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Stevie Maradeo

My guess is that tourism will be down next year. And hotels will raise their price by $5 or $10 to justify the loss

Mary Branum

As a resort rental owner, each year has been better than the last. I had no drop in business the year of the oil spill. Had a great year last year and even better this year with the fist quarter of next year fully booked.
There is so much more to do on the island besides the beach. Educating the public about all that Galveston has to offer has been an asset.

Contrary to your belief, lack of business will cause rates to fall to attract guests. It is called supply and demand.

I believe rates will go up next year, as have mine, but that is due to a number of issues including rising taxes, insurance and labor costs.

Andy Aycoth

Galveston needs to promote something other than beaches.
I can think of other things I would like to do other than paying for parking to get the pleasure of wading thru seaweed.
Tourism is up because the population is up along with the economy , has nothing to do with what Galveston is doing right.
If any credit to be given at all it lays with the private sector.

Steve Fouga

If you would reread the article, you might notice one of its most important points is that Galveston is promoting things other than beaches. It's a major thrust of the story.

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