GALVESTON — With hundreds of family and friends watching over them, Galveston County’s newest elected officials were ceremonially sworn into office yesterday.

Fourteen individuals stood up before the assembled crowd at the Galveston County Justice Center and pledged to uphold and protect the laws of the U.S. constitution and, in the words of many, “the Great State of Texas.”

The group included Sherriff Henry Trochesset, who was elected in November, to replace one-term Sheriff Freddie Poor.

Trochesset is the 26th man since 1838 to serve as county sheriff and likely the first Republican in the office since at least the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.

A 28-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, Trochesset told the crowd that he aimed to keep his office accessible and open to suggestions.

“If anyone thinks that I need to be doing a little different, don’t hesitate to call,” Trochesset said. “I’m your servant. You elected me, you put me in office, I serve you. And to the best of my ability I intend to for as long as you want me here.”

After taking his oath, Trochesset swore in his deputies, and then left the courthouse to go to a separate ceremony to issue promotions and reorganize the leadership in the sheriff’s department.

Also sworn in were new district court judges Michelle Slaughter and Kerry Neves, new county Commissioner Ryan Dennard and new constables Clint Wayne Brown and Rick Sharp.

Seven re-elected officials, 56th district court Judge Lonnie Cox, county Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson, Justice of The Peace Toni Randall and three constables, Terry Petteway, Derreck Rose and Jimmy Fullen, also reaffirmed their oaths at the public ceremony.

County District Clerk John Kinard, who won a special election for his seat, took a ceremonial oath of office.

“Today, we start whatever the new year brings us. Our forefathers decided that one of the things that the new year would bring us would be new government,” Cox said. “These are the people that will stand up in front of you and they take an oath, they will pledge to serve you.”

The official swearing-in of all of the county officials took place earlier in the day. The later ceremony allowed the newly minted public servants to thank their mentors, friends, supporters and family for sticking with them during a seemingly endless election.

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Miss Priss

Seems the folks in the district clerk's office are very happy with the transition there. Kinard is real leader, listens to advice but makes his own sound decisions. He's also treats people with dignity and respect.

I hear the only office transition that the county employees are concerned about is the transition in the SO. The reshuffling has taken Trochesset too long to do and there has been too many changes to his original plans. Folks are surprised by his wishy-washyness. He wants to be like Joe Max but Joe Max was never indecisive the way everyone is talking about Henry displaying on very basic restructuring. People see this indecisiveness as weakness. In law enforcement you must act rationally and quickly - everyone knows that. No one wants to see him fail but some of the people that he has chosen and gave credit to for supporting him (on his leadership team) - didn't actually support him in the beginning, in fact some of them were feeding his opponents information on him.

Good luck to Toni Randall, Wayne Brown and Ryan Dennard - please always do the right thing for the citizens that you represent and try to keep your name clean.

Steve Bock

i Just hope Henry doesn't forget what the word TRUTH means because the last administraton sure did. Joe Max was never indecisive. Henry can't get everything done in 4 days since it taken 4 years to get it the way it is now.

if Kinard will listen he will have one of the Best District Clerks Office around, They have a great group of employee from top to bottom but they have to understand there will be some changes made wether they like it or not

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