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Ellen Morrison

Looks like a really good reason to stay at home next weekend. The traffic will be nightmarish, as usual.

But this really caught my eye: "more unusual items that are often connected to electronic dance music concerts, such as personal massagers, pacifiers....".
Do what?

Jim Forsythe

"As well as clothing there were a range of accessories carried by many ravers including: Vicks VapoRub, which ravers find pleasant under the influence of MDMA, pacifiers to satiate the need to grind one's teeth (bruxism) caused by taking MDMA, and glow sticks which adjunct the mild psychedelia of MDMA's effect"

Glow sticks, pacifiers what is next?

Ellen Morrison

Yeah, I looked it up, the massagers are because of the X, too.

But in my reading, I've come across recent raves like this where people died from dehydration. Seems like August on the beach isn't a great idea. And how they think they'll be keeping people out of the water, I don't understand, either.

Mojo Boogie

Does that mean Lone Star Rally will soon be going away? Crosses fingers...

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