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Andy Aycoth

Maybe they can coat and re-insulate the rest of their refineries so they will not be such an eyesore .

Steve Fouga

This is really cool. I like it! Great job!

This part is interesting: "The state requires that more than 50 percent of the surface of the tank, including the roof, must be white." I guess we have to have a law for everything.

George Croix

That's a floating roof tank. The white is to cut down on the effects of heat on the contents and minimize the potential for roof seal leakage to atmosphere.
Drove by it earlier - nice job by the artist.
BTW, the refineries can over time repaint and re-insulate everything. The customers will get to pay for the billions it would cost to do so...
Then one popped atmospheric RV, or leak, or fire, and right back where it started in that area. Actually, except in extreme cases like BP did with their total oil refinery shutdown and refit, it's cost prohibitive, and dangerous to work on hot equipment if not necessary.
Try to picture, instead of faded paint and discolored sheet metal, the color of money, and recall that without these refineries and others, not one single thing that we consume in our lives would be as easy to get as it is, if it could even be gotten at all anymore...

Jose' Boix

Congratulations for a great innovation getting "industrial art" to be made for community enjoyment. Eric Henn did an outstanding job capturing some of Texas City's "sites." We have made several "drive-bys" just to check the progress of the artwork - great location; great idea! Excellent post by T.J. Aulds and Jennifer Reynolds.

Thanks to Marathon’s Connie Bradley and Ray Brooks for your continued support, partnership and help to make our community a better place to worship, live, work, study and play!

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