GALVESTON — One month after launching the city’s paid parking program, the police department has announced it is ready to begin issuing tickets to parking violators along Seawall Boulevard.

When the program began on July 28, police announced that there would be a period of time when violators would not be issued tickets. Instead, violators were warned of the city’s new rules by the parking-dedicated police unit patrolling the seawall and surrounding neighborhoods.

Starting this weekend, that will come to an end, said Galveston Police Capt. Jeffrey Heyse.

Parking violators who are detected by the police department’s automated license plate reading system will be issued a $17 ticket.

“It’s got to start sometime, and this is when it’s got to start,” Heyse said.

Heyse said that police do not intend to tow violators or issue multiple tickets per day, though repeat violators may face harsher penalties

Money generated from parking tickets will be sent to the city's general fund, separate from the dedicated fund created to pay for seawall enhancements.

Since the program launched, 20,374 people have paid for parking on the seawall, Heyse said.

Visitors can use cash to pay for parking in four different locations: Island Bicycle (1808 Seawall Boulevard), Ohana Surf and Skate (2814 Avenue R ½), the 61st Street Pier and the 91st Street Pier.

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OK 20,374 paid to park out of how many? Seems like a basic question to ask.

Steve Fouga

Ditto Owl's question.

I do like the timing of the ticketing policy. Nice to give patrons a chance to get used to paying, and the officers a chance to get used to the equipment, before citing violators. Good job, GPD.

Dorothy Holt

Still think it was not a smart decision by a bunch of Galveston residents who get pissed off at the tourists for various reasons (probably rightfully so) but these tourists do pay for a lot of city services in Galveston with their tax dollars and afford a lot of jobs for the services industry. However, I wonder if the island merchants along the seawall will lose some of their business because of this? I suppose there will be quite a few pissed off people getting tickets who will go to Surfside, Bolivar, Crystal Beach or further south instead of Galveston to enjoy the beach. Galveston's beach along the seawall is gone unless it is brought in by the truck load. Good luck on your property taxes when the sales tax receipts dwindle. Remember that you reap what you sow.


Try going to any other city beach and expect to find free parking. The beaches in Clearwater Florida have parking lots with meters and folks have to keep running from the beach to put in coins.
The revenue should go to what the voters were told it was going for. Why should Galveston not expect to get something from all the day trippers? Has paid parking hurt the Strand shops?

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