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seeing how the last fire burn down a house do to rumored of the fire engine could not draft from the water in the canal do to not knowledge of how to draft from the canal. i would think residents would want paid fire firefighters instead of volunteers. like the old saying you paid for what you get. just don't have a medial emergency as the golden hour is out the door here. lets just see cpr or defib needs to be from volunteer or will meet the needs. lets look at the stats as bayou vista and omaga bay and plus age of residents can wait.

After approximately 10 minutes of cardiac arrest, in the metabolic phase, the effectiveness of both immediate defibrillation and CPR follwed by defibrillation decreases rapidly and survival rates are poor.Since the AHA Guidelines 2000 we have been taught that for every minute that passes between collapse and defibrillation, survival rates from witnessed VF sudden cardiac arrest decrease 7% to 10%. When bystander CPR is provided, the decrease in survival rates is more gradual and averages 3% to 4 % per minute.1

so if you want to play the Vegas odds don't vote for the increase but when it comes to you or a family member remember your vote.

Joel Martin

One drink too many.

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