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Walter Manuel

" TEA officials have said that if La Marque shows enough improvement, the education commissioner could and would likely allow the district to continue under a probationary status for at least another year".

Nonetheless, even IF TEA should decide to allow LMISD to continue operating another year despite receiving it's 4th straight year of "Academically Unacceptable" or what's now called "Improvement Required", TEA needs to immediately remove the current LMISD school board members and replace them with state monitors.

We're NOT playing horseshoes here where close is good enough, we're talking about each and EVERY child's education and the quality of life that a child will have long after they leave OUR schools!

It's time that WE ALL write the TEA Education Commissioner Michael Williams and demand that if TEA allows LMISD remain open another year despite not meeting standards, then TEA has an obligation to not only our students, but also to our community to remove the current school board members and replace them with state monitors.

Our community continues to die on the vine and has become stagnant in economical growth as a result of LMISD. We need to see that TEA is proactive in making sure that OUR children have NOT been forgotten or are being pawns used in the politics of their educational system.

I wouldn't count on TEA reversing their decision to change LMISD's accreditation status and I seriously doubt there's no longer a massive exodus of students leaving LMISD.

Parents of LMISD children need to keep moving their children to surrounding school districts where the test scores show exactly how well they are doing, not the advocates that keep begging the state for one more chance in order to keep their jobs and a paycheck!

The devil is still a LIE.....[yawn]

Carlos Ponce

"Hitchcock received a Met Standard rating from the state.The improved ratings come just two weeks after former Superintendent Barbara Derrick resigned after less than two years on the job. The improved rating come from results of performance under her watch."
Congratulations to Barbara Derrick's educational leadership. Let's see if Hitchcock can keep up the improvement she started.

Bulldog Granny

Congratulations to the Hitchcock Independent School District on their Met Standard rating from the State. In a conversation that took place in my presence, it was stated that Dr. Barbara Derrick had no academic leadership. I, entered the conversation, and stated that I thought the speaker was wrong in their opinion of Dr. Derrick's leadership ability. I am glad to see that the students and faculty of the Hitchcock Independent School District proved that I was correct in supporting Dr. Barbara Derrick in her leadership of the Hitchcock Independent School District.

Walter Manuel

BulldogGranny, obviously you were correct in your assessment of Dr. Barbara Derrick and her obvious leadership abilities that took Hitchcock off of TEA's radar for the time being. It's unfortunate that the Hitchcock school board members didn't see exactly what she had accomplished nor appreciate her leadership within the district.

On the other hand, whoever reported from LMISD that they have made "improvements" is either lazy or didn't want our community to know the truth surrounding LMISD and how they barely met standards in some areas and barely failed in others.

What this means at the end of the day for LMISD is that with TEA's low testing standards again this year because of their testing roll out, LMISD is obviously still struggling to hold their head above water academically and the test scores prove it. This year's testing will certainly be harder than last years, so the trend seems to indicate that LMISD continues to further decline rather than improving.

If any one wants a real eye opener, they need to dig deeper into the "numbers" based on the district as a whole, as well as, each campus and they will certainly find the "truth" rather than what district officials want you to believe.

Here's a link to go to in order to see exactly what I'm talking about and then you can judge for yourself just how much LMISD or any other school district for that matter has "improved".


Numbers don't lie....[wink]

George Croix

"All but one of the county’s public school districts met the state’s standards in academics, according to state ratings provided by the schools on Thursday."

As a graduate of LMHS looong ago, I WISH I would have had to read further than this first paragraph to find out what District was The One.

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