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Andy Aycoth

Tim, how about some sidewalks from where you live to city hall 1/2 mile away ?

Toni Randall

He's been a good Mayor and LC is really lucky to have him. [beam]

Carol Dean

What happened to Mick Phalen? Didn't he say that he would run against Mayor Paulison rather then allow him to run unopposed?

Kevin Lang

That's not quite what I read. I think he was trying to pull your chain. It sure seemed at least halfway tongue-in-cheek to me.

Carol Dean

That's the risk you take when you commit yourself in writing!

Kevin Lang

From what I recall, he said something to the effect of "...if I decide to run..."

Of course, with the running banter between you, Mick, Judy, and LCTruth, my head was (and still is) spinning :-)

Mick Phalen

Hi Carol,

Some consideration, but I kept having a recurring nightmares that I actually won and had to spend the next two years sitting between Becker and He!d! - purgatory. I'll spend the next 90 days, instead, doing what I can to help your candidates become private citizens, again.

As for Tim, I just don't see him fitting into the GC tea party mold - - - too nice a guy (except for the backstabbing he gave O'Keeffe). But, it appears to me it worked - he didn't get an opponent. Whatever it takes!

Carol Dean

Actually, Mick...It probably has more to do with you having a big mouth and no spine. I told you that your words could come back and haunt you![smile]

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