GALVESTON — Former Galveston County District Clerk Jason Elroy Murray pleaded no contest Thursday to allegations that he used a handgun to assault his wife in 2011.

Murray, 38, avoided jail time in the plea deal that landed him eight years of deferred adjudication. He must also abide by a number of restrictions, such as wearing an ankle monitor for the next 30 months.

Murray was elected in a 2010 countywide Republican landslide, but he resigned in April 2012 amid assault allegations.

Murray was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the April 9, 2011, assault at the couple’s League City home.

Murray also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor family assault charge, stemming from a Dec. 8, 2011, incident in which he struck his wife as they drove home from a party in Houston.

Murray was jailed in Harris County in June 2012 on a probation violation on accusations he violated court orders that prevented him from contacting his wife.

Their divorce became final in October.

Murray is expected to appear Monday in Galveston County Court No. 2 to settle a March 2012 charge of driving while intoxicated, testimony in Thursday’s hearing revealed.

The plea called for no jail time, Murray’s attorney, Greg Russell, told visiting judge K. Michael Mayes.

Mayes, of the 410th District Court in Montgomery County, was appointed to the case in Galveston’s 122nd District Court after Judge John Ellisor recused himself.

Mayes warned Murray that if he violated the plea, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

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Richard Worth
Richard Worth

To the surprise of no one. Members of The Ruling Class don't do time.

Lars Faltskog

Ditto to what Tifosi says. If this "gentleman" was of a different social strata, of a different race, and had little to no ties or connections - this would be a different outcome.

Let's hear a big "pooh sound" for our county's justice system. /phllpppht/

Dorothy Holt

Assault with a firearm and he only gets probation with deferred adjudication?

Mike Leahy

Maybe this "slap on the hand" will apply to all races and classes in Galveston, going forward.

What a powerful message to know that you can toss your wife out of a moving car, assault her with your pistol and drive around drunk. Then, when it all catches up with you, you have to wear a piece of cheap jewelry on your ankle for a couple of years and it will all go away. It is scary to think who will be inspired to action by this knowledge.

This guy will be running for public office again by the time the monitor comes off.

Lydia Parker


Richard Worth
Richard Worth

That's to let you know that the Clerk's deal was engineered by Clark.

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