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Chris Gimenez

I haven't run into Clay Kennelly in a long while but he was always what I thought a good cop should be. Certainly in comparison to the idiot Glen Manis, Kennelly is heads above what Hitchcock had in the previous Chief.

I can't speak for the city leadership of Hitchcock but I know in Bayou Vista it seems to be the modus operandi to get rid of competent employees and replace them with brown-nosers who will do whatever the mayor and councilmembers want them to do. If the citizens of Hitchcock like what's happened under Kennelly's leadership they need to support him at this Council meeting.
Bayou Vista

james kramer

The whole force needs to be put under the microscope. When surrounding towns have to conduct a raid on your illegal game rooms and Hitchcock PD refuses to participate then that's a problem. The FBI was also involved. I wonder what they thought or still think about that situation.

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