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Gary Miller

Districts with the most violent gun crime have the strictest anti gun laws and the least gun law enforcement?
A common tactic of progressives.
Create a chrisis to restrict freedom where the chrisis didn't exist. The national murder rate is increased by murders in the uncontroled districts. That increase in the national average will be used to pass laws on all districts.
Instead of infringing on the rights of all citizens they should adopt "0" tolerance enforcement in districts where the problem exists.
Cleaning up Chicago before attacking Newtown.


I'm glad we have every single other problem in LC solved and can now devote our time and resources to these essential non-binding do-nothing resolutions.

Kevin Lang

IHOG, are you suggesting the apathetic approach, like we have for about 40 years on Illegal Immigration, or about 30 years with deficit spending and spiralling debt? Perhaps crisis mode isn't the best approach, but I think we should search for answers and solutions before this kind of stuff becomes epidemic, and turns crisis into too weak a word.

Marine One

As usual here in America, a problem is brought to light, the usual gum-bumping, chest-thumping, hot air speeches then it fades away as the next issue rises. Our legal system is famous for doing a little bit of nothing concerning everything. Our poiltical figures bounce from one topic to another like jumping jacks.
No central focus on one central issue until it is complete.
It's always been that way. Form a committee, then get back to us.

Marine One

Fix Benghazi. Fix fast and furious. Put armed security in schools.

George Croix

Perhaps a new law that says existing laws have to be enforced before new laws are made?
Or, even better, how about attending to the actual problem, instead of constructing straw men to flail at, and give more speaches about.

Lars Faltskog

Perhaps there can be a new federal governmental task force that simply convoscates all purchased firearms and ammunitions from folks who have lied on their background checks and applications. Convoscation is much simpler than following through with prosecution.

As I mentioned in an another forum entry, background checks/apps should accompany a 3-witness and notarized component. In that, the questions concern whether an insane person lives with the gun applicant. If applicant lies and is caught - simple convoscation.

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