GALVESTON — A teenager was recovering after he was hit by an ambulance while riding his bicycle Sunday night on Seawall Boulevard.

The 15-year-old Galveston boy was headed east in the westbound lane of Seawall Boulevard at about 10:30 p.m. An ambulance was in the right lane headed west when it hit the teen in the 9500 block of Seawall Boulevard.

The Galveston EMS ambulance’s staff treated the injured teen, who was taken by another ambulance to the University of Texas Medical Branch’s John Sealy Hospital, police said.

The teen, who was not identified by authorities, had several fractures and contusions, Galveston Police Department spokesman Sgt. Douglas Balli said.

Balli said the bicycle the teen was riding did not have the required lighting equipment. City ordinance and state law require bicycles to have lights and proper reflective equipment.

State law also requires a bicyclist to ride with the flow of traffic and to ride near the curb, Balli said.

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Paula Flinn

Name, please, of the 15 year old....

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

PFlinn as he is a minor and was injured and not killed, the authorities won't be releasing that information. It is protected information by law in fact.

Paula Flinn

As a substitute teacher at Ball High, I just wanted to know if I knew him. It is OK, though, as I understand why that law is in place. Thanks for replying.

earl maura

At least it didn't take long for emergency responders to respond.

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