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Raymond Lewis

This seems an odd undertaking by Mr. Mafrige so early in the game.

Debra Criss

Mafrige should focus on issue.

Debra Criss

Meant to say Mafrige should focus on issues.

Leonce Thierry

What day and month in 2013 was the Galveston home homesteaded? That should be pretty easy to find out.

Miss Priss

It's not an issue of homestead exemption .... Only to prove residency.

Mafrige knows that Yarbrough was living here and going to the country on most weekends like a lot of people.

All he's trying to do is create doubt which is exactly why he's not the best for this job. The games that Clark and his followers play are not what is needed in Galveston at this time. I thought that Mafrige was above these kind of games .... Apparently not.

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