GALVESTON — Authorities rescued a pair of mixed-breed Labradors from an enclosed trailer found abandoned and stuck in the sand.

Although Galveston police said Thursday the trailer had been on the beach side at the San Luis Pass for possibly two weeks, the dogs weren’t malnourished and likely had not been in the trailer that long, an animal shelter official said.

A park board employee noticed the dogs in the enclosed, tow-behind trailer about 8 a.m. Wednesday, police Lt. Michael Gray said.

An officer took the dogs to the Galveston Island Humane Society where they remained Thursday. Police learned the name of the person the trailer was registered to. An investigating is ongoing, Gray said.

Caroline Dorsett-Pate, director of the humane society, said the dogs are large, one old and one young.

“The younger dog is a little skinny,” Dorsett-Pate said. “The older dog is grouchy. The younger one is skinnier than we would want, but I don’t think they’d been there a long time.”

An owner hasn’t contacted the humane society, Dorsett-Pate said.

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Lars Faltskog

If and when the "owner(s)" get caught, he/she should get punishment in the form of staying cloistered inside a trailer for 2 weeks. And, with no food and water or human contact. There's nothing worse in my book than an individual who is cruel to animals or children.

Gary Miller

Were they actually abandoned?
Sounds like they were being fed and watered. We don't know if the owner was letting them out for exorcise.
Are they better off confined to a cage?

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