HITCHCOCK — The restrooms are “great,” the new desks are “awesome” and there’s more room.

Students who attended their first day of classes in the new Hitchcock High School generally gave high marks. The complaints were that the cafeteria is too small and the hallways should have better markings.

“I liked everything,” James Wolf, 17, a Hitchcock junior, said. “I especially like the gym. It is awesome.”

The school was built five years after voters approved a $39.98 million bond package that included construction of a $16 million, 81,000 square foot high school.

The school accommodates 350 students but has space for expansion.

“I like that it is a lot bigger,” said Deaven Selcer, 17, a Hitchcock 11th grader. “Sure, the lunch room is little, but it’s all right. The classrooms are bigger than our old high school. I love the design.”

Some found getting around the campus a bit difficult.

“We need a map that (reads), ‘You are here,’” 11th grader Brittney Johnson, 17, said. “I like it’s a larger school and the gym and the (covered) sidewalks.”

Johnson’s only complaint: “There’s not enough parking here.”

Jonathan Mauldin, 18, a senior, agrees about getting around the campus.

“The hallways are confusing because they all look alike,” he said.

Junior Shelbie Brown, 17, suggested a way to get around was to have the symbols for each of the education displays put on the hallways. The campus is divided into curriculum pods.

One area is devoted to science, one to math, one to social studies and another to languages, and there are on-campus spots for career and technology as well as fine arts classes.

But the best feature on the campus?

“The desks,” Derius Wolf, 16, a junior, said while inventing a new word to describe them. “Those desks are the comfortablest ever. They’re made for big people.”

The campus has special touches throughout.

There are red, white and black tile floors to match the school colors and a custom-designed special education/life skills classroom that was designed by the high school’s special education teacher. There’s even a kiln to make ceramics in the new art lab.

The new construction also means the district was able to upgrade the technology used on campus. Each classroom comes equipped with a smart board dry erase board to replace chalkboards and LED projectors. Classrooms also are wired for Internet service and have new computers.

Now that the new campus is open, work will soon start to redo the old high school into what will be the new Crosby Middle School. The current Crosby campus is slated to be converted into a vocational technology campus as well as the new home of the school district’s administration offices, Superintendent Barbara Derrick said.

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Carlos Ponce

Hitchcock's School Colors are red and white not red, white and black. The black floor tiles were added as a contrast.

Line from the school Song: " Her unfurled flag of Red and White Shall reign for all to see; Tis the emblem of the school that we love, May she reign through eternity."

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