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Carlos Ponce

It seems that a lot of people on the Left have forgotten that one of their heroes, Cesar Chavez, set up a "Wet Line" along 100 miles of the US-Mexican Border in 1973 to prevent illegal immigration.
Good for Rick Perry! The mere presence of the Guard will serve as a deterrent.

J. Shaffer

I'm failing to grasp how a 1973 occurrence relates to what's happening now.

No one wants illegal immigrants in our country, Democrat or Republican.

But I also fail to see how the National Guard is going to help.

"to combat criminals exploiting a surge of children entering the U.S. illegally."

How? You can't go to Mexico to arrest the coyotes.... and they don't cross with the children.

"troops would be “referring and deterring” immigrants and not detaining people"

So.... they can't stop children from crossing, only point them to the REAL Border Patrol for processing.

"Weber has proposed legislation that would suspend foreign aid to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador until those countries take “sufficient action” to address illegal immigration to the U.S."

If children are fleeing poverty, let's make the country they come from worse! How will that help?

Carlos Ponce

1973- Cesar Chavez, Union Leader of the UFW (United Farm Workers), did all he could to STOP illegal immigration into the United States. The Left now embraces Cesar Chavez as one of their heroes.
2014-Rick Perry, Governor of the Great State of Texas, is doing what he can to stop illegal immigration into the Texas by calling out the National Guard. The Left condemns his actions.
I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy in Leftist thinking.
'How?" you ask. Even a child can recognize a uniformed soldier guarding the border and will not cross. Word will go all the way back to Central America. The United States Border has now been reinforced and you will see the tide turning. The best offense is a good defense, Nurse Jayne, extra eyes and ears on the border, more boots on the ground.

Jennifer Lance

The current occupant of the White House wants exactly that.

Kevin Lang

1,000 Guardsmen can cover more ground than 0. However, they still can't guard the entire border. A step in the right direction? Perhaps. A solution? Perhaps not. If it helps even a little, it's a valuable trial. If it fails miserably, still a valiant effort--certainly more valiant than what the government has tried in quite a number of years. You never know what works and doesn't work if you don't try.

I think it's a lot easier to unionize legal workers. Using illegals was a useful tool for union busting. That they were also a fair amount cheaper than the legal and/or unionized workers made it worthwhile to ignore the situation. The situation bubbles up during recessions, and then fades quickly during booming economies.

Norman Pappous

NurseJayne, the answer is to force these countries into passing legislation that expands opportunities for everyone - creating a viable middle-class. Right now cronyism is rampant and has been forever - people do not feel they can get a fair shake because the system is fixed against them. If we simply sit back and do nothing, their plight will never improve; if we send them aid, their plight will never improve... Want to fox what is wrong in these countries? then force them to adopt policies that make their economic systems more fair and transparent.

Kevin Lang

The Zillion Billion Dollar Question: How do we force another country to do what we want/need them to do? We certainly haven't shown a lot of success in recent memories at forcing even our own country to what's desirable, if not necessary. I'm not sure that recent memory shows many examples of any country doing what we've tried to compel them to do. How many countries do we have economic sanctions against without much success in changing their way of thinking?

Getting other countries to help solve this problem would be really nice. However, I think that if we really want it fixed, most of the heavy lifting is going to have to come from our side. Which probably means that when it comes to solving illegal immigration, the actual solution will probably require us to compromise somewhere between kicking them all out and sealing the border and finding a tolerance level short of an open border. Where is that compromise point? I guess we'd best start having honest and open discussions.

Certainly, with enough effort, time, and money, we can solve most everything that's important. When will we start pooling these resources to figure out we're going to do? Probably an unanswerable question today.

Jennifer Lance

Somebody had to do something. Our present leaders seem intent upon having open borders, perhaps due to the influence in the White House of George Soros and his Open Borders Society.

They call it the "Fair Immigration Reform Movement" to disguise its intent.

The influence of Soros on this Presidency is clear. For more of his projects there's a list here


Kevin Martin

About darn time!!!! Perfect example of illeagal immigrants from Central America and what the do when they get here........MS-13.


Did I hear somebody say we were waiting on Washington to send help to us? Yea, right!!!! Wasn't that what some brave Americans were waiting on in Benghazi? Aren't those Americans DEAD now? I thought so! Rick Perry is probably seeing this thing for what it is, .... like I do. So he took the responsibility to do what he could for his state, because Obama is setting up his party for 2016! So then is was highly unlikely he was going to do anything which he thought might alienate Hilliary from the Hispanic and African-American vote in the upcoming 2016 elections. That's my opinion, and the way I see it.
PS After all ......he still owes Bill for explaining/selling his "SUGGA" policies in the last election! Seldom will one run upon a liar like Bill who can lie with a straight face while peeping over the top of "BOOK WORM" eyeglasses! [smile]

George Croix

If all the N.G. does is go to the border, look around, and then go home, they'll have done more than our President could be bothered to take time away from partying to do...


Amen! Naw, two Amens![smile]........Go on now,....and make it three Amens!!!!

Kevin Martin


Victor Krc

jbgood, all "BOOK WORMS" aren't liberals![innocent][beam]

Speaking for myself, I would really like to see some of the NG terminate with extreme prejudice some of the vermin coyotes that traffic the innocent.

Can't happen without the help of the Mexican government though.

How likely is that?

Kevin Lang

Perry is expecting to be reimbursed from the Federal Government. That isn't happening without the Federal Government supporting the idea.

I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if this wasn't discussed when Perry and Obama met. It could be seen as a win-win for both Perry and Obama. Now, which one came up with the idea first, well, I'm sure that there will be a lot of political posturing on that.

Carlos Ponce

All appropriations are handled through the House - No problem there. Getting it through Harry Reid will be the problem. If the Senate turns "red" - no problem. As for me, I'll never go to Las Vegas or Reno. All that gambling money helps feed Harry's coffers.

Kevin Lang

My guess is that Obama is OK with this, and if the House doesn't balk at the expenditure, I doubt the Senate will. Of course, I've been wrong before, and won't be too surprised if someone has to bend down and kiss some rear-ends to actually get this bill passed. However, I expect that to be at most a minor deal, since this issue is to no one's political advantage. It's too much of a front-burner issue right now.

Now, it would be nice if they figured out how to actually pay for it, rather than to use more IOUs, but, you know, sometimes a situation does call for the credit cards before you get around to adjusting your budget.

Carlos Ponce

The United States budgets Foreign aid for each Central American country. Set a rate per child and start subtracting. We may not have to pay them a dime in foreign Aid for several decades. Too bad, so sad. After all, the money is originally budgeted to help THEIR people which it will do.

Richard Worth

I only speak English, could someone who speaks Politician kindly explain to me what “referring and deterring” actually means?

Carlos Ponce

referring -To direct to a source for help or information.
If the National Guard spots an illegal then that illegal will be directed to the Border Patrol who can act.
deterring-To prevent or discourage from acting, as by means of fear or doubt.
The mere presence of an armed National Guardsman will stop many illegals from crossing over.
Think about it this way. To slow down speeders, some law enforcement agencies will place an unmanned squad car along a stretch of highway. The mere presence of the police vehicle serves its purpose. What's better is that since these positions are "manned" by live individuals, they can relay information to the Border Patrol; extra eyes, extra ears on the border.

Jim Forsythe

What this means is, we will grandstand on the boarder so Rick can spring board it for his run for President

Official meaning per our Texas Adjutant General
Texas Adjutant General John Nichols said his troops would simply be "referring and deterring" immigrants and not detaining people, the Associated Press reported.
This is the Politician speak answer part
"We think they'll come to us and say, `Please take us to a Border Patrol station,'" Nichols said
. If this is true then put up signs to point the way. Then we don't need more help as It would be self service for them to turn themselves in..
What does all this mean, they will wait till after election to do anything? Then nothing will get done because they are stopping us(each side will say this).

Until we demand action we will get small bones that are meant to keep us at bay.

George Croix

Referring and deterring was essentially what the charcter in his military type fatigues and a nightstick was doing in front of a polling place...
Our United States Attorney General had no problem with that...

Perry for President?

Victor Krc

I still have a problem with why is the Mexican government getting a free pass as a target for protests in the border crisis.

Mexico has the coyotes inside their borders and the children are taking an overland route of hundreds of miles before they reach our border.

What is Mexico doing to protect these children?

If Smith and his cronies want to protest, why not go to Houston to the Mexican consul's office and protest the Mexican government's acquiescence in gross child endangerment and abuse.

Hispanic groups in this country are strangely silent about this issue.


George Croix

Because, Vic, America is a downright mean country, that deserves to apologize for itself, haven't you heard...[beam]
The Hispanics in my family group are not silent about it.
They think that Mexico's handling of pretty much anything sucks, and that the illegals invading the country and the one's already in this country who protest against this country suck, and that the legal residents who excuse all of this...suck.
Sucks...kind of a one word fits all description for the whole shebang...

Victor Krc

It's a word that is very concise and to the point.

Seen the "breaking news" on the home page?

George Croix

I confess I didn't read it all.
Soon as I saw who the complainants were, I just moved on...
I'm interested in groups who advocate for the benefit of United States citizens, or legal resident aliens

Victor Krc

OK, fair enough.

I'm interested because I am a resident and taxpayer of LC.

This might get expensive for LC.

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