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Miss Priss

I heard this exchange on the guidry news a few days ago. And it seemed to me that Johnson was trying to confront this issue so it gets cleared up for future scenarios.

While you didn't hear a peep from Mark Henry, Ryan Dennard was there to make sure that Johnson was doing her job. He seemed more concerned with the fact that she talked to the paper since he brought it up 5-6 times to try and reinterate his point which I don't believe he did a very good job of .... instead he sounded like he just graduated from law school and wanted to try and impress the peanut gallery with his newly acquired knowledge. Ken Clark demonstrated that he's been in office for over 12 years and still doesn't know how the county is supposed to run.

I applaud Cheryl Johnson for standing her ground - she definitely had to in this case. and oh yes, Stephen Holmes was the only commissioner that actually got to the heart of the matter - how is it going to be solved which is what Johnson was trying to get to before Dennard tried to start running interference and displacing the blame back to Johnson.

You never heard of issues like this when Yarbrough and Ron Shelby were in charge of this stuff.

This is the first I've heard Johnson backing Hatmaker. I kind of wish Cheryl Johnson would run - but she likes what she does and is excellent at it.

A little tip to Dennard: I bet that you pay for what you did to Cheryl Johnson down the road. Dennard must of forgotten that Johnson is the highest vote getter on the Republican ticket. I think that it is remarkable that she beats all county wide races including county judge.

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