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Mike Leahy

Various elements of the City of Galveston officialdom continues to provide Ms. Cotropia with a golden trough...

Raymond Lewis

Correction, GOGP made it possible for Ms. Cotropia to feed at that (so called) 'golden trough'. As the drunken Panda said, "It's not that no one listened to the side of GOGP. The problem for them is that some one finally did."

Lisa Blair

It would be interesting to see an accounting of the GOGP's expenditures of donated funds, since their attorney's are working pro-bono.

Steve Fouga

It will be interesting to see the increase in the cost of policing, crime prevention, and prisoner detention that will follow the new sites.

Lisa Blair

Sure it would be, if it had actually happened. We'll have to wait and see, but the GOGP has already spent people's money, making it more interesting right now.

Bill Broussard

Lisa: I have no idea about what you are trying to say in this post. Might you try again?

George Croix

Guess the new tenants will have to draw for short straw to see who gets stuck with a 175,000 dollar unit versus the regular 275 grand ones so the bill gets paid...[whistling]

Bill Broussard

Herz said. “I wish the housing authority had not had to spend this amount, in a lawsuit that had no solid base and was more political than it was based on any great legal analogy.”

I'm sure Buddy knows what he's talking about. With him at the helm, Lyda Ann Thomas OKing the first rebuilding agreement after the storm and the Sullivan's benifitng to the tune of at least $20 MM and possibly $46 MM, and MBS being such a huge campaign supporter of our President, Buddy should be able to spot politics in a instant.

Mike Leahy

I do not feel any too "corrected" there TrebleClef...

GOGP did not tell the Housing Authority which lawyers to buy with the taxpayers money. But, our all of our city's quasi-officials always return the "The Usual Suspects".

What, The Park Board has nothing for her to do? Or are they also providing this lawyer billable hours?

Raymond Lewis

In fairness to your point m.o'laochdha, a few city entities do keep her busy.

Evelyn Clark

I wonder what the GOGP have to tell all the people (APARTMENTS Owners , EYC) where all the money went. When they agreed to keep the Low-Income Housing ) from being rebuilt.

Who bought this GOGP to Galveston to increase tensions among.the people The HP was there before the storm and quickly demolished with promise to rebuild.
This GOGP came along with the Blessing of certain people (SEND THEM TO MAINLAND) And . I am speaking of council Greenberg.

Every city in the USA has to have a LOW INCOME RENTAL BY LAW.

Now they have failed they want the city to pay . Where are the GOGP BOOKS.
justing asking. [sad ][sad]

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