LEAGUE CITY — The manager for the company that provides trash and recycling services for the city made a public apology for a “lack of communication” during last week’s delays in trash pickup.

A cold snap that sent temperatures in some parts of the region to below freezing caused massive delays in trash pickup by Republic Services for some League City neighborhoods last week, acting City Manager John Baumgartner said. Most of the affected neighborhoods were on the city’s west side.

While temperatures in the county did not dip below freezing and roads were unaffected, Republic Services had issues elsewhere in its service area that affected League City, its municipal services manager, Steve Carroll, said.

Baumgartner said the city wasn’t aware of the delays until residents starting calling the city late in the afternoon March 4. In some cases, people did not have their trash picked up until after 8 p.m., and in many cases some neighborhoods went without pickup.

The delays also caused problems with recycling pickup, Baumgartner said.

He said it took most of last week for the solid waste company to catch up.

He said this was at least the third time Republic had weather-related issues that were not properly communicated to the city in advance.

Carroll said his company dropped the ball.

“It’s incumbent upon us to inform to the city on a timely basis,” Carroll said as he made a public apology.

He said that company officials had meetings with city staff to improve the communication.

Baumgartner said he personally visited with residents who complained and for the most part they were understanding of the situation, but asked that there be better information about possible delays.

The city would normally use its call-out system, web page and Facebook page to inform residents of issues. He said such efforts only work when the city has the information in a timely manner.

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