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Mike Leahy

The question is: did property values really rise, or did tax assessors merely raise them arbitrarily, so as to increase income to the various governmental bodies without trying to raise taxes in the clear light of day? And the sunshine of the spotless conscience...

George Croix

The answers are maybe, and most likely.
Personally, I'm overjoyed that I will have to waste less time figuring out how to spend my own money, now that someone else will be spending it for me...[rolleyes]

Robert Buckner

More OPM for politicians to spend.

Stephen Murphy

All the while wages remain stagnant.

Andy Aycoth

Hate all taxes, they tack away from what made America Great !

Miss Priss

Wow at this rate mark Henry and commissioners might be able to continue their measly tax cuts.

Mick Phalen

Hi truthserum,

I'm still waiting for the County to return the "Ike tax increase" to pay for indigent care that never materialized. It was 5 cents, IIRC.

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