Galveston County Fair and Rodeo

TICKETS: all ages, $5

Today’s schedule

9 a.m. Special Kids Day

4 p.m. Gates open

5 p.m. Carnival Rides open

5 p.m. Country Store, Youth Project and Student Art Shows open — Ed Pickett Hall

6 p.m. County Team Roping Challenge — Rodeo Arena

6:30 p.m. Youth Project Show and Student Art awards ceremony — Entertainment Building

7 p.m. County/Market Steer Judging — Livestock Pavilion

7 p.m. County Team Roping Challenge — Rodeo Arena

7:30 p.m. County Team Roping Challenge — Rodeo Arena

Contest winners


Grand overall: Kaylee Ginn, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

Reserve overall: Ryan Brannon, Friendswood FFA

Class 1

1. Madison Wills, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

2. Chelsey Holt, Clear Falls FFA

3. Hannah Tucker, Trailblazers 4H

Class 2

1. Andrea Rodriguez, Dickinson FFA

2. Kaitlynn Snipe, Santa Fe FFA

3. Rebecca Almendarez, Trailblazers 4H

Class 3

1. Shelby Jackson, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

2. Blake Sampson, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

3. Blakely Padgett, Dickinson FFA

Class 4

1. Shelbie McFarland, Santa Fe FFA

2. Amber Ashcraft, Clear Creek FFA

3. Tyler Glover, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

Class 5

1. Justin Dunn, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

2. Brian Brannon, Friendswood 4H

3. Ty Maxwell, Lonesome Dove 4H

Class 6

1. Erin Kukuk, Santa Fe FFA

2. Sidney Velasquez, Clear Creek FFA

3. Gracie Snipe, Colts 4H

Class 7

1. Ryan Brannon, Friendswood 4H

2. Samantha Bergman, Friendswood 4H

3. Haley Crenshaw, Friendswood 4H

Class 8

1. Madeline Appling, Friendswood FFA

2. Megan Falcon, Lone Star 4H

3. Katy Estep, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

Class 9

1. Kaylee Ginn, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

2. Blake Cooley, Clear Creek FFA

3. Hunter Menotti, Santa Fe FFA


Grand overall: Bailee Sobnosky, Saltgrass 4H

Reserve overall: Bryce Kahla, High Island FFA

Class 1

1. Aimee Harrity, Lone Star 4H

2. Bailee Sobnosky, Saltgrass 4H

3. Peyton Quigley, Texas City FFA

Class 2

1. Canton Kempf, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

2. Victoria Espinoza, Santa Fe FFA

3. Colter Roznovak, Dickinson Jr. FFA

Class 3

1. Bailee Sobnosky, Saltgrass 4H

2. Noah Villarreal, High Island FFA

3. Trevor Hildebrand, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

Class 4

1. Bryce Kahla, High Island 4H

2. Amber Ashcraft, Wildcats 4H

3. Brette Kassler, Santa Fe FFA

Class 5

1. Rebecca Low, Wildcats 4H

2. Cade Tyra, Lone Star 4H

3. Rebecca Low, Wildcats 4H


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