GALVESTON — The county’s longtime director of justice administration, Bonnie Quiroga, has been fired, county officials said Thursday.

County Judge Mark Henry declined to comment on the separation.

County officials said they were not at liberty to discuss the details of the end of Quiroga’s employment, but confirmed that it was an “involuntary termination.”

The county has not yet named an interim director of the justice administration department, officials said.

The county judge’s office referred further questions about Quiroga’s employment to the county’s human resources department. The director of the human resources department did not return a phone message left Thursday.

County Attorney Myrna Reingold said Qurioga’s termination was involuntary. 

Quiroga did not return phone messages seeking comment.

The separation comes at a time when county commissioners are closely examining the criminal justice system.

The county paid about $70,000 for the firm Griffith, Moseley and Associates to conduct a study of the criminal justice system. The consultants issued a preliminary report in April.

Incoming 212th District Court Judge Patricia Grady was brought on as a paid consultant earlier this month. Grady won a Republican primary runoff election for the judicial seat in May and will not face a Democratic challenger in November.

According to a memorandum of understanding, Grady will make about $2,100 a week to analyze the county’s criminal justice system and make recommendations to cut costs and increase the collection of fines and fees. The terms of the memorandum of understanding run through Sept. 30.

Grady declined to comment Thursday on Quiroga’s termination.


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Kurt Sistrunk

70k for a study voted on by Commissioners Court and received and now we need a new one? Did they not like what they read or what? What justifies the cost of $2,100.00 a week for an incoming Judge to prepare a new evaluation and report? $2,100 a week? Really? I like Pat Grady, but what the hell is Commissioner's Court doing paying the County Judges' ex legal advisor and the new District Court Judge $2,100 a week to evaluate what already has been evaluated? Seriously, if we really need another study conducted, shouldn't a neutral party be involved, or are they just hoping for a favorable report that Commissioner's Court will approve? Do we just know this report won't take more than the next 5 months when Ms. Grady will be sworn in as the next District Court Judge? More than 20K over the next five months for a report we already have? John Q. Public isn't stupid and the first question has to be, are we paying for a new report or campaign debt? There has to be something more to this....can we please get more details about why we need another study from the Commissioner's Court and if not, why it costs $2,100 a week to get one?


Sounds fishy. Just saying...[sad]

Miss Priss

Wanna bet more heads roll?

I think they will look closely at higher salaries in the county law enforcement - I've heard they think there is too much insulation of higher management levels not doing the work to justify their pay.


Politics at its best!!!! Disagree with a bully County Judge and your out.

Miss Priss

Yes, Mark Henry needs to go!


It has been my experience that John Q Public will settle for anything! Guess what? This is why John Q Public many times, and more times than not, ENDS UP with anything. Jus saying! I don't mean to sound vociferous using all these capital letters and all that, but .........I'm just saying........
It sure looks like a lot of money floating around over there,.....lot of SUGGA being passed around there, like in DC. Better watch it, John Q .....might wake up and decide to clean house, like he did several years ago in Galveston County, careful.[smile]

Kathy Maddox

This is what happens when you vote a straight ticket, folks[sad]

Ron Shelby

The county has become major fodder for news stories during the last three years. A simple count of county related stories by year would be interesting.

Richard Worth

"The county has not yet named an interim director of the justice administration department, officials said."

The replacement will be from Harris County, chosen by Harris County law firms, who already own many of our judges.

Thanks Ken!

Ron Shelby

This does smell of straight politics and past grudges. BQ was one of the best directors the county had in terms of both work and understanding the intricacies of Galveston county and it's many issues. Pat Grady thinks she knows it all,...she's about to find she's sorely mistaken. I guess this way they can shift pat into the directors spot from oct 1 to dec31 and not have to take heat for extending her contract into next budget year. What a mess.....and not in the best interests of the general public.

Robert Young

I hear the mosquito control district needs a truck driver, Judge Henry should just give her that too!... Her and Hubby Judge John could make a few extra bucks at night riding around and spraying a few neighborhoods...I'm sure Judge Henry's block would be gased first..

Dorothy Holt

needs another "s"


Wow! The untouchable Queen of the County, gone!
Considering some of the chickensh*t things she did to many employees over the many years she was employed there, it finally happened to her! KARMA! Gotta love it!


Well said dasistrunk!

Jack Cross

Pat Grady worked for Henry as his legal assistant when he got his job as a fill in judge where he gets $15.000 a year and he is supposed to spent 40 percent of his time in that capacity. How can she invistigate someone who hired her. Her husband is a county judge, is she going to investigate him and his office practices?

She will be seated as a district judge in January. That position is supposed to be impartial. This is a clear conflict of interest, it is political and a waste of taxpayers money. One of the reason Bonnie has to go was that Ken Clarks secetary made illegal request for court records in judge Mallia court so that Clark could do opposition research for a candidate who was Mallia's opponent and who was paying Clark several thousand dollars. Bonnie reported the illegal request and it was denied. Bonnie was a watch dog ,so she had to go. This makes another opening to bring in more appointments from Houston along with all the Houston political money into Galveston county. Since this group got in office, our elections are being bought by big Houston money. Check the financial disclosures.

Robert Young

Then Mr. Cross it appears we have the best County Judge that Harris county special interests can buy..

Judy Foster

I'm betting we hear more on this. Like a lawsuit. Maybe even some wrong doing by Mark Henry that Quiroga may know about.

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