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Miles Montegut

Really? Front page for chipped flooring? How ridiculous.

George Croix

Do 'activists' ever actually act?

John McLane

Bet the activists want the taxpayers to fund a no kill facility. This type of mindset is rampant right now...probably going to be more that comes out on this!

Carlos Ponce

Why euthanize the dogs? Is President Obama that hungry?[innocent]

George Croix

May be just me, but I see no reason for that. While I know where you're coming from, it 'looks bad'.
I doubt that very many will catch the symbolism as it relates to the man's own book reference. The usual suspects will just stumble along as usual thinking it's another cheap shot, rather than recognize a footnote.
The man has done quite enough wrong on his own for the facts to speak for themselves and show richly deserved denigration for doing so.
Yet, to date, the base denies even the obvious and documented evidence.

You figure that base will have a clue about your clue...[beam][beam]

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