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Gary Miller

The Europeans are way ahead of us on rain barrels.
They raised water fees so high nearly every gutter down spout has a barrell under it.
Set on stands 4 or 5 ft above ground with a flush valve and strainer they serve landscaping, car, pet and hair washing.
A German city with 40,000 population ( like Galveston ) might have 80,000 rain barrels.
Storing 16 million gallons every time it rains.

Kevin Lang

200 gallons per barrel? Those are pretty big barrels. Even empty, those things will way quite a bit. Barrel, water, and other hardware=nearly a ton. Or, perhaps you meant 4 million gallons?

Of course, around here, 400 gallons of rainwater won't last many households very long during our hot, dry summers. For us, 3 or 4 50-gallon barrels around our houses would essentially be the proverbial drop in the bucket. Better than nothing, but definitely not a salvation during our dry spells.

Andy Aycoth

Raise the rates to say 25 cents per gallon and everybody except the rich would harvest water.

Mick Phalen

My Austin brother-in-law has rain barrels on all his gutters - still waiting for it to rain. He fills them up from a faucet so that he can keep the mosquito larvae habitat active. [smile]

Gary Miller

Cute but not useful.

Gary Miller

If enough home owners install rain barrels the city will raise water rates and/or tax rain barrels.
The water dept budget depends on subscribers using a set volume of water. If people reduce usage the water dept won't reduce staff or other fixed costs. They will raise rates to keep income and budget in line.
How much it costs to deliver water isn't the guideline.
How much they want to spend to deliver water is their guideline.

An eye dropper of mineral oil eliminates the mosquito problem.

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