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Walter Manuel

While both Christopher Lane and Deanna Bethea both are perhaps really nice people and their hearts may be in the right place, we have yet to hear any specific reason as to why Mr. Osteen should be ousted from his seat?

The city's "budget" doesn't seem to be a hot selling point for either opponent since we've not yet heard either of them mention it and that's generally the main reason most people want to replace an experienced council member.

Mr. Osteen has proven time and time again that if a mistake is made in the budget, he and council woman Trube will be the one's to find it!

When I see special interest groups backing any candidate it makes me wonder just what kind of promises were made to that group in exchange for their support?

Had either Mr. Lane or Mrs. Bethea really been following what's been going on with city council for any amount of time, they both would have known that the city did in fact try and reach out to the school district in the past and were basically told by the current school board members to mind their own business and stay over at city hall.

What voters need to be looking at in a candidate is where our city is today and who it was that helped get us there? The choice is perfectly clear that Mr. Osteens knowledge and committment to transparency and following taxpayers money is what will keep us moving in the right direction.

ALL of the candidates need to have the ability to talk about specific issues that the city is currently facing and that contain real sustenance, rather than generalities. We should expect to hear that their experience and qualifications can make further improvements to city council and to the city of LM without raising our taxes!

It's nothing personal about any candidate, but we certainly need someone with a proven track record like James "Watchdog" Osteen to keep transparency in city hall.

Walter Manuel

Just a point of clarification, "Osteen is facing Bethea and Christopher Lane in a bid for the La Marque District "B" not "D" seat.

Great story Christopher Smith Gonzalez! [thumbup]

Mike Trube

Good points MM.
I hope voters know Council is elected to watch out for the taxpayers, not special interest groups or one department over another. Council must make sure budget is in check and needs of the citizens are being met. I think it is vitally important to keep Councilman Osteen on council to continue what he is doing. If not, then this city could find itself in a situation it does not want to be in. Truly informed candidates is what is needed. How many (city) boards or commissions has either served on? That serves the city I mean. How many council meetings have they attended? Two or three does not count. How many budget workshops?
I too, would be interested in just what is going so bad that change is wanted?
Does Ms Bethea support public safety employees that steal from the city? Does she support public safety employees that tell the La Marque taxpayer "FY"? And not have the decency to apologize?
Too many questions and not enough answers! Keep James Osteen on council in District B! Please!!


A former poster on this forum named "Bud Adams" once said, "I've had to do some "hard work" overseas which helps to justify giving my opinion over here!" I always liked what he said, because so have I, not that it is needed, because we do have that First Amendment thing still working here, for now anyway.
Here is my opinion on this council race. Running for office is a right rooted in the freedoms we enjoy here in America, and I'm always glad to see those freedoms of the democratic process practiced, because we have invested heavily in them. I say invested because we seem to be making occasional payments on some battlefield all the time. A payment of young lives being lost safeguarding those freedoms!
Having said that,...I must chime in with others, and say, James Osteen has done a marvelous, stupendous job on City Council,...and so have all the rest of the council. I trust everyone of them, especially Bobby, steering the boat. I like how they work as a fine tuned engine,...but they counter-check each other to make sure the interests of the people are always front and center! ( I like that...teamwork 101 )
If this was not the case,...I'd be happy, to call them out, because I have no facilities to house prisoners, nor do I plan on erecting any! So, I'd like to say in my most humble opinion, LM residents should rest easy about which way the city is traveling and worry a TON about which way that school district is traveling!
One last thing,..trying to blame the City Council Of LM for the demise and incompetency of the LMISD is like trying to blame GOD for the evil of Satan! That is how much sense it makes and rationality it brings to the forefront. Having said that, give that city council their props, they deserve it! I remember a few years ago, when
a remnant of LM concerned citizens headed by two ladies named Diane and Maggie, worked had to save this city form going down for the count. They called for unity, because we were divided! They called for focus, because we traveling in multiple directions. They called for healing,..because we were wounded, by spirits of hatred trying to creep in this community!
Naw, it is always good to see our freedoms in this country exercised, I have no problem with seeing that, none at all! In fact, I'm proud to see it, but safe to say, our city is in good shape and in good hands, but that place down Bayou Road need help, "HOW COME" ( Why ) ..... nobody is running for positions down there?" [smile]
PS... I'm just asking............

Walter Manuel

Thanks Miket55

It's no wonder that the police union didn't respond to the GCDN request for a comment seeing how they were simply living up to their promise of having someone run against Mr. Osteen after they didn't like the way he wouldn't agree to basically "have to sell the farm" in order to give them everything that they wanted.

Where else can someone work and their employer agree to pay for the police officer, their spouse and their children's insurance?? Nowhere!

The city did this before and got themselves into a fine financial mess and recently had to make some changes in the way that the city pays for their employees insurance in order to re-establish some financial ground, tighten their budget and live within their means in order not to raise taxes. That my friends is what normal thinking people call a solid business plan!

The police union wants Mr. Osteen gone and they could care less who they use to to take his place so long as they get what they want.

In other words it's simply pay back time for Mr. Osteen not bending over for the union.

When taxes go up because of someone's desire for "fresh ideas", voters can blame only themselves for supporting someone who publically supports a union who wants to spend money that the city doesn't have and who has not been able to show how they will pay for it without raising our taxes.

It's really that simple....

Walter Manuel

I failed to mention that we have always supported our local police offficers and fire men and women and will continue to do our part to make sure that they have the things that they need in order to provide them with the equipment and training necessary in order to keep not only them, but also our community safe.

On the other hand, we also will continue to support the other city employees whether they work in an office or on the road crew ensuring that they too are given the same opportunity for the equipment necessary in order to keep them safe, as well as, receive the same benefits and treatment as other city employees.

Our money can only be spread out so far without raising taxes, so if you don't believe me then look at the city's budget and see for yourself exactly how much of the budget is already being spent on public safety. [wink]

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