TEXAS CITY — The Texas City Dike is a popular place during holiday such as the Fourth of July, but visitors will have to pay a little extra to get on the dike this year.

The fee to access the dike is going from $5 to $10 a vehicle beginning this Fourth of July weekend.

The fee is increasing to cover the cost of cleaning up along the almost-5-mile dike after heavy use on holidays, said Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle.

The fee was first implemented in September 2010. Revenue in the first fiscal year was $440,141, according to data provided by the city. In the 2011-12 fiscal year, revenue was $412,134, and in 2012-13, revenue was $427,715.

Revenue from the fee had already topped $160,000 earlier this month, the city said.

All that money is used to clean up and improve the dike, Doyle said.

“Fourth of July will be the first time we (increase the fee) and we’ll do it again Labor Day,” he said.

The fee, which is typically charged on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from March to October, will go back to $5 outside of the specified holidays.

As many as 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to visit the Texas City Dike during the four-day Fourth of July weekend, said Nick Finan, the city secretary for Texas City.

Along with trash clean up, the city has used the revenue raised by the fee for things such as portable toilets, lights, fishing piers, boat ramps and cleaning stations, among other things.

And while the city has done a good job cleaning the dike, the cost of cleanup continues to go up, Doyle said.

“Our costs are so high on those weekends because the volumes are so high,” Doyle said.

By the numbers

Texas City Dike fees

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday from March to October: $5
  • Holiday weekends: $10

Dike revenues

Fiscal Year, Revenue

  • 2010-11, $440,141
  • 2011-12$412,134
  • 2012-13$427,715

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(3) comments

J. Shaffer

"visitors will have to pay a little extra to get on the dike this year."

A little? I don't call double the cost 'a little extra'. I wouldn't go there if I had to pay double the fees. I'd find someplace cheaper. Like free..... that's my favorite price. Then again, I pick up after myself.[smile]

Steve Fouga

Still a bargain. Free is better, but most free spots don't offer what the Dike does.

rene salinas

Maybe hand out a large trash bag to each paying car. They might get the picture. There should be more police riding around and handing out tickets to the people driving away from the trash they leave. Also handing out tickets to more people for the glass beer bottles will also increase income to the city.

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