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Robert Buckner

These options should have been implemented starting years back. A panel of taxpayers convened in session last Saturday to consider LMISD board's future.

Kevin Walker

Didn't the School Board get the results of the Election results ? Voters declared a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in LMISD, more specifically to those Board Members who insisted on raising rates. Those members should seek resignation if they are still trying to circumvent the will of the voter.

THE VOTER has no confidence in your ability to make sound decisions and until you do, you should not make other decisions. Until you address what ails the district you should not address Burley's contract. First things first. There is a shortage of trust in your abilities.

What needs to be addressed first? And then, from there, what needs addressing next? One thing for sure, shadiness want cut it.


I'm not going to comment because this is my "TAKE YE PRISONER" day. However, if I receive a certain percentage of fan email from around the state, releasing me from that obligation, JBG will then give a scathing opinion on this so call contract consideration! That's all I know!!

I wonder what JACK 'NEM are doing now. I think I might go and sit down with JACK and see what they are up to. Oh I love me some JACK' NEM! Yes sir! [offtopic]
Question: who put that sign there, How did they do that? Man! Yall see that?

Island Bred

So - what I'm reading is that it is IMPOSSIBLE for this group of clowns to meet without having a pow wow in private to talk about what the tax payer is entitled to know out in the open.

An ONGOING executive session???? These clowns are sooooooooo stupid.

Just do the damn business of resigning and lets move on!!

Walter Manuel

I don't know why this school board has been so consumed with Mr. Burley's contract for so long when Dr. Joanie Hudson's salary certainly isn't chump change either?

I suppose his contract will always be a distraction from the real issues in the school district unlike the well-being of the children and district employees.

Lubbock ISD is certainly a much bigger school district than LMISD and this year they cut all 3 of their assistant superintendents in order to save their district money and while balancing their budget.

Any plan approved tomorrow night that doesn't include cutting the assistant superintendents job 1st clearly demonstrates that the board of trustees, as well as, district officials lack the financial fiscal ability necessary to be in charge of managing our money today and in the future.

Us 66%'ers are watching closely.....[yawn]

Walter Manuel

I forgot to mention that with the fiscal cliff looming over our heads, we've now learned that area school districts could lose $2.5 mil next year in state funding.

La Marque ISD is facing losing another $122,746 in state funding on top of any further drop in student enrollment.

The money being wasted on the assistant superintendents job could immediately cover this further loss in revenue for the school district if someone actually uses their head instead of their heart.

We could possibly save 3-4 teachers jobs by cutting out the assistant superintendent and secretary's positions. It's a no brainer people!

Now, will the school board and district officials figure this simple solutuion out by tomorrow night? Probably not....

Gary Miller

How did Burley get a contract the ISD can't afford to buy out? Does seniority increase the buyout?
How many more "staff" have contracts the ISD can't afford to buy?
Closing two schools and consolidating 4 others should produce a surplus of employees.
No teacher should be cut untill all non teaching staff has been eliminated. Replace teachers needing "aids" (helpers) with teachers not needing them.
Assistant (???'s) should be first, not just at closed or consolidated schools but across the entire system.
Why have employees been hired that need assistants, helpers and sectetaries?

Gary Miller

Teachers that don't need a "helper" should be paid more than a teacher that needs a helper.
Good teachers are worth more.

Anne Thomas

I would love to sit in on that executive session![sneaky]

Seems as if Burley's contract is more important than our kids and
what the voters said.

HMMM wonder if they even read the GDN?


Who hired all those expensive Assistant Superintendents? Who signed off on all those fifty thousands dollars a year secretaries? Who has been making all these day to day decisions where LMISD is concerned, for the last five years?

Why would anyone get down on a teacher for being bad, when LMISD has the worst leaders in Texas? That would be a classic example of Mr. POT calling Mr. KETTLE BLACK! However I do understand that the number one saying at LMISD is,

"IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!" "It was the state's fault for not forking over more money!" "Students were at fault for leaving this school! district" Being delusional, and in denial will not solve any problems. Now the tax-payer recently served notice to these people that we were not pleased with their service. This was an excellent first step. The next step is to follow up, and force every one out who needs to be out. Lets face it, with this group, there can be to revitalization of LMISD. If they will not be forced out or better still muster up enough integrity to resign, I'm in favor of not giving them any more tax money to throw away or to squander.

Our kids would be better off in a district which is productive and not operated by a bunch of self serving non-producers who seems to wants everybody to give them a pass on productivity and competency, because they feel deprived, or that somebody owes them something. I can't imagine any parent willingly subjecting their kids to this type of failure to perform by public servants. These children ought to be exposed to better! This is not the thirties or fifties, where double standards in society were the norm! We have evolved from that, except I have noticed some people STILL possesses less than mentalities! So, my guess is they figure nobody should be surprised when they produce less! That is a very dangerous thing to expose a young mind to, or young eyes to because these kinds of behaviors are very contagious! I also think parents in LMISD are seeing this for themselves, and are continuing to leave, because nobody is showing them any change in the direction of this runaway freight train going toward self destruction! Nobody seems to be able to improve productivity and excellence in this district! A good start would be to stop listening to those, across the track, preachers!

Walter Manuel

Remember, anyone with yard signs for voting "against" the tax increase, hold on to them because they told us already if the tax increase failed then we would be doing this again next year.

I don't think that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that the answer next year will still be NO! LOL


jbgood & IHOG, you both are so right on your post. I will be praying that the school board members Thur. night do the right thing and think about the students and teachers
before anything else

Island Bred

You better be lightin some candles with that prayer - wouldn't hurt to have a berakhah waiting in the wings if you think this board is planning on mending it's ways.

I'm hoping I'm surprised but I'm not wasting any candles or anything on it......[beam]

Robert Buckner

I hope Maggie is successful in her endeavor but I wouldn't hold my breath on this crew. Their attitudes have been quite clear in the past. I don't expect a skunk to change his scent. Why does the word chicken come to my mind now?

Walter Manuel

I've heard today that the elementary schools will be closed and those students sent to the middle school, 7th and 8th grade students will have their own campus and the rest will be at the high school.

Perhaps this is a start if it's true, but the fat in the administration building needs to be cut before any teacher or district employee lose their job who works in the schools to keep them operating functionably, safe and clean.

Kevin Walker

Walter, are you saying all elementary schools will be closed ? Interesting.


I totally agree with you Mr. Manuel! We don't need a bunch of non-performing bosses! We need teachers! Good ones! My guess is we got them in place now! We just need a caboose! You know, Leadership,...a caboose leads the whole train on the track, if it's the wrong tracks, going the wrong way, then the whole train follow the caboose!

We need to reestablish standards,goals, and benchmarks in this district which help make LMISD great in past years. We need to have a proper mind set and environment for success. Success breeds success! As a man thinks in his heart , so is he! (Prov.23:7) Remember what Dr, King said before his death, If you can't be a pine on the hill, then be a Shrub in the valley,...but be the BEST SHRUB in the valley!! We might never be 5A again, then lets be the best 3A school in Texas or the whole Country!

Remember this, a child will learn by seeing and observing things in his surroundings! If he constantly see sorry, less than, and incompetence, those qualities will become the norm in his life! This is Why GOD told Abraham to leave his home, kin, and environment he was raised up in, and go to another place so his MIND, HIS THINKING PROCESS COULD BE CHANGED!

12:1-3 Now the Lord had said to Abram:

“Get out of your country,
From your family
And from your father’s house,
To a land that I will show you.
2) I will make you a great nation;
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing.
3) I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

I know what some are thinking! Why don't Uncle JBG shut-up!! No! I won't shut-up!
Yall are messing with these children! They all are my children and I won't shut-up!
Better to listen to Uncle JBG, than to listen to those preachers anyway! Uncle JBG will not steer you wrong, and loves you enough to tell you the truth!


jbgood keep up the good work. Maybe some of the board member will listen to your good advice. Lets hope so. We have so much to loose. jbgood how about running
for school board. We will be bless having someone like you on the board.

Walter Manuel

Mom (Magpie), you asking Mr. JBG to run for the school board is really mute at this point. I know you have hopes that us defeating this tax increase Saturday with all of our efforts, it means nothing at this point from what we know tonight!

I am absolutely levid and disgusted to learn that someone who hasn't even been a supporter of ours reached out to that olive branch that the superindent extended to us only to find out that it was only intended for those 33% er's who were on the fence!

I will investigate this further before I report it to you, but it appears tomorrows decisions will be based on the the black ministers pressure on the board members and the superintendent and that's what their basing their decision on their plan on!

I want answers and you deserve them as well from this district!

I asked the city of LM to check into the fire alarms at the LM Middle school because so many employees contacted me raising concerns about the safety and well being of not only the children that are responsible for, but also their own well being.

The Fire Chief of LM found out today that the the fire alrams worked today when they checked them out, however THE PRIINCIPLE REPORTED TO THE FIRE CHIEF THAT THEY WERE BROKE IN OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER, BUT THEY GOT THEM FIXED!

That's unexcusable in any circumstance! Who is the safety director for the school district because they should be made available to the market like yesterday!

I will let you know after tomorrows meeting how far I intend on persuing this, but from what I have learned tonight, we are not going to satisfy the 33%er's and forget what the 66% er's voted on Saturday.

We are a mulitculticultural school district that requires representation by all of our citizens, not the black ministers of tghis community!

Mr. Burley is now on notice, I WILL BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!

Walter Manuel

Excuse my typo's but I'm madder than [censored] right now! Yes, I made grammitcal mistakes, but nothing compared to what this dyscfunctional district is about to make!

From what I have heard it will further divide the White and Black communities because of the Black ministers and their hold on this district!

Mr. Burley better hope that he didn't tell an ex-Mayor of LM what was reported to me!

Walter Manuel

I won't let any of you hanging on in suspense, don't be surprised tomorrow night that we learn that all of the elementary schools will be closed and consolidated except for Simms because Mr. Burley fears, "the black ministers would kill me"!

We will see what happens tomorrow night, but I can assure I ain't going nowhere and they will have lots of expalining to do to the state!

Boys and girls, as Joan Crawford most famously said in the movie Mommy Dearest, "Boys don't [censored] with me, this ain't my first time at the rodeo"!

Ya'll have a good night, I need my rest in order to continue this battle after tomorrow because their battle just begun and I demand answers!


Walter go to bed and rest.You will have a long day tomorrow. You need to rest your brain so that you can think clearly. Tomorrow will be a better day.


Love you son ,Mom

Kevin Walker

LMISD insisted in holding an election to increase taxes to cover their past sins. They initiated the call to subsidize the failures of the Board and burden tax payers with another rate increase. Every citizen had the opportunity to voice their opinion via voting. By a two to one margin, voters spoke that they were fed up with the sins being committed by those in leadership roles. Now comes the will of the voters. LMISD is still subject to the will of the people.. It's time the Board respect that.. This Board had ample time to sell their wares to the voters. Two thirds refused to buy their shadiness.

Robert Buckner

If this board had the will of the taxpayers and the good of the students as a priority then this whole fiasco would have been avoided. To expect any sense of responsibility out of them now may be asking too much. I doubt much will change without the intervention of a state agency, a court of law, or a sweeping election putting good people into those positions.

Walter Manuel

As usual Mom always knows best....

Todays a new day and hopefully a new beginning for LMISD depending on how the board chooses to go forward tonight with their plan.

This plan better be what best serves the ENTIRE community and not just those of the black ministers and their 33% 'er friends.

And just FYI, Simms is the lowest performing elementary school that the district has so let's see how they justify keeping it open?? [sneaky]

Robert Buckner

If this board does this, then their level of incompetence will drop a few more notches. (if that is even possible with their track record.) Maybe they'll shock the world tonight with some good fiscal decisions and Maggie's prayer will be answered, we'll see....

Leonard T. Payne

These executive sessions need to stop right now.
LMISD needs to conduct all business out in front of the people they serve, us, the tax payers. All their BS needs to stop, ban the preachers from the meetings, these non tax paying leaches. One of them fell from his "Eagle Nest", and landed on his head.

Walter, I heard just yesterday about the fire alarm system not working at the LM Middle School, and was advised then that the new fire chief did not know whether or not he had juristriction over this and he would check on it Friday. Friday is too late, "Do it now". The Fire Chief/Fire Marshal has the right to enter into or upon any school district property if he has reason to believe a fire safety condition exist. No one can legally stop him. Not even City Hall.

" The tail has got to stop wagging the dog"


We need the Fire Chief to check all of the schools not just the middle school. If one school fire alarm was out for two months how about the other ? Parents need to know that when students return from the christmas holiday all schools have been check to make sure that its safe to return. Its better to be safe then sorry.


Thank you Ms. Manuel for the volt of confidence. Everybody has a talent or more than one talent to serve them in their life's doings. God saw to that! Mr. Manuel used one of his when he led this tax revolt. There are those in this community who I feel will be far more affective than I would be, serving on a LMISD school board, but who have not had a fair opportunity to gain a seat in a fair election! (preacher interventions & deceptions)

However, I have confidence in this community, as diverse as it is, I have faith in the people of this community to do what is right! In my opinion, these across the track preachers can't preach, and they, to my knowledge, are not even walking out in life, that they try to preach about! I think they are "FLESH DRIVEN" "BABES IN GODLY KNOWLEDGE", who hides behind CLOAKS OF HYPOCRISY. They portray themselves, by their actions, to be sowers of the seeds of discords among the people,..and that GOD hates! He said so in his word!

If African-American wants to be treated like everybody else, they cannot continue to crave, curry special favors, or special considerations just because they are African-Americans! I read where one BUFFALO SOLDIERS, said to others during the civil war,..."IT'S TIME FOR US TO ANTE-UP LIKE MEN,.TO KICK IN. LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!"(fight & die like the White soldiers) I am appalled that anyone would want to, OR HAVE TO WATER DOWN A PROCESS ON MY BEHALF BECAUSE I HAPPEN TO BE AFRICAN AMERICAN, NAW! [censored] NAW!

Either I am going to compete with everybody else, and ascertain what I'm after, or I won't! I had an old EAST TEXAS Black man tell me this years ago, back in the day, and I've tried to built my life around what he said! He said this, " I don't want nobody to treat me "no" better than NOBODY else,....but don't TREAT ME no "WORSER" either! He did not have much schooling, but he did not mind competing and working hard!

All that old man wanted was a chance to prove himself, and nothing more! A chance at competing was good enough for him! What that old man said was all Dr. King advocated,.."just let me have the same access to the water hole,...I'll get my own water!" These preachers have people believing that other people should be getting African- Americans water for them! Now, most of this community feels the way I do, and I know this. However Satan has some in this community sowing seeds of discord among us! This then becomes a spiritual battle, as well as being a natural one, and it's roots comes from as far away as HELL ITSELF!

Think about that now! Has this school board, which is predominately African-American, had a fair chance to perform and be successful? Have they been deprived or handicapped from performing like other boards in this area have and still are? NO!! They, and their Superintendent have failed these children, and this community miserably! That is the truth, and everybody,..including those on the board knows it!

They are no more than pawns in the plans and control of Satan, and his legions of Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the Darkness, and those who perform Spiritual Wickedness in high places! The bad thing is they by their failure to control their FLESH DRIVEN lives, don't realize they have been relegated to being a passenger in a human vehicle of destruction, on the road to nowhere. I don't expect those preachers to understand what I just said, because carnal and natural minded preachers cannot disciple nor break the code on that level of spiritual understanding, and revelation!

All they are good for is sowing division when there should be no division! I say to those in this community who wants to do right, lets cover all of our bases. We have Mr. Manuel and others speaking up for what's right, and standing for the same, but we also need others like MS. MANUEL who will pray, do battle in the spiritual arena, and ask GOD to stand by those in this community who are seeking to do what is right for ALL it's residents, and not for those who HAPPEN TO BE WEST TEXAS CITY AFRICAN AMERICANS!

Psalms 133:1 says,

1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

for brethren to dwell together in unity!

My friends, those who are fighting and praying for unity and righteousness are the ones who are going to triumph in this fight, because GOD if for those virtues! Those virtues are the building blocks, or foundation of where holiness and sanctification can begin to form and grow in a man's faith walk! Don't get weary, and don't get tired, for we are going to kick their butts! Right is on our side, and if right is there, GOD is also there! God bless you and LETS GET IT ON!


Psalms 34:15
"The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry."

Let's cry out to him! "Want to?" [innocent]

Walter Manuel

Not a bad idea Mr. JBG and Mom, prayers definitely work I can suure you.

I requested an Open Records request for all the fire drills performed at each of the schools within the district for the last 6 months, we'll see how long it takes for me to get a response?

Just how safe are LMISD children and district employees if we now know that the fire alrams were broke for 2 months according to the principal at the LMMS? What other school is out of compliance and poses potential harm to those within the walls of that building?

Perhaps had the school board members and district officials been more concerned about running the school district in the manner in which they have been entrusted by LMISD taxpayers to do so rather than wasting $15,000 plus for a failed election, this safety issue might have never happened in the first place!

Walter Manuel

Ooops, thats "assure" not "suure"


JBG maybe a miracle will happen at the school board meeting to night. Miracle
do happen if you believe. Don't give up. I always try to think positive and not negative.
A little prayers goes a long way too. BELIEVE, BELIEVE.

Walter Manuel

Well one things for sure Mom, tonight we'll see if those board members are actually working in the best interest of this school district or for what best serves their friends and the so called preachers?

Remember, TEA doesn't have to accept their first plan that they submit to them if they don't feel that enough has been done to keep this district solvent.

If they don't close Simms this year, they will certainly be forced to close it next year when they have even less money to operate with than they have this year.

If that doesn't work for them then it's time to consolidate with another school district and shut down the legacy of this school district forever thanks to the current school board and district officials. They are determined to do things their way despite what the majority who voted in the community think?

It's time to finally Git er' Done! [angry]

Gary Miller

Does the LM ISD have the money to keep him? They can raise enough to buy him out by just cutting spending. Cutting 40 or 50 surplus staff when they close surplus schools and consolidate 4 others should raise much more that his buyout.

Gary Miller

LM ISD has lost 40 % of it's students without adjusting spending.
Solution is cut spending by 40 %.
Close schools no longer needed and fire employees not required to operate needed schools.
I'm simpleminded but I ain't as stupid as the LM ISD management.
They think taxpayers aren't smart enough to understand the problem or the solution.
Taspayers told them different.

Kevin Walker

Anything eventful come from this Board meeting ?

Anne Thomas

I can hardly wait to see what happened since I didnt make it home in time.


That was strictly accidental please forgive.

Steve Bock

just get a board that will tell a Supt. What they want and what they expect give her or him the time they want a report and see if it is being done and not if they get the smae kind of report then it is time to go; I am going to be interested in seeng how the new Supt for Texas CIty works out. get four of 5 new school board members who are for the kids and tell the supt that here is it now produce or leave. It was done before and it can be done again I know because I was there when it happen


Yea! Major, you use to be there! That is my very point! I wish you were THERE again! You are not there, and that is the problem! Dr. Lockhart use to be t there, and now she is gone! Dr. Armstrong use to be there, and now he is gone. Ms. T. Bowie use to be there, and she is doing other things now.

Hey, from the things they are saying about that Superintendent in TC, I would not worry about her, she is the real deal. Of coarse, she has a first class school board to work with her too.

I think that lady at COM will prove out also, but I'm not going to brag on the board she has to work with. She will have to work extra hard to overcome handicaps in the hand she's been dealt, but I think she will make it. She is from East Texas you know! We old down home folks believes in doing first class work or you can have it back! Bringing President Lewis here was probably the best move COM'S Board made in the last twenty years, I'm just saying!

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