LEAGUE CITY — Public attention that last month was focused on a controversial City Council immigration resolution has mostly shifted elsewhere, but not for everyone.

Last week, a handful of League City’s Muslim residents took to the microphone asking council members to reconsider part of the resolution that singles out “radical Islamist terror groups.” Each pledged to return for every council meeting until that clause is removed.

“I fear for my family and all of the Muslims in this community because of backlash,” Luxie Mohammed told council members.

Mohammed said she worried even about a simple requirement of giving her home address before she spoke at the meeting.  

“Just giving my exact address, I feel like I am going to be targeted,” she said. “This is unfair, because I am a law-abiding citizen. I pay my taxes and I feel like I am a great contributor to this society.”

Last month, in response to news about government efforts to move undocumented immigrant children from crowded border detention centers, the council passed a resolution prohibiting city departments from cooperating with federal directives or requests to process or house undocumented immigrants.

None who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting called on the council to rescind the resolution, just the part that referred to “radical Islamist terror groups.”

Councilwoman Heidi Thiess, who championed the resolution, originally wrote “Islamic terror groups.” She said she changed it to read “Islamist,” because she was advised that term referred not to Islam, but to those who use the religion as a basis to carry out terrorist acts.

“Despite the organized efforts and threats of the Council on American Islamic Relations members, I will not remove the reference to radical Islamist terror groups working with drug cartels to infiltrate our border because the statement is 100 percent factual and accurate,” Thiess said.

“I am all too familiar with the intimidation tactics of CAIR, which is indisputably linked with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and I will continue to do everything I can to inform people as to the facts of CAIR’s disreputable history and intentions.”

Thiess’ explanation for the wording still doesn’t sit well with those who oppose to the phrasing.

Abdul Alsahli, who on Thursday launched a campaign for the City Council, in large part, because of the resolution, said singling out a specific group as terrorist was a disgrace to the city.

Any radical, no matter his faith association, is a terrorist, he said. He said he worries what the resolution portrays.

“The funny part: If I grow a beard, I am looked at as a terrorist or a criminal,” Alsahli said. “If he grows a beard he is a ‘Duck Dynasty,’” he said, pointing to a white man in the audience.

Others see the resolution as an attack on their way of life.  

“I am feeling ostracized,” Ajaz Shah said. “Islam is my way of life. When I see a reference to ‘Islamist,’ ‘Islamic,’ that’s me.”

Shah chastised the council for not seeking “the real source of information” about Islam and encouraged council members to reach out to those in the city’s Muslim community.  

“A terrorist is a terrorist,” Shah said. “Please, don’t touch my faith. I’m a peace-loving person and so is my faith.”

Mayor Tim Paulissen, who was one of the six council members to vote for the resolution, said there’s no expectation any changes would be made.

“At this point, I won’t be sponsoring an agenda item on this,” he said.

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Don Ciaccio

Calling out CAIR was the right thing to do. I commend the council members for not backing down on the resolution. It was100% accurate.

Mojo Boogie

Tell you what don. Go out shopping with your wife then out to eat with her wearing the traditional hijab (Muslim head scarf that covers her hair only-much as a nun's wimple). Her beliefs have not changed, have they? Now observe how people react to her. Very sad. Could you imagine facing this daily?

John McLane

The resolution and all the associated backlash is a waste of time. It is not enforceable...just another example of self proclaimed conservatives swinging at windmills.

Kevin Lang

I think the concern is that, while council and police might understand the distinction, other community members may not, and those people would terrorize law-abiding, peaceful citizens in the mistaken belief they're fighting terrorists.

Based on my understanding of the resolution, the types of people council fears the feds might place into the community is not material. The objection is merely to the possibility of having to house and process large numbers of illegal immigrants, even if they were all Bible-thumping Nobel Laureates. If that is the case, that's all it should say. Otherwise, it should cover every stereotypical description of objectionable people that we don't want the feds depositing here, regardless of whether these types of people might associate with the illegal immigrant population.

Lars Faltskog

It is this kind of fear that fuels white supremacy and racism and suspicion of people who look, talk, and dress differently. LC should set itself as an example of an accepting and cosmopolitan suburban Houston community. Instead, it is doing the opposite, not unlike those creepy made-for-TV movies where "different" people are stopped by the "law" and are terrorized by renecky cops and city leaders.

Instead, LC is more and more making itself a laughing stock to the state and the nation. I'm so glad I only pass by LC on the gulf freeway. That way I see the least amount of white sheets as possible.

Kim Etheridge

Seriously, white sheets? What a hate monger YOU are.

Lars Faltskog

Well, Etheridge:
Let's all review the pictures from Ferguson, MO from the last week or so and we can realize that the "hate monger" concept is alive and well in 2014.

Do you realize that to be a Muslim now and to go out and about in LC could make such an individual a bit leery? Let's you and me both ask a Muslim of good standing how he/she feels about this, and we'll soon realize how the "white sheet" analogy isn't too far off.

Kevin Lang

The use of this language, imho, is not to show hatred or supremacy, but, rather, to play on people's fear of being overrun by disease, violent crime, and terror. They don't believe that people care enough about illegal immigration, so they have to try to magnify it for people--play to their fears.

Of course, this resolution does nothing to stop terrorists, disease carriers, or violent criminals from coming in droves to our fair city, but using that language at least gives some people comfort that the city cares about that stuff. However, I wonder what the city is doing to prevent all that coming in with legal, long-time, or even lifetime residents of this country or this community?

PD Hyatt

what some do not know and will never understand is that the White Sheeted people were and still are democrats.... How funny that so many of them do not even know the who, what or where about these issues and who was and still is behind them....

Mojo Boogie

Whaaa? Ignorance and hate know no party line. And they do not belong to any particular religious group. Any nut-job of any type can use their own twisted logic to carry out horrible acts.

Chris Gimenez

mojoboogie2, you have to understand the anger and hatred that paul-hyatt has for anyone who speaks out against his friends.

Rainy Brown

I commend the League City council for not backing down on the resolution.

Carlos Ponce

I remember when the interfaith wars broke out in Northern Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants. The local churches spoke out against Radicals acting out in the name of Christianity and invited the North Irish to visit the United States to see how well Protestants and Catholics could live side by side in the same communities. If we can condemn RADICAL CHRISTIANITY why can't they condemn RADICAL ISLAM?

Chris Mallios

My goodness. to "City of League City" .... a one issue candidate? You mean like Tommy Cones who single issue is himself ? Didn't he Sell a public bridges to a developer who contributed to his campaign? Shall we talk about his trash contract decisions? Also the switching of positions are all based on promises made by the tea part and or the League city good old boys to insure they get the majority they need on council to run the city into the ground. There is some dead wood on council that needs to be cleared out.

As for the resolution LOL WHAT A WASTE of taxpayer money and time !!! Unenforceable. Do you really think terrorist are from one place or kind ? What about Tim McVey? SMH........ The city resolution would have stopped him ?? LOL Such wise minds........ LOL

Comment deleted.
Mojo Boogie

Do you actually know any moderate Muslims? I do, and would value their friendship and honesty over any fundamentalist religious group. Be it Christian,, Jewish, Zoroastrian...

James Cox

Heidi Thiess is pretty embarrassing . It's hard to believe we have an elected official that is that narrow minded and angry. Her xenophobic views are shocking !

Comment deleted.
Mojo Boogie

This Resolution makes as much sense as passing a law to make it illegal;l to break the law.Political grandstanding.

Gary Scoggin

Carlosponce. My moderate Muslim friends do.

Carlos Ponce

We need to hear more from them. It is the silence of the moderate Muslim community that baffles most Americans. They should have no problem with the League City resolution since it does not apply to them.

Katrina Evenhouse

Off the wall. People should get informed and quit calling people names. Read the Koran and learn. Ask your moderate friends to denounce the terrorist groups. Pick any one you want. Calling Heidi names doesn't make you look smart. Look what is going on in other Countries around the world. And look how many posts some of these people make and you were learn what kind of hateful people they are.

Mojo Boogie

My experience is that folks that spew this type of gibberish rarely travel outside of 'Merica, and if they do, it is to Mexico/central america. They have no other reference point.

Brian Cann

Mojo, I know how things work in the middle east. I have a very in depth reference point. The overwhelming majority of Muslims either actively or passively back the idea of one world under Islam. It's in the Koran. I know all about the daily barbaric practices of Muslims throughout the world, beheadings, stonings, cutting off hands, etc. I have yet to see any one try to stop them, everyone goes along. I've heard the phrase "boys are for fun, women are for marriage", if you have been to certain parts of the Muslim world you know exactly what that means. Don't set here and try to project this image that all things Muslim are wonderful and any talk against them is gibberish. I could go on for days about the barbaric world that is Islam. But would it matter? Nothing will change because the people the live in that world don't want change. When will the moderate Muslims call for a reformation and actually do something about it? If you can't handle the words "Muslim terrorists", then maybe the words hit too close to home.

Chris Gimenez

mojoboogie2, when was the last time you travelled to Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan?

Mojo Boogie

When was the last time you visited Istanbul, Marrakesh or any place in Indonesia? Your answer is a bit ridiculous, things do tend to get a bit violent in a war zone-especially when we keep stirring the kettle.

Mojo Boogie

Most of the Muslims that I know just want to go about their business, raise their kids and behave as you or I. They just worship differently. That does not believe that they are terrorists or believe in supporting terrorists anymore that you would support the Oklahoma City Bomber, the Unabomber, or even The Westboro Church. Why is this worded as "Muslim" terrorist, when there have been terrorists of other faiths as well?
And why does there need to be a resolution? This is just political grandstanding that will have the side effect of causing more prejudice towards a portion of their citizenry that have to face enough as it is.

Carlos Ponce

"And why does there need to be a resolution?" Because they're crossing the Texas border through Mexico. They have vowed the violent overthrow of our government - not Muslims, but terrorists, Radical Muslims. A member of ISIS has made a video stating they will take the battle to our shores and not be happy until their flag flies from the White House.
If there is any prejudice shown towards non radical Muslims in this country we have laws to prevent that from occurring. You call the resolution "grandstanding". I call it a "WAKE UP ALERT!"

Lars Faltskog

Muslims are crossing the border through Mexico? I would think they would enter mostly from NY LaGuardia or Newark airport.

I suppose a good question would be if the threats of terrorism are prevailent through either 1. our own US-born citizens (regardless or race, creed, religion), 2. foreign-born legal US citizen Muslims, 3. US citizen Muslims, 4. "illegals" mostly from Mexico and Central America, 5. other foreign "illegals", 6. other foreign-born legal US citizens.

I think League City should conduct an in-depth investigation of our above 6 "fears" since most of us on this forum are fearful white folks who "have more right to live here". LC should complete the study, inform us of their findings, then take action. League City should be doing these investigations of potential threats (foreign and within) and formulate laws pertaining to such things because that's the main job description of any of our small-town suburban local municipalities. [note sarcasm]

Carlos Ponce

No sverige, they are entering through Mexico. I have posted the Border Patrol link numerous times. They come from Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Turkey and many other countries. They have found prayer mats, military patches, books and other paraphernalia with references to Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups along the border. A jacket found in Jim Hogg County, Texas, was covered in patches from countries where al-Qaida is known to operate. The patches include an Arabic military badge and one that illustrates an airplane flying into a tower. Another one features a depiction of a lion's head with wings and a parachute. The Arab insignia reads "martyr," "way to eternal life" or "way to immortality."

Comment deleted.
Mojo Boogie

Um nooo. They have expressed outrage. Read the article, again.

PD Hyatt

There are no moderate Muslims in this world.... If there were then why have they been so silent with all of the slaughterings that have been going on in the world and this nation.... I am not only talking about 9-11, I am talking about the honor killings that have been happening in our nation.... Why do they not speak up about these, or do they believe in what is going on in this nation and the world.... Why are they not speaking out about the many who have left this nation to go fight with ISIS and other groups.... ISIS a nothing but a group of savages that are slaughtering not only the Christians that they find, but other Muslims as well.... Were is the outrage about this?

J. Shaffer

Unless Christian children are being slaughtered in League City, there's not really a threat.

In America we are supposed to respect religious freedom. You should have the right to practice your religion without someone calling you a child killer and passing resolutions against your religion in a small Texas town.

Carlos Ponce

RADICAL Muslims have vowed to take this country. They have already entered this country through the Texas-Mexico border. NO ONE is saying ANYTHING about not letting them practice their religion. League City has NOT passed a resolution against the practice of Islam. Read the Resolution"WHEREAS, members of dangerous transnational criminal organizations and radical Islamic
terror groups continue to exploit the situation to infiltrate the United States for the purpose of establishing criminal activity, terror cells, and training operations within our homeland....". This does not pertain to the practice of Islam unless NurseJayne you are saying that ALL members of the Islamic faith practice "radical Islamic terror". I hope you are not saying that because that is NOT TRUE. Religious Freedom YES, Radical Islamic (or any other religion) terror NO!

Carlos Ponce

Please Read "A Line in the Sand"
Your taxes paid for it, might as well read it, especially those who don't think Radical Islam is a threat to Texas.

George Croix

Note to 'progressives':
Since ya'll evidently cannot even understand the simple term 'radical', then no doubt it would be fine with you all if the Council passed a resolution IN FAVOR of 'radical Islam' and inviting them to come one, come all.

To the hyperventilaters, an attack trained Doberman would be the same threat as a Pekingese lap dog....Dolly Parton equal to Twiggy, in places....

You can vote out the LC Council if you don't like what they do, but you still can't make them leave town.
You cannot vote out the radical islamists, but you don't have to welcome them to town...

Mojo Boogie

So why is the word "Muslim" used? Terrorists have been from all races and religions. Why even have this resolution. Again, this is like having a resolution saying Muslims should not break the law.

Mojo Boogie

My, oh my. This story has definitely brought the tin-hatters out of the wood work. Let's try this again.Not all Muslims are terrorists. Just like not all Christians believe and act like those at Westboro church. This is not a difficult concept. What is sad is that a city council would encourage and feed into profiling of a group of people because of their religious background.

Carlos Ponce

The Tin Man wore a Tin Hat but he was all heart.

Lars Faltskog

Tin-hatters, LOL.

Hey gecrox - I would very much enjoy going to an LC council session and hear an islamic prayer, or two or three...and I'll be on committee to "welcome them to town".. I want more of them to come. Then, perhaps all of the fear-mongering radical "conservatives" will move elsewhere - to maybe The Woodlands.

Mojo Boogie

Unfortunately, it is a no-win. In Baytown, a new Mosque opened. They invited the locals in to see and educate them on their religion. The local accused them (angrily of "proselytizing" to convert them to Islam. Cant't fix stupid.

Lars Faltskog

Yep..Baytown is about 35 years behind by Texas standards. They're way different than they were in the 70s, but with a lot more progression and civil liberty freedomgrowing to do. Perhaps the mosque location would go better near downtown Houston, or the Heights, or perhaps Meyerland where there's more diversity.

Kevin Lang

It sounds to me like the Muslims in Baytown are doing exactly as they should, and probably getting the reception they'd expect. You don't change everyone's perception at once. I'm sure that there were visitors that saw and heard things that changed their perceptions, while others got a different message (implied or imagined). In any event, you move popular beliefs one person at a time, not one city or nation at a time. Essentially, all churches have as part of their mission to attract new members, or "converts". However, the main function is to allow the worshipers a place to congregate and participate in the requisite sacraments. For the Muslim community in and around Baytown--a community that likely includes a lot of petroleum and chemical engineers--it means having a place of worship near their work and/or homes.

I don't think they erred in building it there. I think they just need to give themselves and their community a little more time to reach the mutual understanding that they apparently are trying to foster.

George Croix

"Not all Muslims are terrorists."

Simply put, not all respondents said they were...

Richard Moore

League City should consider a little more closely their commitment below. This is made so that they could accept Federal Funding:

"The City of League City has an obligation to affirmatively further fair housing. Housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability is illegal by federal law.

If you have a concern with how you have been treated and believe your fair housing rights have been violated, there is a local process for reporting your complaint. Your local contact is:

League City Planning Department
300 W. Walker St.
League City, TX 77573
Ph: 281.554.1080

If you do not feel comfortable contacting the local office, both the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are available to address problems regarding housing discrimination.

George Croix

Terrorism and criminal activity are not on that list....[wink]

Mojo Boogie

This is even worse if the Feds worded it as Muslim, excluding all other terrorists.

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