GALVESTON — Mayoral candidates Jim Yarbrough continued to outpace his opponents in campaign contributions in the month leading up to election day.

Between April 1 and April 30, Yarbrough raised $39,172.15 in political contributions to his mayoral campaign, according to finance reports submitted to the city secretary’s office Friday.

Yarbrough raised more in the month than both of his main opponents combined. Don Mafrige reported that he raised an additional $4,675 in April, while Elizabeth Beeton garnered $10,514.03.

A fourth mayoral candidate, Rudy Guzman, has not submitted any campaign finance reports with the city.

The reports also indicate that while Yarbrough is outraising Beeton and Mafrige, he is not outspending them.

Yarbrough reportedly spent $12,794.18 on political expenditures in April, mostly on advertising. Mafrige spent more than four times that, $52,796.30, including more than $12,000 on one political mailing alone.

Beeton reported spending $18,913.58 in April.

Political giving to the mayoral campaigns has now exceeded $193,000. Yarbrough alone has raised more than $113,000.

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Robert Young

This is a direct measurement of the support for Yarbrough and it will correlate to the final vote count. It appears he will win easily with about 52- 55 % of the vote. I said this after his last report. There is a reason for this. He is a known home grown leader with a sincere desire to get his home, our home, out of a rut. The majority of the Island can't be wrong. I guarantee the county wishes he was still there!

Steve Fouga

" The majority of the Island can't be wrong." -- The majority of this Island is often wrong. Look around.

"I guarantee the county wishes he was still there!" -- And I agree with them 100%. Better for both the County and the City.

Ellen Morrison

$4000 for a party????

George Croix

Gotta admit that's impressive for one month of small town politicking.
Four times more than the monthly salary of an economic developement coordinator.

Miss Priss

1st tier of winning a campaign
Running a positive campaign by enhancing your skills and not going negative on your opponents.

2nd tier of winning a campaign
Raising the most money

3rd tier of winning a campaign
Staying in line on advertisement and other expenses. Not using your own money and getting in personal debt/ using your own savings is a plus too. In fact some people like to run their opponents into debt.

I think Yarbrough has checked off all those boxes.

Ron Shelby

And finally, your energy for the final sprint at the end.

Ron Shelby

Never end a campaign with too much left over,...youd be really bummed if you lost when that one last ad or mailing would have garnered the final five votes you need.

Doyle Beard

JY raised over $133,000 and spent what less than 25%. NIce chunk of change.

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