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So the people whose garage they were staying in would not tell the mom that her son was there. Did they not tell the police about the bruises the little boy had? Wouldn't they be partially guilty for knowing the boy was being hit ( bruises showing) and not doing anything about it? I know that in my place of employment that if I suspect the slightest bit of abuse and I do not report it I am history. Fired from the job, and probably sued by the state for withholding information that could have protected a child's life. While they were armed service friends there comes a time when friends use their heads and make a report to CPS no matter if they fear losing their friendship. This may have prevented the boy's death. Who knows. Sad story. Not sure why mom did not file missing child report regardless. Maybe she did know how to find him.Prayers for her.

Kevin Lang

Too bad that little boy didn't have any adults around him to make sure he was cared for. Life would be so much easier for little children if God didn't make it so our bodies would mature despite mental immaturity.

If I have a house guest that tells me not to tell his ex-wife that he and the baby are there, I might do that once. Beyond that, if he wants her to be told that, he can do it himself. Didn't want to get in the middle of it? Too late. The homeowners were square in the middle of it, despite their attempts at denial. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt as to whether they were aware of the beatings and bruises. They were aware that he was playing keep-away from his ex. That's enough, in my mind, to get someone else in the middle of things that could sort through the facts and make sure that everyone's rights were properly represented.

I do feel sorry for the friends that took him in and the boy in, and I feel sorry for the mother. I'm sure they're kicking themselves about all the coulda, woulda, shouldas that they missed out on.

Hopefully, the authorities will unravel all that was not done that could have avoided this outcome. Maybe we can learn from these mistakes so that we can keep another child from meeting the same fate. We have to try not to let this boy's death be in vain. There must be lessons we can learn.

Andy Aycoth

Pure speculation on my part ,so if you want to reply with your two bits fine . I think the mother knew where her son was.She re-married and I wonder if her new husband even knew about this child.

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