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Robert Buckner

The only back this board ever had was their own. Lipstick that pig and call it your prom date.

Island Bred

Robert - you rock!!!!!! I'm laughin so hard I am having to hang on to the arms of the chair!!

Robert Buckner


Robert Buckner

I would think these ISD employees are probably smart enough to know that a conservator is now present due to the Board's decisions the last couple of years. They've also probably been lied to before as well. No LMISD board has your back, only their own.

Paul Hyatt

That part that Paul stated that LMISD didn't need anyone from the state would be funny if it wasn't so sad.... She surely doesn't have a clue about what is going on....

Mike Meador

Only 100 people who work for this district showed-up for this meeting? I guess everybody else was working on resumes........although who in their right mind would hired many, if not all who work for the district.
Nakisha Paul thinks telling those in attendance to "get into fighting mode" to get the district out their mess. This board, along with administrators and faculties, missed the entire fight a long time ago.....

Walter Manuel

I agree with everyone's post!

“(Critics) say we can’t do it,” school board president Nakisha Paul told the gathering of staff members on Thursday. “They act like they don’t want us here... I know we can do it. But push and push.”


Nakisha Paul and others can lie to all of the district employees and parents all they want, they can appeal to the Texas supreme court TEA's decision to place the district on academic probation if they choose, however it IS what it IS! Numbers are numbers, period!

This district is failing miserably and they all know it! The numbers don't lie just the people standing in front others trying to convince them that it's raining while pee'ing on their leg!

One hundred district employees showing up is probably all that the district has left since most of our teachers are substitutes and contracted employees because no one wants to work for a academically and financially failing school district.

The school district is so desperate for money that Terri Watkin's new policy in the district now is that when you ask for an open records request your immediately charged 10 cents a sheet. I requested the PEIMS report from the district to be emailed to me because I'm out of town working , but instead I was charged 20 cents for the 2 pages that had to be paid before I could pick up the report.

My mother had to leave my father's side in the hospital who is fighting for his life in order to pick up this report for me. If the district doesn't want you to have information they will do whatever it takes to keep it from you. They don't know me though, no matter what the cost of the information nor the trouble getting it, I will get it!

If the district thinks that this is their way to recovery for the school district financially, they have a long, slow climb upwards of building trust back in their local taxpayers when they are doing everything in their power obviously from people getting information and the REAL truth from the school district.

I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of any of these school board members or district officials mouth right now even if their tongue came notorized! [thumbdown]

Walter Manuel

"Watkins on Thursday morning said the state’s decision “cut us off at the knees.”

Obviously, as I stated before Mrs. Watkins simply got "played" by the players into believing what the school board members were saying that the district wasn't in as bad of shape as it really is? Otherwise, no one in their right mind would even considering leaving a secured job in another school district to face being consolidated with another district in the first year while under their watch.

It's time to get rid of the old and bring in the new throughout the district starting with the board of trustees, period!

These people look good wearing that "cut off at the knee" look just in time for Spring! [wink]

Leon Lion

It sounds as if Mrs. Watkins was hoodwinked as we use to say. This will not look well on her resume for any future employer.

Off the subject, are the Cougars and Coach Jackson still under probation for the incidents from several years back? If so, when do they expire?

Dorothy Holt

My father was a member of, as well as, the president of the LMISD school board (9 years) back in the days when the school district was one of the best in the state. It is so disappointing to see my old Alma Mater become the disaster it has become. However, think about it for a minute, the LMISD has some talented fellows that can play some football! Isn't that what it is all about now? Can't blame it all on the administrators or school board. Who in the hell voted the bad apples into office? Are the people of LM interested in football or education? La Marque Independent School District. Once a proud eagle of education is now a proud eagle of football while all the involved parents are moving their children to other school districts if they can manipulate the move without getting caught....or outright move so their children don't have to go to LMISD. Can't blame them one bit.


You have a point,..but even King Football is suffering now. Back in the days of Allan Weddell, our second string varsity could go out and probably annihilate teams like Navasota and Coldsprings! Now we can hardly stay on the same field with them,..with all we have suited up! My how times have changed!
The point is, when kids and parents start looking for and scampering for BETTER, everything suffers, even football! All those fast running backs and big agile linemen and linebackers we use to get here,..are now moving away to Clear Creek, Dickingson, Pearland and Friendswood, to develop there!
Coach Jackson is over there being a trooper, but how long can we expect to hold a coach of his caliber? He is probably out of here next season, and I for one cannot blame him! You don't linger on a sinking ship,...you get the hell off it! My young relatives all went to school in North Galveston County as many others parents here are electing to do.
My advice to the conservator coming in here, is to serve your six months and then recommend that LMISD be absorbed into DISD, HISD, and TCISD! I said it on another thread, and I will say it again, you cannot support his board, and it's idiotic,..ineffective agenda, and support the children of this community too! He will have to do what the courts would do, and that is to think about the well being of the children and not this school board! What I see is no less than CHILD ABUSE AND CHILD NEGLECT in my opinion!

Carlos Ponce

Ironic History. Back in the 1920s, the schools along Highway 6 were supposed to merge and send their students to a central high school located in the Alta Loma Elementary Building. While the towns of Alta Loma, Arcadia, and Algoa did form the Santa Fe Consolidated School District, Hitchcock opted to send their students to La Marque to finish high school. La Marque had some of the highest standards in the state of Texas at the time. Hitchcock students struggled to keep up. In 1950 HHS went up to grade 10. 11th grade was offered in 1951 and 12th in 1952. Hitchcock has already absorbed some La Marque students. Some of them have struggled with the academic and discipline standards of HISD. Some have had no problem adapting. We wish them all well. Cougars can become Bulldogs with the right spirit.

Gary Miller

Why will present BOT members be permited to vote?
Their votes in the past caused the problems.
A quick fix might be shutting down all sports in failing schools. Voters would change the BOT PDQ.

Paul Hyatt

The Conservator can make the BOT vote the way that he directs if he so desires.... In fact the BOT nor the administration can do much with out his approval....

Walter Manuel

IHOG, that's a good idea, but with no sports there wouldn't be a need for the school district because the few remaining students aren't still in the district because of the excellent education that their receiving that's for sure!

Any student who is hoping to go to college on a scholarship has already left the district and those that remain probably are only staying because their parents aren't in a position to transport them to another school district?


I agree with you Mr. Ponce, and with a little elbow grease, effort. and hard work, those kids who were left behind over here, can become not only good Bulldogs, but good Stings, and good Gators too. The timing is right! Something needs to be done.
We cannot shy away from this golden opportunity to rectify wrongs of astronomical proportions inflicted upon the kids of this community!!!
We cannot wait another ten years to see if dysfunctional public officials at LMISD will decide, to leave, get thrown out, or if they somehow will apprehend enough knowledge in order to rescue a near dead district,..from the bottom echelon of state ranked school! We are to far in the tank to wait, and have to much to lose. We can ill-afford to make that gamble! .Ahhhhh, but we can always conjure up memories, and say we had a shot,..we had a chance, but we allowed it to pass us by. Now it is time to do the right thing,...while there exists the opportunity,....and deep down we ALL know what that is. Opportunity never knocks,...it just walks up before us and silently waits for a period of time, to be recognized!! Then it leaves and might NEVER return!
So lets get those resumes to rolling.......don't get caught flat footed. Stay ahead of the count! BTW, that is JBG's 6th law of JBGism! For real!

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