffitti- 1


Theft (Laptops)- 1

Bus Barn:

Unauthorized of a Motor Vehicle- 1

Again Judge JD, there's the proof for you that you asked me for proving that that the police department WAS doing their jobs, where's your proof that they weren't??

We'll patiently wait for you to gather up your information in order claim otherwise.

If you find that you can't support your claim with documentation then it was simply cheap talk to begin with....[wink]

Jimmie Saldana

My bad, I made a mistake on the number of employees. I failed to include the crossing guards as part of his staff. I knew you would correct me very harshly if I was wrong! I am sure Fields read the blogs and convey information where and when he feels it is beneficial.

These are your words, stealing time from the district, intentionally slandering his character, being tied to the board etc. Besides, making a factual statement is not slander. You should know that!! The GDN would not post anything inappropriate, eventual I will let you know personally who I am, but in the meantime I will watch you make these vague foolish comments just because you do not agree with them. Do you think Making statements like "you must think he's an idiot like the rest of you" is OK? This sounds more like intentionally slandering my character when you do not know enough about me to judge me ! I look forward to seeing the activity log

Jimmie Saldana

Missionary man I'm impressed with the activity log you just posted, if it is accurate . Before you jump to conclusions by no means I am not suggesting it is inaccurate. I have a couple of questions/concerns. This 12-13 activity log, is there an 11-12 activity log to show improvements? Did the district see this activity log as the incidents accumulated thru out the school year?

Why are these questions asked? 1) Are these reports supposed to be submitted on a weekly, monthly quarterly basis? 2) Is there an activity report that is supposed to be submitted at the beginning of each year for the previous year with accurate documentations of all of the violations? lastly, I would like to see these activity reports since Chief Fields took over for the past three years so I can see the significant improvement he has made since taking this position.

I am beginning to act/sound like someone I have become familiar with, just want to make sure I have all of the answers when I go publicly supporting Chief Fields on an outstanding job he did while Chief of LMISD police department. Hopefully you don't slam me to hard by classifying me using some of your favorite nouns or adjectives.

Walter Manuel

Naw Judge JD, I won't go too hard on you for asking questions. Since I do provide proof for everything that I post in the blogs I'll provide you the information that you requested regarding the 2011-2012 police activity log.

LMISD 2011-2012 Police Activity Log:

Here is a breakdown of incidents that occured at LMISD for 2011-2012:

18 Thefts
31 Assaults
8 Assault by threat
4 Assault causing bodily injury
1 Assault on a police officer
2 Burglary
4 Criminal mischief
98 DC Fighting
58 DC Fighting
23 Disruption in school
3 Drug paraphernalia
1 Evading arrest
1 Graffiti
4 Possession of Marijuana
12 Public intoxication
2 Terroristic threats
3 Trespassing

Total cases: 273

I would provide you one for years past, but the district reported that there were no records that were available when Russel Washington was chief for you to compare between the two chiefs.

Remember, you can't predict human behavior, one could only hope that what they do to improve the safety of the school district would make a difference whether that reflects the numbers either going up or down.

I did find an email that I had in open records dated April 19,2013 at 9:19am from Nakisha Paul to Dr. Joanie Hudson and Annie Burton entitled "Re:Re: tim field's interupting coversation" where Nakisha Pul ended the email writing," I have received several text messages in regards to Tim Field's being at home instead of at one of the schools patrolling. Dr. Hudson, please speak with Tim Field's". Dr. Hudson stated, "Tim Field's was out two days last week on the 17th and 18th with a stomach virus according to him. He does have sick days available".

Then there was an email from Annie Burton that followed to Dr. Hudson stating,
"Dr. Hudson, it appear(s) to me that a pattern is starting to take place with Chief Fields taking off on Fridays. Please send the following information to the board. 1. How is his daily attendance reported and to whom. (Chief Fields daily attendance is reported in ASEOP and he ca;;s to inform me when he needs to be off work. Chief Fields was out two days last week on the 17th and 18th with a stomach virus according to him. He does have sick days available). 2. Get the last three months of mileage and records of gasloine usage if it is a cost to the district. (This will be submitted in the e-gram on Friday). 3. Who is he reporting to. (Chief Field's reports to me at this time. This could change to where he reports to Ms. Allen). 4. What is wrong with the police unit at the High School, why hasn't it been repaired?, (I will send a response to this later on...). 5. Does the Police unit have insurance on it? (Yes) Thanks, Annie C Burton School Board President.

So you see, the board has purposely and personally gone after Chief Field's in order to get rid of him even to the point of trying to spread lies in the community about him being at home when he is supposed to be at work.

Most people would consider this type of action harrassment by the school board members and district officials at best and stalking at worst.

There's a lot more bogus claims that never amounted to anything like Malloy Scott's daughter filing a complaint against Chief Field's for interrupting her and a friend of her's conversation that was never proven to be true according to the emails that I received.

According to someone in the district someone from the district obviously went so far out of their way to have Chief Field's department investigated that they called in TCLEOSE (Texas Commission On Law Enforcement Officers) to check his records and his department was found to be in compliance except for 3 pieces of paper that were not submitted to TCLEOSE's office for officers who had previously left the district.

I can only imagine all of the egg that was on everyone's face when they were told that LMISD's police department was in total compliance?

It would seem that Mr. Burley and Chief Field's will now be moving on to a better place leaving these miserable people behind to find their next victim who they can harrass instaed of focusing on the kids in this district.

The clock is now ticking as I've said before and I'm almost certain that this is LMISD's last year before next years big consolidation....

Island Bred

Good grief - these broads are worse than even I imagined..............


Big time kudos should go to Constable Rose and the Officers of Pct.3 for stepping up and working with LMISD to provide protection for these kids. Politics is politics, but these kids needed quality protection like everybody else,...and I'm glad somebody saw that. This is the way the Constables in Houston has worked with schools up there for years. So it seems Pct 3 Constable's Office is sorta like breaking new grounds in Galveston County!
I'm very happy to see some progress being made around here, and I look for more of the same to come forth. I have nothing but respect for my fellow officers from Houston and I KNOW, they are going to do an excellent job here,..and I'm not even worried about Pct 3,....I know what they can do. That being the case, is time to put the security problem to rest, THAT problem is solved. Time for LMISD to move on to other things which needs attending to and focus on those things. No use in wasting calories on a problem which has been solved.
I'm glad to see, the progress,..I had almost lost faith in this district,..but seeing this indicates the capability to move forward is still there,...if the right focus and decisions are made in a timely fashion. You are hearing this from someone who have managed an organization with Millions of dollars at stake and, have given seminars to business executives of organizations such as those affiliated with the HOUSTON BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE. So,..I'm not talking through my hat. This move by LMISD was a BIG TIME move! Lets see more of the same!

Jimmie Saldana

MissionaryMan, I take my hate off to you. Thanks, you have provided answers to my question/concerns. I am now wondering how many other employees in the district are targeted or in your words gone after for the wrong reasons. Without appearing to crawfish, I do believe there should be better communication with our administrators to minimize what you have just shared, do you agree?

Since you have provided me with the information I requested, I will keep the commitment I made about publicly announcing Chief Fields performance While he was Chief of LMISD Police Department.

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, so long as employees are fired on the spot like the one was this past Tuesday by Thomasine Allen without giving him his due process, I seriously doubt anything positive will change in this district any time soon. This information was relayed me to the day after it happened.

It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Mr. Field's at this point since everyone has had an opportunity to see enough of this witch hunt played out in the newspapers for so long to see it for what it really is. As they say, we all have our on opinions.

I wish Mr. Field's only the best wherever it is that he chooses to work in the future, he certainly deserves much better than the way that he was politically treated at LMISD and LM's loss will certainly be someone else's gain.

Oh and lastly, I need to make a clarification in how much the district has paid Ann Dixon up to this point. In my open records that I finally received, I was told that the district has paid her $19,000 as of 8/16/13 not $58,000 as I was told. However, I was told by a very reliable source to continue watching the numbers because I should find that they have in fact contracted with her for 58 days for $58,000.

See, Judge JD I don't mind admitting my mistakes afterall.....[wink]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That would be, "This information was relayed "to" me the day after it happened".

Walter Manuel

LOL Margurite, you haven't heard nothing yet!

Go figure that the board members and district officials would give the job to the constable's office seeing how Thomasine Allen's hair dresser is Derrick Rose's wife and Nakisha Paul and Annie Burton go to the same church in Hitchcock as Derrick Rose.

This was nothing more than a back room deal with friends helping friends. Let's see who's cars are used for their out of town games, LMISD's or the county cars and who has to pay for the gas, insurance and up keep? Then we'll see the numbers go over $20,000 if it's LMISD cars and we'll certainly see a lot of mad out of towners if the constable's office uses their cars on the counties dime in order to save LMISD money!

I can't imagine LMISD needing too much security going out of town seeing how Dickinson High School has now cut off their admission into their high school because they are at capacity with having 2,400 students already enrolled. It is being said that they have 500 new students and so everyone will have to wait until the first day of class to see if they happen to have any openings before letting anyone else in.

You see, nothing good ever comes to those who have done wrong to others.

Perhaps, LMISD won't need security for very long seeing how things are now looking for them and the sad part about it is that they can't blame no one but themselves at this point....

Walter Manuel

"The constable’s office would provide security at extracurricular events such as football games and school board meetings for the 2012-13 school year, Allen said".

That's awefully, funny that when LMISD had their own police department Ann Dixon said that the district didn't need security at the school board meetings, so what's so different now that the constable's office is in charge?

Will Nakisha Paul walk into the next meeting when the constable is there and tell him that he's not needed like she did to Officer Lacey during the May 30, 2013 board meeting?

Is it that some people are simply padding all of their friends pocket before the district eventually closes because of low test scores and a huge drop in enrollment??

That's what it's looking like to lot's of people, spend all of the money that you can while you can.....


Ohhh I think LMISD might just fool some of us, and pull this thing off. I don't know who dresses whose hair, but I know the old argument of "low quality police protection" is out the window now that Constable Rose and Pct 3 along with the Officers form Houston are engaging here. That old dog just went lame.
I have the utmost respect for Pct 3 and I personally am glad they decided to get involved for the sake of the children of THIS community to provide needed protection when many other agencies,..FOR WHATEVER REASONS,..DECLINED TO DO SO!
LMISD worked around the obstacles in the pathway,..and made one )&*^ of a deal to get something done and they deserve credit for that accomplishment. I could give a twenty-five cent "RIP" about who is fixing whose hair! That is for women to worry and talk about,....I'm concerned about first class protection for these schools! I know these kids will have first class protection and won't have a cop whose supposes to patrolling the hallways and campus but instead might be busy doing other things, they have no business doing.
A police officer is suppose to be a police officer and nothing else. If my child was in a place like that and got hurt or killed behind something like that,..All hell would break loose. Now,...Pct 3 have as good of officers as there are here in this county, and those who are coming out of Houston will more than likely be the same,..from what I know about police work up there, all this LMISD police department stuff is a moot issue now,...and I fail to see why it is still being debated, does not look good,...nor smell good.
I don't have a problem with calling public servants on the carpet when they are messing up,..and I have done it to LMISD in the past, without regard to color, creed or who is whose hairdresser,....but WHEN they do something GOOD,..then I think they need to be recognized for that in a like manner.
I don't have anything personal in this game, concern is for the children of this community! I might have the state to renew my license and go back to work for ONE DOLLAR a year! ( don't need the money).I don't have to ask anybody what kind of cop would be on the scene then! lololol. I don't make it a practice of letting people out work me at anything!!!!!
So again, congratulations to LMISD,... you guys made one *&^@ of a move in working around the roadblocks and getting the security issue done! Keep up that quality of work and good things will happen. Congratulations to Constable Rose,...for stepping up and serving the kids of this community,..hen they need someone. Politics has nothing to do with that! I feel good about the protection these kids have now,...and I have not felt that way in a LOOOOOOOG time.


Third paragraph
I know these kids will have first class protection and won't have a cop whose supposes to patrolling the hallways......
Should be:
I know these kids will have first class protection and won't have a cop who is suppose to be patrolling the hallways.....

Last paragraph:
,..hen they need someone. Should be: ....when they deeded someone.

Pardon my typos!!


One more thing, I forgot, .....if the state closes LMISD, then that is a decision the state will make no mater what,...but UNTIL they do,...These kids and teachers need A1 police protection just like any other district,.. and I think they now have it in my expert opinion, since I know the ins and out of police work.
Can't fool and old fool;
Can't con a con man; and ***
Can't play someone who know the plays!!
........Uncle JBG

Walter Manuel

"low quality police protection" is out the window"

Jbgood, as they say the proof is in the pudding, so now where's your proof? Give us the facts to back up your claim of LMISD having had low quality police protection?

I've proven with the numbers the work that the last police department has done, while all you've ever done was sit behind your computer and feed off of what information others have spent many hours gathering only to trash the now dissolved police department.

You act like the constable's office is going to be doing something really huge in the means of providing security for the children of this district when they will only be part-time security for after hour events and athletics. You know nothing about the "off duty" officers that's going to be coming and working for the district to sit there and brag about the quality of their work.

It's quite obvious they could have easily brought in Gomer Pyle into the district for security and you'd be just as happy just so long as they got rid of chief Field's and his staff.

Lastly, it's not a matter of "IF", but rather WHEN the state closes the LMISD will the children of this school district be pulled out of a climate of second rate education and put into a school district where their education comes first and not at the expense of friends of helping friends and the political power of "wanna-be" politicians taking center stage.

We'll all now wait for the documented proof of your claims, ""low quality police protection" is out the window" or it simply never existed in the first place and was nothing more than exaggerated hyperbole to begin with!

While we're not all from Missouri, we certainly could expect someone making such ridiculous claims to easily "SHOW ME".....

Walter Manuel

"not at the expense of friends helping friends"....

Walter Manuel

"Commissioners slashed the number of justices of the peace to four, eliminating more than 50 percent of the county’s lowest-level jurists and the corresponding constable precincts in a move designed to save thousands of dollars".

I suppose LMISD will have already been consolidated with another school district before their after hour and athletic security service becomes an issue again after the Pct 3 constable's office is eliminated....


Me. Manuel you sir have not proven a thing! You have listed a bunch of offenses with corresponding numbers to play them off as authentic data. Sorry, I cant buy it! Somebody else might, but not JBG!

Name all the arresting officers, dates of arrests, dates of transports, who took custody of all arrested suspects, name all If the Assist. DAs who took charges on all those felonies yall are claiming, then will eat crow stew and wash it down with diet coke!!

WOW! Not much chance of that happening!


I meant I would crow stew and wash or down with diet coke!
You said I knew nothing about thé officers from Houston, well I know as much as you!
Here you are hoping they will fail.

I noticed you called me jbgood, I thought you were calling me Mr. JBG? Well, you are still Mr. Manuel to me but I am not ready to agree with you on every thing.

Walter Manuel

Well Mr. JBGood, I suppose if you asked in open records for the report you would see all of that information that you asking for including names of the officers, transports etc, however, it's rather lengthy trying to put all of that here in the thread.

I would suppose that house bill 359 that was passed September 1, 2011 that states"SECTION 4. Section 42.01, Penal Code, is amended by adding
Subsection (f) to read as follows:
(f) It is an exception to the application of Subsections
(a)(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), or (6) that, at the time the person
engaged in conduct prohibited under the applicable subdivision, the
person was a student in the sixth grade or a lower grade level, and
the prohibited conduct occurred at a public school campus during
regular school hours".

So Mr. JBG, while the numbers may have changed in offenses perhaps some of it was because the law changed for those students in the 6th grade and lower may no longer being able to be charged for offenses that some may perceive as "childish acts, however before the law changed these students were charged for these certain offenses".

I don't recall ever seeking to have you support my every stance nor would I, I would simply would hope that we could both respect each others opinion and when the time is appropriate and we agree on something then we might lend offer our support.

Your right, I don't know these officers that the school district will be using no more than they do, so only time will tell whether their worth a quarter or not?

I just find it strange that the board members don't see hiring a security company during the day along with hall monitors and the constable's office for security after hours doesn't look like a far stretch for replacing 4 certified police officers who could have easily done the same job even if they eliminated one position and gotten rid of the crossing guards?

That's what doesn't pass smell test...

Walter Manuel

"we might lend "or" offer our support".


Mr. Manuel, there were lots of felonies on those lists and I am sure they were not all committed by five and sixth graders. However, we are still long as we understand each other.

My main concern is better for these kids, and I will suport what I think is best for them.
I try to respect every poster on this forum but I have never been known to agree witb none of them unless what they were saying had merit. I am witb you on the mutural respect. Im out!

Walter Manuel

Mr. JGB, you bring up a very good point that actually put you a step ahead of me when thinking this whole thing through about the numbers.

Now, who is it that determines whether charges should be filed against a student or not? Would it be the officer who who caught the student doing something that they shouldn't have been doing or would it be the district attorney's office who is advised of all of the circumstantial evidence and then the DA's office make the determination based on the all of the evidence and whether there's sufficient evidence that's strong enough to stick in court?

It seems to me that it's possible that the DA's office would ultimately be the one preventing more arrests from happening than the numbers might reflect, but then again that's just my guess.[wink]

Island Bred

Gonna be an interesting school year - Ya know Walter - one of these days you need to tally up just how much it costs you in the wallet to keep us folks informed. By now it should be a chunk of change to say the least. I have heard you can find the true passionate by where they are willing to put thier wallet. I don't have a lot of head scratching going on when it comes to honorable intentions. Thanks for the bird dogging you do - without it we would all be posting what we think is going on without data to back it up. I'm a data driven girl

Walter Manuel

Thanks Margurite, I must say that it has taken quite a bit of money and energy to get the records from the district, but they have learned that no matter what they charge me nor how resistant they are with releasing those records, I will get them one way or another.

They should know that because of wanting much better for the children in this district I will never grow tired nor frustrated with their lack of response. I have too many referral sources available to me to allow them to purposefully withhold information from not only me, but each of you as well.

As I've said before, they better put on some comfortable walking shoes and bring a sack lunch because it's going to be a long haul as long as they keep doing the things that they are doing behind closed doors. [wink]

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