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J. Shaffer

"The parents of the player who used the bat sent it to Little League headquarters in Pennsylvania, according to a statement Little League released last week. Officials determined the bat hadn’t been tampered with.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence, including the failure to have policies and procedures to ensure players’ safety and to prevent the use of, check for and confiscate unlicensed or altered bats, among other things."

So, if a kid gets hit with a ball playing Little League, it's somehow the fault of the bat? What 'policy' would make kids not get hit with a ball? If the bat has already been proven to not be altered, how can there still be a lawsuit?

Bad things happen. Not every bad thing that happens is worthy of a lawsuit.


If the Bat was taken at that moment and sent to be tested then you would have no doubt that the correct bat was tested. However this bat was used on July 1,2013 and then on July 8th 2013 was sent off to be tested did the correct bat get tested I doubt it was the same bat. They had plenty of time to do a bat swap. Just saying

Meg Cagnola

Kid's get hurt while playing sports. He is a pitcher, there is always a chance of getting hit by a line drive, it happens in Little League, College and the Pros.

The umpire had already ruled that the bat was legal to use before the play.

What if the pitcher had hit the batter in the head with a pitch and the batter went down? Would the ball need to be sent off to make sure it wasn't tampered with?
Would the league be sued because the pitcher threw a bad pitch?

frank furleigh

This is a frivolous lawsuit and shouldn't be brought to trial. All guardians sign a disclaimer prior to participating.

Island Bred

Some one needs to be taken out behind the dugout - I believe it's parents. No wonder kids are like they are nowdays. What a bunch of whinners. Our son took a ball to the eye at age 9 or so. He had blurry vision for a few days, we went to the Opth daily but he recovered, we didn't sue the kid that threw the ball and the league wasn't in the paper over it and it sure as hell didn't cost 1 million dollars. I would suggest dragging the attorney that filed this behind the dug out as well - might want to retrieve the bat in question for the meeting. Good Grief................ [ohmy]

Robert Buckner

I really feel for the player that got hit with the line drive. The pain from that was bad enough, now he has to watch greedy adults fight for a free handout at his expense. Are they naming the boy's coach as a defendant for having him pitch? The umpires? City of TC as the ballpark owner? The batter and his parents? The makers of the ball and bat? Abner Doubleday? Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens for inspiring him to be a pitcher? Adults are ruining the game for kids.

Mike Meador

IF the parents were concerned about this bat, then WHY didn't they (or any of the other parents and coaches) put faceguard(s) on the batter(s) to provide them protection.

Don't the coaches and parent have responsibility for putting this child into direct harm?

This attorney apparently doesn't have much work to do taking this case.


I agree with everyone's comments thus far, but I hope they add the coach to the lawsuit for not teaching him to respond quick enough and catch the ball. This is making Santa Fe LL look really bad in my opinion.[crying]

Stuart Crouch

This is great! The parents have now permanently labeled their kid as "hands-off & stay away". Who is gonna wanna play with, or against, this kid and his loser parents and their out-of-work attorney?

The Santa Fe team had their butts handed to them in a lopsided drumming & so they smash the bat in a fit of rage, have their parents go harass the LC parents, and now this? Great lesson for the kids.

Island Bred

No wonder kids prefer to crawl into the internet -

Mary Branum

Another generation of who can I sue!!!
S&&^ happens, That's life.

Gary Scoggin

Attorney Chance A. McMillan is letting them off easy by only suing for a million. There's a lawyer around here that would have sued them for a billion. (Just Win!)


REALLY...so when a child trips over his untied shoes, there will be a lawsuit filed for that also. Come on!

Ron Shelby

Disgusting individuals. Don't play baseball then. I was hit in the head/face twice as a kid from line drives. Life happens. Afterwards I played left field. Its part of the risk of playing the key Pitcher position. Next time, teach him to duck.

Sorry. I have no tolerance for this. The option for the parents was clearly to have the kid play badminton, or some other sport with a low risk of injury. This is sad. Makes you feel they are trying for a payoff.

Stuart Crouch

Good point. Instead of trying to protect or reassemble his fragile ego, teach him to throw some junk that the batter won't make him eat. No sandpaper or Vaseline though; there may be another desperate lawyer lurking behind a dugout somewhere that would take that case.

One or two years ago in the LLWS, the P took one to the face off the bat. It actually hit the leading edge of the brim of his hat's bill. He went down but was okay and play continued. No one had a hissy fit & that was pretty much as competitive as it gets at that age.

Hopefully the suit will not result in a settlement (which is what they & their misguided counsel are hoping for) and they will be made to pay the legal fees of everyone named in their bogus suit.

Dorothy Holt

Did the parents of this kid not know that a hard hit ball could hit their kid and possibly hurt him? A classic case of complete stupidity and gimme some mo' money.

melissa garcia

I am glad to see so many people have opinions about a game for which they do not know all the circumstances of. The bat in question, should have been immediately confiscated from the umpires - and not allowed to make its way to the parking lot under a parents shirt - none the less. We were at the game; therefore, I can speak first handedly about the allegations. The fact is this young boy may or may not get legal compensation for his injuries, but the fact remains it was a situation that was sadly mishandled. The fact the bat was allowed to be removed from the field, leaves the possibility open that the bat was most likely switched with another. And for all the people who want to bash this poor kid, he is an excellent ball player, and this incident is in no way a reflection on his ability.

Gary Scoggin

This isn't about the poor kid's ability. It's about his opportunistic parents and their greedy ambulance-chasing lawyer.

Robert Buckner

I do not see any kid bashing like I do adult/attorney bashing. Adults are ruining a kids game here.

Karen Smith

Parents acting like children.

MG Tex

Note to self ... do not invite these guys to a party at my house ... What if I forgot tomove my grass and they fell??? What would THAT cost me??? Really, isn't working for a living easier than trying to extort $$$ from a league that tries to do good for youth?

I feel bad for this child ... I hope he continues to recover, and I hope he pays such little attention to his money grabbing parents that he can continue to just be a kid. And I also feel bad because if I were coaching a team, he would not be on my draft list ...

melissa garcia

The bat was illegal, and it would have been a FELONY if it was proven. AGAIN :The problem is the parent hurried up grabbed the bat, hid it under his shirt and quickly made it out to the parking lot long before the police were involved. This would have given the parent ample time to switch the bat. I was there, and I know the child who was hurt, so therefore I can speak truthfully about the facts. I would worry less about what we are teaching our kids about baseball, and worry more about manners! Obvious from most of the posts below you all need a lesson on those - more than sports. Had it been your child, under the same circumstances you would want compensation for your child as well.

Karen Smith

So why sue the little league for so much??? If they have to pay this much it just might just put them out of business then NO ONE could play! Why sue for so much or sue at all? Sue the parents who owned the bat. File a complaint to the little league. The kids are learning nothing but... if you get hurt... sue. I can't count the times my kid was hit by a ball at a little league game, I didn't not sue.. but chalked it up as a learning experience.... DODGE THE BALL! This is why I had medical insurance on my child. Just sayin......

Gary Scoggin

Mis12206: I MAY want FAIR compensation if I beleived someone was really derilict or negligent. In that case I would want to be recompensated for my expenses. But a MILLION dollars? That goes way beyond fair and way up in to greedy.

I feel sorry for the kid having to grow up in a family that takes advantage of his injury just to line their pockets.

Willis Briggs

It would appear (from the reaction of "adults" ) that this is the first LL pitcher to ever be hit by a line drive hit.

Not to mention who decided only an illegally modified bat could cause a ball to hit another player?

Karen Smith

Had it been my son, I wouldn't have sued for a million and put the league out of business.... just sayin.. this is WAY outta control!

REALLY? c'mon!


Seriously, a bat switch? How many people do you know that carry around a broken $300 bat in the event they have to do a "bait and switch". Oh, and why doesn't anyone mention the fact that while the LC coaches were busy tending to the injured player, the SF coach was busy picking up the bat, slamming the bat on the ground, causing the bat to crack? The police were called AFTER the SF parents were causing a commotion on the LC side of the field, not for any other reason. Oh, and no one was arrested, but the SF coach was ejected for distruction of property. And yes, I was there so I know these facts to be 100% true. I am sick and tired of the one-sided story filled with inaccuracies.

melissa garcia


melissa garcia

The truth will eventually come out. This story is on YAHOO today, so be it as it may it is getting national coverage. There was something wrong with this whole situation, and the fact the league city officials were overseeing the game and calling the shots made it easier for them to get away with this nonsense. I bet the whole league city organization is looked at a little differently by the time all of this is said and done.

Lars Faltskog

Must be everyone's worst nightmare - to have to live in a suburgatory place like League City, then take the fun out of a kid's baseball game. I think cougargator particularly has a toehold on logic in this.

If the parents were so adamant about an improper and non-permissible bat to be used, then they should have either taken the boy away from the game or make use of a headshield. Since the parents did neither and allowed their son to proceed, they don't have a leg to stand on with this case, and I'm sure Judge Judy would laugh them out of the courtroom and then say, "Go away, have a happy life, idiots."

Stuart Crouch

I would imagine that if this lawsuit is getting "national coverage" it is not related to any legitimacy of the accusations, but rather the lengths that some over-zealous parents will go to in their denial of reality.

All the bats were inspected by a 25-year veteran umpire at the start of the game. If some wacko Santa Fe coach smashed my kid's $300 bat, he'd be on his way to jail for criminal mischief. My guess is that if someone secreted the bat away to a locked car, it was so that no other SF nut-job could go pounding on it or using it to harm someone.

Stay classy, Santa Fe[beam]

Andy Aycoth

Hope it goes to trial and the Lawyer goes home empty handed. I think the lawyer will probably drop the case when he sees this case as a money pit for him.

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