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Miss Priss

Maybe ... It's called the inner circle trying to help Grady pay off campaign debts.

They hire a law firm to make recommendations to cuts in the criminal justice center? I heard rumors that the commissioners were looking into too much upper management fat at the sheriff's office.

Robert Young

Texas Nepotism Laws Made Easy
2012 Texas Nepotism Laws Made Easy • Office of the Attorney General

17. Do the nepotism laws apply to the appointment or hiring of an
independent contractor by the governing body if the contractor is a close
relative of an official?
Yes. The nepotism laws prohibit the appointment or hiring of an independent contractor by the governing body if the contractor is a close relative of one of the members of the governing body.

Nonetheless, the nepotism prohibition would not prohibit the governing body from executing a contract with a corporation that employs the close relative unless the corporation is in actuality the “alter ego” of an individual who is closely related to an official.

Boy this new Judical marriage team known as the "Grady bunch" and the County Judge have some nerve don't they! she takes a job to examing "Existing policies and procedures" Why in the wide world of sports would you hire someone who has not served one day yet at the Galveston courthouse? Why didn't Judge Henry just ask for suggestions from the serving judges, the ones with experiance?

The Grady's know better as they went to law school and took ethics classes, Judge Henry did not,, so don't be to hard on him. If he had went to law school he also might have remembered this;

Chapter 39 of the Texas Penal Code prohibits a public servant from using government property, services, personnel, or any other thing of value belonging to
the government to obtain a benefit or to harm or defraud another.,

Walter Manuel

Maybe it's just me, but it would seem with Patricia Grady's experience as a lawyer and having witnessed first hand through her own actual court experiences, she very well may be able to further dissect and help improve the efficiency of the court system in Galveston county?

My guess is that nepotism laws were heavily discussed and considered before the county commissioners final decision was made to award Patricia Grady this contract?

I have full confidence that Patricia Grady will honestly earn every penny of our tax dollars for which she is being paid and her attention to details will ultimately benefit many people throughout Galveston county. [wink]

Judy Foster

The lawfirm was fired in Oct. I'm betting the commissioner's have never seen the report, therefore they have never acted on the report that cost taxpayers $$$$$. This is just a way for Grady to pay off her campaign debt. Look for commissioner's court to start getting rid of upper mgmt. in sheriff's dept and tax office, so they can build their country club of friends in our county gov't.

Ron Shelby

The court could try, but if the Sheriff isn't in agreement, at some point he could elect to sue the court for failing to provide the resources to perform his constitutional duties. We've seen that scenario play out many times.

Walter Manuel

"The firm was paid about $70,000 and issued a 67-page preliminary report to county commissioners in April, Henry said.

According to the memorandum of understanding, Grady was qualified to build on the analysis in the preliminary report because of her experience as a policy and legal adviser with the county".

I don't understand the major concern regarding Mrs. Grady being given the contract in order to "pay off campaign debts", when I'm sure most political candidates have this same issue to deal with after running a campaign and they too have to work in order to responsibly pay off this sort of debt?[smile]

Judy Foster

MissionaryMan, Your comment does not deserve a response,

George Croix

Maybe she should have simply asked the citizens to donate to a personal fund to help pay off debts...like the Clintons did... [smile]

Walter Manuel

Judy0313, obviously it did deserve some sort of response since you responded, I must have hit a nerve somewhere along the way....[wink]


What a mess.

Robert Young

It is a mess Cheerio,,I think the taxpayers are tired of being used by this RINO, It is fair to say Judge Henry now not only has his hands in the taxpayers cookie jar but now has allowed his friends a grab in it too!.

The Sheriff could have used that money for hiring!

Now we have four more years of this guy? We gonna be understaffed AND have run outta cookies!

Ron Shelby

Annualized and compared to a county employee, that's a salary of $109,200 a year. How much are commissioners, the tax assessor, sheriff and others currently making? Just putting it into some sort of perspective.

Ron Shelby

This contract goes through sept 30th. That's the end of the fiscal year. Will it show up renewed in the budget starting Oct 1, until she takes office? Disconcerting.

Robert Young

Was there a bid process..The other candidates would have liked a fair shot at this I'm sure.

Ron Shelby

FYI, it's a professional services contract, which in most cases is available through a public information request. You may even find that it has an evergreen clause.

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