Hundreds of people across the county turned out recently to celebrate Juneteenth, the commemoration of the day slaves in Texas learned they had been freed by President Abraham Lincoln.

In Texas City, revelers Saturday enjoyed a parade and celebration complete with a barbecue cook-off, children’s activities, a car and bike show and live music.

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Raymond Lewis

An utterly ignorant entry IHOG. No other way to say it.

George Croix

Nope. Can't go along with that one, Gary.
Too many good people have died to secure our freedom, and that of so many others worldwide. The end of physical slavery in this nation is something that should be celebrated. We need to remind ourselves of both the good changes made since those long ago times, and be ever vigilant that we don't allow a situation to happen again where we might ever become subserviant to others.


Ignorance and stupidity are always wondering about,...looking for company and agreement, because they are siblings wondering around lonely! So beware of stupidity if you happen up on it, BUT BEWARE OF IGNORANCE THE MOST!
If you happen upon either, it won't take long to realize, or recognize them as contributors to individuals being bound -UP and shackled -DOWN SLAVES on the inside, by their "FLESH" which will have aborted any attempt at the eyes of the understanding and compassion of an individual host's SPIRIT, to affect inner growth! Growth birthing change would master the flesh and supersede the authority and control of the "FLESH MAN" abiding that host's corresponding SOUL!
If growth could happen, then change would follow and gravitate, manifesting outside.... to the natural realm becoming visible in the WORDS AND DEEDS of the host person! All that will be required in making such determination of if you are speaking to a SLAVE or NOT, is to just listen to what comes out of the mouths of who you meet or listen to!
This is true because Jesus Christ himself said in Matthew 12:34:
"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Jesus was telling those who refused to believe him and change, that in essence they were still SLAVES to SATAN on the inside, just as they had never left EGYPT where they were slaves to PHAROAH, PHYSICALLY on the outside!
So then,....In times of despair and disappointment, especially after reading some of this trash on this forum, which I have read lately, and listening to the reasoning behind it,...take solace in the words spoken by the SON OF GOD ALMIGHTY.....and keep on stepping.[wink]
PS I forgot, you might want to say a prayer for him if you can find the wherewithal to do so!

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