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Don Ciaccio

No Ms. Robb, you've done a horrible job, that's when Ms. sunseri has raised twice what you have. You are about to be fired!

Barb Falkenhagen

I had the chance to meet with Carolyn recently. I was disappointed that she had little strategy for her position if elected. I posed several questions to her and several of her responses ended up with a comment related to her family member who has held a public office. I think this is a really nice woman, but I'm not convinced she is prepared to respond to the residents in the way Marie Robb has. I believe Carolyn herself will not enjoy a political experience if elected. She should continue to focus on her employment at the title company her brother in law owns.

Judy Foster

Four Sons....why not share with us the questions you talked to Ms. Sunseri about and also her strategy. What was it that makes you think she would not enjoy the the political experience? Is it because she is a new face to Galveston politics? Personally, I find that enjoyable.

Miss Priss

I personally find Marie Robb to be a bit polarizing and good that she has a viable candidate running to knock her down a peg or two.


Sunseri tries to be something that she is not and some of those folks listed as supporters know that as well. I believe her sister has more of the charm and demeanor to have been the politician in the family. Too bad she doesn't run for something.

Although Sunseri has raised more money, it's important to note who Robb received money from and the why should make for an interesting story as well. So the amount of funds doesn't always matter as much as the influence behind the contributors.

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