KEMAH — A former mayor will appear in Kemah’s municipal court later this year to challenge 200 code ordinance violations the city claims occurred at his property in the 700 block of Bradford Avenue.

A jury trial for the claims against Matt Wiggins was scheduled Friday, but was reset for September after a juror and a witness subpoenaed by the city were nowhere to be found.

A complaint filed against Wiggins in November 2012 contends the former mayor, who served from 2009 to 2011, allowed fill material and construction equipment on the Bradford Avenue property without “approval by an appropriate drainage or flood control authority.”

The vacant lot sits in a regulatory floodplain, according to the complaint, which lists about 200 cause numbers.

The prosecutor set to try the case could not be reached for comment Friday.

Wiggins, who has been embroiled in lawsuits related to property he owns in the city as a plaintiff and as a defendant, said this is the first ordinance violation case to go to trial in Kemah in the last five years.

Wiggins said he allowed the lot on Bradford Avenue to be used by a contractor, who in 2012 was hired by the county to work on roads in Kemah. Wiggins said, under an agreement, the contractor was to remove any equipment and trash after the work was done.

The contractor, Norman Hubbard, was the witness who was supposed to testify at the trial. He is named in the complaint against Wiggins.

The former mayor said he wrote Hubbard several times in 2012 and 2013 and asked him to remove trash from the property.

Wiggins said he intended to use some of the leftover fill material so the surface of the lot could be used for parking.

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