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Gehrig Boone

DISD covering their tracks....

Lars Faltskog

Well, I think these schools ought to reconsider trying to hold graduation ceremonies in the open air. This is Houston and gulf coast. Chances are it's going to rain with no warning, and it's sure to be hot and uncomfortable.

Life goes on before ceremonies. A good lesson to learn - that things don't often go as planned. Folks can debate on whether the officials communicated effectively - but who made the decision to hold these celebrations in the outdoors anyway?

Miss Priss

Most schools have contingency plans in place for inclement weather on graduation day - like moving to the gymnasium to where at least parents could see the entire program. These school officials sent thousands out of the stadium and into cars to wait out a storm. It was a bad plan and the principal / school district were extremely inconsiderate of everyone - student, parents friends and family in how the contingency was carried out and lack of communication.

The graduation invites said the contingency was to hold the graduation the next day ..... According to the paper that was not the case which makes the school district look like a bunch of liars.

Shelly Pearl

Oh BooHoo. What did a couple of hours delay really mean? These kids had been in school for 12 years another 2 hours shouldn't have made THAT much of a difference. I think an inexperienced staff did the best they could with what they had. And no I do not attend, work for, or have a child in DISD. The weather is beyond anyone's control. [ohmy]

Miss Priss

Shelly pearl - spoken like an ignorant person who did not know anyone having to experience this situation. After all the complaining that you do on these blogs for much less .... The situation was dangerous and yes after you state the idiotic obvious that no one has control over the weather .... The right thing for the principal to have done was to move the damn thing to indoors.

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