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Walter Manuel

"Burton has opposed the superintendent search from the beginning, saying it is too costly for the district to fill such a high-paid position".


When did someone finally pop Annie on her pointed little head and point out to her to the fact that the mess that SHE STARTED with Mr. Burley has cost LMISD taxpayers thousands and thousands of unncessary dollars???

I wonder how much all of this is in line with the recent "Finanicial Integrity Resolution" that Ann Dixon drew up as part of the district's solvency plan and had school board members sign?

I don't recall any part of the solvency plan including hiring Ann Dixon to help in the search for the next superintendent nor did I see where the Walsh Anderson law firm would assist as well?

I guess since Annie has been gone off and on so much she hasn't seen the memo where LMISD paid Ann Dixon on June 14, 2013 $9,000, June 24, 2013 $4,000 and again on July 15, 2013 $6,000 which after taxes so far in July she received $4,523.53.

I guess Annie's not keeping up with how much the district is paying the Walsh, Anderson law firm either? Last month the district paid the law firm $15,000 alone related to Mr. Burley's contract. The co-superintendents are using the law firm to review simple open records requests and to answer any other question that they may have because of their own incompetence?

It's obvious that Thomasine Allen and Dr. Joanie Hudson have cost the district waaaaaaay too much money for on the job training for either one of them to even be considered for the superintendents position.

Teachers keep leaving by the masses and the students are as well. It's no wonder there's not been any discussion lately about security in the schools since there won't be enough teachers and students to occupy all of the schools. All that will soon be left is for the district to consolidate into one school and then there won't be a need to have security!

Good job school board members and district officials, you've managed to run off 6 more teachers! You must be really proud of your accomplishments, you certainly qualify for being the worst governing board in the history of Texas education! [thumbdown]

Walter Manuel

The money paid to Ann Dixon did not cover the nearly $20,000 that she has already been paid in order to tweak Mr. Burley's original solvency plan for TEA.

Which by the way, everyone is wondering what is the latest word on LMISD's 2nd solvency plan submitted to TEA???

If district officials and school board members didn't intentionally hide so much from the public we might all be kept in on the loop as well?

Walter Manuel

**** Correction***

It was June "28", 2013 Ann Dixon was paid $4,000, not June "24", 2013.....


“We’ve got to be in this together, so we need to hear all we can,” board President Nakisha Paul said.'
With input from the town hall meetings, trustees will develop criteria for a new superintendent, Paul said.

We are in this together? REALLY? Nowwwww.. WE ARE in this together? I don't know what to say. All this time they have been doing whatever the NEST tells them to do, and now WEeeee are in this together. Well,...I guess I could be wrong about the WE! It depends on WHO THE WE is that's being addressed. It could very well be the "EAGLETS" she was addressing,.....I don't know.
I do know one thing,...it is very apparent that this group of people occupying space over at LMISD,..knows NOTHING........NOTHING......about running a school district.
They are gobbling up their high salaries and hiding behind Ms. Ann Dixon's skirt tails,..peeping their little heads around taking an occasional peep to see if everything is alright,...like a group of frighten kids would do seeking protection while hiding behind their mothers' skirts.
Meanwhile, seven more informed employees resigned recently,...and one misinformed individual was approved by this group to be hired. What does that tell you? Employees and students are continuing to desert THIS SINKING SHIP,....even while there is a FRANTIC search,...for another Captain to take over the ship,...before it SINKS for good! Now my question is,....WHY?
Here you are going under,...Your teachers are leaving for more security, sanity, and better job conditions, your students are leaving for a better educational opportunity,....and the main point still has not hit home yet? What a shame!
Any employee at LMISD should sit down somewhere, and think about long term employment,..family security, and career opportunities. Are you willing to place your future in the hands of a group of people WHO are by their own actions showing everyone and their brother, they are LOST as public servants, and school district leaders? Would you fly on an aircraft with a PILOT who had to call the air traffic controller tower so they could talk to a REAL PILOT for instructions on how to fly the air craft? Would you want to be OPERATED on by a doctor,....who had to have a real doctor explain to him how to make every cut,...and when to suture that cut afterwards? I don't think so!
So I have another question. Why is it that we need SCHOOL BOARD LEADERS, who need a HIRED ex school board leader to guide them on a JOB they are supposed to know? This is a scandal!! This is a MOCKERY of the idea of equal access, equal inclusion,..and equal opportunity!
I've been taught that as the HEAD goes,...so goes the BODY! Translation: No kid of mine could ever go to a school under this brand of leadership,...but that is just me, and the way I think! Why any parent or guardian would allow their kids to attend this failed institution of education, I will never understand.
It will be very interesting to see what FOOL will allow himself to be recruited to this organization,...even for money.
PS Make no mistake about it, this group of people are SCARED out of their skins because all these teachers are no joining all the students in a mass exodus away from here! Somebody said once, if you want to get a MULE to listen,...you slap him upside his head as HARD as you can,....If you want to get a FOOL to listen,....you WALK away from him as FAST as you can! What's my point? Well, one of LMISD's leaders said, " We need to HEAR all we can,...but they did not start HEARING until all these students and teachers started WALKING away from them!!! So that makes them a ...................!
I did not hear youuuuuu, That makes them a what? Amennnn!

Robert Buckner

I think they get the point JBG, they just don't care[sad]

Walter Manuel

Amen Mr. JBG!

You posted, "We need to HEAR all we can,...but they did not start HEARING until all these students and teachers started WALKING away from them"!!!

Looks like now that there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING left of this school district these village idiots have come to realize that they better start listening to everything that they can hear from EVERYONE INVOLVED, well we certainly have a news flash for them!

:::::: NEWS FLASH:::::


It's absolutely pathetic having to sit and watch grown folks BEG!! [wink]

Walter Manuel

I have to check those numbers on Ann Dixon on Monday to see if these amounts are for the solvency plan or new charges?

The district pays their vendors a month behind like the law firm, but not sure about how they are paying Ann Dixon, but there were checks written in those amounts as I stated.

I'm not sure why I received information on Chief Field's and Officer Oliver dating back to April between board members and district officials that I did not ask for? The information that I received clearly appears that several board members were trying to stack someone's employee file and it didn't work out for them obviously.

The games that these people play never ceases to amaze me.....


A+ for JBG + A BIG AMEN for your post. Have a great day.

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

You guys are on point.

Jimmie Saldana

I keep seeing conversations about salaries and finances LMISD is experiencing but what is not being said these finance troubles started with the previous board including Ms. cbmlv and was passed on to the current board. Some examples, when Burley arrived the fund balance was more than $5 million, when he resigned he had a salary of more than $208,000 instead of the $144,000 being posted. Also attorney fees was higher under Burley than the previous two superintendents combined.

I constantly read blogs being critical of the current board mostly by the same people but I must say of all the comments made I respect Mr. JBG comments more than most. I realize everyone has a right to their opinion and I accept that, but all of the facts on most of the issues are not stated

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, you posted on another thread,

"Thomasine Allen has been an employee in LMISD for 30+ years and has experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and administrator. She has been successful at all levels. If she had been in the role of superintendent in place of the prior superintendent, LMISD would not be in the shape they are in. Why do you think she has not done an excellent job"?

That right there says your either someone on the school board or a district official, but obviously you haven't been paying enough attention to the enrollment numbers for the last 8-10 to years to see that Thomasine Allen has been a huge failure in the role that she plays in LMISD and therefore doesn't deserve near the money that is being wasted on her just because you and your friends support her!

I guess next you'll probably suggest calling off the search for the next superintendent just so that ya'll can give the job to Thomasine, afterall the salary was purposely lowered by the board so that no one would even consider taking that job unless they've never been a superintendent before and only want the title on their resume for their next job search.

Quit pee'ing on our leg and trying to convince us that it's raining! What a joke!

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, I failed to mention that not near the number of people resigned under Mr. Burley like they already have under Thomasine and school hasn't even started yet.

Obviously details don't matter much to you or the fact that you support people who are NOW the problem and have made things 1000 times worse for the district than anything Mr. Burley ever did.

I'm happy for Mr. Burley that he has moved on to hopefully a community that will work together with him and his staff rather than having to deal with the village type mentality that only works in their village and not what best serves a community.

Robert Buckner

Reverend one week, judge this week, maybe a general next week? The title changes as much as the weather

Walter Manuel

LOL Robert, that's what I was thinking too, but we all know already that the so called "rev" doesn't do his own writing anyways, but rather has a friend of his on the board or his daughter to do it for him.

I suppose Judge JD hadn't figured out by now that had Thomasine or Dr. Hudson had the experience necessary to be the next superintendent we never would have had to foot the HUGE bill for Ann Dixon in the first place.

Judge JD should have also known that Mr. Burley only got a raise when the teachers got a raise as part of his contract, so when someone wants to be a "baiter and hater" they need to know what their actually talking about!

Walter Manuel

Judge JD posted, "Also attorney fees was higher under Burley than the previous two superintendents combined".

Obviously, you've not asked for open records requests to see how your friends are wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on Sandra Carpenter the district's attorney or you would NEVER have made such a ridiculous statement as you did.

Egg is ALWAYS best served on a plate rather than on one's face! [rolleyes]

Jimmie Saldana

Response to Missionary Man: Your mind is already made up that the current board created the problems that exist today. You probably will never admit that Ecomet Burley did not do as good a job as Superintendent as he was paid to do. Let's start with a response to your most recent comments.

Ecomet Burley gave teachers raises and he also received a raise. The next year teacher's pay was reduced, but his raise remained the same.

Under Ecomet Burley, more than 275 employees were riffed.

Sandra Carpenter was also the Board attorney during Ecomet Burley's tenure.
While attorney fees were outrageous with the previous board, they have been significantly reduced with the current board.

I think you have done an excellent job collecting information that should have been collected 2-3 years ago. Maybe LMISD would not be in the shape it is in financially. I see you are selective in issues you want to talk about that puts a negative light on the current board. Since you have contacts that provide you with information, I notice that you do not talk about Ecomet Burley's failures nor do you mention him being paid to obtain a PhD that he never received.

You criticize the board for hiring Ann Dixon to help fix what Ecomet Burley screwed up, but what about the people Ecomet Burley hired to help run the district because of his lack of knowledge i.e., Dwight Brannon, Dee Maddox Hall, Rollie Ford, Arlene Lassin to name a few, and don't forget the infamous Nikki Wilson. Research that!

Anne Thomas

Someone needs to do fact checking not just repeating what has been said
by cronies.

Walter Manuel

::::::Fact Check:::::::

Judge JD, I've never seen any proof that Mr. Burley received a single penny to go to college to get his doctorates degree like you claim. He would have only received reimbursement once he obtained his degree in which never happened because I'm sure with all the crap that you and your group kept up in the district he wasn't given the opportunity to go to college?

Since when does a superintendent give ANYONE a raise? I would assume that it would have to be a finance director who would recommend something as such in an attempt to try and keep their teachers from leaving the district and bringing their salaries up to what other districts were paying at the time.

As far as attorney fee's go, you might ought to ask for open request to see like I've done how much you and your group cost us taxpayers trying to get rid of Mr. Burley?

I won't make you do your own homework by yourself, on May 17, 2013 a check was paid to the law firm for $15,890.14, on June 3, 2013 $19,236.34 was paid in attorney fee's and I'm sure that's not all that has come in yet. I don't ever remember see'ing checks in this amount being paid out to the Walsh, Anderson law firm while Mr. Burley was superintendent so YOU need to get your facts straight!

I don't have to bring any negative light to this board as they do a good enough job on their own and our community has suffered as a result. Failure seems to follow these people wherever they set up camp, first we saw it at city hall and now that they've taken over the school district we see just just how destructive they really are.

Lastly, as far as my "contacts" go as you claim that I have, I don't need inside contacts to provide me with my information because remember I'm not from the village like you and your friends, some things people with a little common sense can figure out on their own if they just applied themselves just a little! [wink]

Jimmie Saldana

MissionaryMan, Where is the village and how do you know where I am from? Does the village have anything to do with ethnicity?

$35,126.48 is a drop in the bucket compared to what Burley cost YOU tax payers for legal fees!!

Help me understand the statement " Failure seems to follow these people where ever they set up camp, first we saw it at city hall and now that they have taken over the school district we see just how destructive THEY really are. who are they?

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, you, posted, "Under Ecomet Burley, more than 275 employees were riffed".

We want to know where you got these numbers from?

It seems if my memory serves me correctly it was you and your group who refused to allow Dr. Johnson and then Mr. Burley and the school board members to close/consolidate schools because of declining student enrollment.

Perhaps I need to refresh your memory with the numbers a little since it appears you use time to your advantage and the fact that over time people do sometimes forget fact from fiction.

District Student Enrollment Numbers:

1996-97 4,431
1997-98 4,312 difference -119
1998-99 4,257 difference -55
1999-2000 4,155 difference -102
2000-01 4,070 difference -85
2001-02 3,985 difference -85
2002-03 3,887 difference -98
2003-04 3,759 difference -128
2004-05 3,760 difference +1
2005-06 3,872 difference +112
2006-07 3,729 difference -143
2007-08 3,625 difference -104
2008-09 3,704 difference + 79
2009-10 3,408 difference - 296
20010-11 2,975 difference - 433 ( Board members illegally suspended Sup and Police Chief)
2011-12 2,989 difference +14
2012-13 2,864 difference -125

Total Student Loss: 1,393

So Judge JD, from what you now know from what I've provided for you, where is your proof of the 275 employee's that you claim we're RIF'd under Mr. Burley?

I have been told that over a 2 to 3 year period because of declining student enrollment and a decrease in state funding to the school district employees had to be let go and it was only about 100 employees not 275 like you try to claim.

Also, since your obviously in the loop tell everybody that the district was paying close to $1 million a year on a DAEP program serving 75 to 100 kids. The principal alone was making $90+ a year so the district was able to save a considerable amount of money by outsourcing this area. Oh, I suppose you didn't want me mentioning that did you??? LOL

You gotta do a little better trying to convince others than your done so far to shift the blame to others. Only when you can bring on the numbers Judge JD then maybe, just maybe you might offer others a little credibility as to your claims of fact versus fiction! [beam]

Jimmie Saldana

MissionaryMan you failed to answer the questions to my last post at 7:32 pm today! . Where is your proof only about 100 people were RIF'd?

If you ask your resources to provide you the communication Burley provided to the public when he was recommending tax increase it will indicate the number of employees RIF'D over a 2-3 year period .

I am sure if you ask Mr. Burley he will confirm that number is accurate.

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, village idiots has NOTHING to do with ethnicity as you might want others to believe since that's what apparently get's people motivated these days in the news headlines.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Village Idiot

"Prior to the Industrial revolution, before swarms of people migrated from small towns, villages, and farming hamlets to large industrial cities and Metropolises, the populations people were around all the time (their community) were so small, that if one person within that community was feeble of mind, they were designated the village idiot".

So, sorry I can't help feed into YOUR racism that you want to try and convince others that this term supposedly means in only your mind, it simply applies to all of the sheeples (lost sheep) that follow others like yourself.

"$35,126.48" that's just for the last 2 months, you better check for yourself just how much they spend EVERY month and then get back with us!

"THEY" are the "Concerned Citizens" group that tried starting this kinda mess at city hall but quickly got kicked to the curb, so they quickly moved over to the school district.

Any more questions??

Walter Manuel

I am looking through all of my paperwork for the answer to your question, just give me some time.

I have no way of asking Mr. Burley anything, so why don't you provide this information that you claim is available or it's just another lie just like the rest of what comes out of the school district officials and board members mouths these days.

Ask your friends on the board if they've really been approved for the 21st Century Learning Center grant or was it just a "preliminary" notification that they received stating that they could possibly be accepted to receive this grant after a complete review of their application?

Now it's time that you show us your proof, I've showed you enough of mine so far to prove I know what I'm talking about!

The ball is now in your court to prove YOUR credibility....[wink]

Walter Manuel

:::::: Sound of Crickets::::::: :::::::Sound of Crickets:::::: :::::::Sound of Crickets:::::::

Just like I thought Judge JD,,,,, nuff' said.....

Jimmie Saldana

MissionaryMan, I have come to the conclusion your motive is to destroy LMISD and the current board. Let me try to put things in perspective. The comments you post is always negative about the current board and community. you also make insensitive remarks about "VILLAGE IDIOTS" selling "CHICKEN DINNERS"

Now let's talk about the data you post, you are always pointing the blame on the current board suggesting the financial and enrollment decline was created by them.

As was mentioned in a previous post the district fund balance was $5 million plus when Burley was hired, and according to your numbers in 2005-06,enrollment was 3,872 and 2012-13 enrollment had declined to 2,864 this is a decline of 1,008 students. let's go a step further according to your numbers in 1996-97 enrollment was 4,431 and in 2005-06 enrollment was 3,872 this a decline of only 559 students. A good leader should have seen the trend and would have been proactive rather than reactive.

This consistent decline lead to RIF's of more than 275 employees and the need to file for financial exigency not once but twice by the previous Superintendent. Because of what have been discussed the current board should not have to take all the blame for the current status of LMISD.

It is not possibly at this time to state all of the issues that have contributed to our School District being in the state we are in, neither should I say that the current board have not made a few mistakes trying to up right the ship.

I will make a couple of more observations, you constantly play the blame game but never state some of the factual reasons that have hurt our District, i.e. Superintendent Burley's contract to include all of his perks, and a compensation he should not have been receiving. After it was bought to the attention of HR and the previous board they changed the policy to make it legal. I am sure you have access to his contract. Another issue you constantly discuss is the tax payers having to absorb some of the financial woes created by the board but you never mention the number of employees hired by Superintendent Burley that do not live in the county or the district therefore they do not contribute to paying any school/property taxes

Robert Buckner

Hey Rev., Judge., General, or whatever it is this week, regardless of past Supts., the board is still responsible for the financial outcome of the district. PERIOD. Nobody's mission is to destroy LMISD, the current board saw to that already.

Walter Manuel

Judge JD, all I can say is that now that the shoe is on the other foot and ya'll are the one's being attacked instead of the past board members it obviously it doesn't feel so good now does it?

Don't blame the messenger for what Annie Burton suggested by selling "chicken dinners" in order to help raise money for the district. That has absolutely no racial connotation whatsoever as you might want to suggest.

Only someone who has absolutely no facts to back their defense throws out that ridiculous race card!

You might have hushed Mr. JBG last night by feeding him a compliment in order to help with damage control, but you've got a lot more to do in order to get me to go away. That was obviously the oldest play in the game book.

No one is out to destroy this district except for you and your friends. It's now quite obvious that your a board member and you simply can't stand being challenged for what ya'll are doing to this district today which is all that matters from this point forward.

I will continue keeping the public posted of everything that ya'll are doing despite the grief it may bring to you or anyone else.

And lastly you posted, "Another issue you constantly discuss is the tax payers having to absorb some of the financial woes created by the board but you never mention the number of employees hired by Superintendent Burley that do not live in the county or the district therefore they do not contribute to paying any school/property taxes".

So, if LOCAL employees mean so much to you then what about the 11 local taxpayers that work for the LMISD police department that ya'll obviously care nothing about by supporting doing away with department? I guess actions ALWAYS speak louder than words!

You might want to try picking and choosing your battles a little better next time! [wink]

Anne Thomas

Thank you Walter for providing the facts to us. The La Marque citizenry is ready
for a change in the LMISD board. It is such ashame that the race card as to be played once again to try to divide, but many fail to see that this game no longer
works. Be prepared LMISD board for changes called for the entire community not just a select few. As they say, game, set and MATCH!

Walter Manuel

Thanks Mustangammy, if that's the best that they got to go up against me then all I can say is their backing up! [wink]

We're prepared to take on anything they try at this point including any ridiculous thought of another attempt at a tax ratification election.

The board members have set the public meeting for August 8th to discuss next year's budget and tax rate, but there's probably no need to attend the meeting because the budget is always changing just like their solvency plans, however we ALL will meet up at the polls once again to defeat their TRE!

The only way to get rid of these board members is to take away their money and force them out and then we'll see just how much they love the children and school district like they try and claim that they really do? [angry]


Response to Mr. Manuel's post &:35pm Monday 7/22/13
"You might have hushed Mr. JBG last night by feeding him a compliment in order to help with damage control, but you've got a lot more to do in order to get me to go away. That was obviously the oldest play in the game book."
I want to say to you Mr. Manuel that I resent the implications of your post, and what you said in that post. Nobody HUSHES JBG, and NOBODY TELL JBG WHEN TO POST AND WHEN NOT TO! I don't know why YOU had to bring my name up anyway,....I've supported you in the past but lets get one thing straight,...I reserve the right to be selective about my posts, and my support, because NOBODY thinks for me. I've done a pretty good job of that for a good many years and I'm not ready to relinquish that you you or nobody else.
Another thing I don't see you supporting me on every thread I'm commenting on, so what's up!

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, I only called it as others who've called me today that don't post on here have said about the compliment and how it came across to them.

It was not a direct insult intended to you by any means, but everybody that I spoke to said it was awefully cheesy for Judge JD to compliment you when you have been just as harsh towards LMISD as I have, so what's the difference if it didn't serve some underlying purpose?

I certainly do show support of your blogs, of course that's the one's that I might read outside of LMISD and take the time to actually comment on. If you took my comment as an insult then you should know that I apologize as that was not my intentions.

I've come to accept all long time ago that you can please some people some of the times, but you can't please everybody all of the times. I think even you yourself would understand that.

Lastly, I won't allow the Empty Eagle's Nesters to divide us with their games when we're so close to winning this battle!


Mr. Manuel, this is the second time some individual who is wondering about me and what I ought to be posting, and when,....calls you and inquires about it. I would appreciated if that happens again,.. tell WHOEVER it is to get online and ask or confront me,...and WE can hash it out! I don't know who Judge JD is and I cannot tell whoever it is,... WHO to complement. So tell whoever is wondering about it to ask Judge JD!
I'm not going to belabor this issue but tell who ever is wondering, that I don't make a practice of being manipulated,...and I don't hire my thinking out,...if they will get online, I'll tell them myself. My position on LMISD and these kids have not changed.
Thanks for getting back.

Walter Manuel

That's a deal Mr. JBG!

I really didn't think much about it because as you can ask others who follow ANY LM story, when you've taken time out or a sabbatical if you will from the forums it's usually me asking others if they've seen you online and if not then I always hope that your ok.

Perhaps in the future I shouldn't do this....[wink]

Island Bred

The only difference I have seen in the opinions of MissionaryMan and JBG is the issue of the Police Chief. Other than that I thought they were wearing the same dancin shoes as most of us do. I have taken a sabbatical from this group of do nothings on the LMISD. Like I said I'mtired of watching them Cheyne Stoke and I'm waiting for the flat line. I'm thinkin bout August might be the time for the memorial. I was thinking it would be sooner than that but some things just keep twitchin long after they are dead - snakes in the grass come to mind................[wink]

Robert Buckner

I'm surprised it has survived this long myself.

Walter Manuel

Well Margurite, I kinda figured that was what was happening with you and I can't say that I blame you. The "Concerned Citizens" would love to see me take a sabbatical but that will never happen until TEA finally comes in and takes over and I'm positive that's not that far off.

Everything that this group is earnestly trying to do is simply collapsing around them because of the evil things that they have done to others. That's exactly how karma works you know?

I've heard that LMISD has lost already 27 teachers and I'm not sure if that number includes the number of teachers that have already been RIF'd. What this means for the district is that the teachers that they are currently interviewing for positions are either the one's that couldn't get a job any where else or they just moved to the area and are extremely desperate for a job?

The board members recently said that they were concerned about possibly hiring "late hires", well duh??? New employee orientation starts in a few weeks so what finally gave them this great epiphany???

I ultimately feel sorry for the children of this district since their test scores are already so low I can't imagine what their future education will be like now having 2nd rated teachers???

Robert, these people keep getting a lifeline for whatever reason, but soon their luck will finally run out. I can't imagine any of them are actually enjoying what they are doing right bout now, but it serves all of the right for what they have done to others.

They all look like fish out of water struggling to survive and soon they will eventually run out of air! PITY!

Robert Buckner

Margurite, snakes in the grass comes to mind as does beheaded CHICKENS. I've butchered and cleaned enough chickens in my time to know, but I'm not offering my services for any ISD dinners.
Don't even think about any sabbatical Walter. You're doing great keeping us informed along with keeping that rev., judge, general, or whatever his self appointed title is this week, in check.

Island Bred

Yeah Walter - I still read - I just don't go to meetings anymore - I appreciate all ya do and Robert I'm with you. I don't know what the heck is going on with some folks. Keep up the good work so I don't have to subject myself to the frustration of actually attending one of their dog and pony shows. I have sources that do go - but I just can't get all melodramatic about this group of folks who are tearing LM to pieces just so they feel important. IT's crazy and I hope they are laid to rest soon. The damage they do daily will take years to repair.[angry]

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely right Margurite, the damage that is currently being done to the district will forever be irrepairable!

While their meeting tonight about the next superintendent search, I would hope that they would discuss hiring a new human resources director since the current interim director is costing the district $300 a day.

I don't know where these people are getting all of this money to do the things that they are because the money is certainly going out much faster than it's coming in?

Seems, the district tried counting on the charter school grant funding to pay for the
Renaissance students to go to UTMB's STEM's Summer camp this year and according to my last open records was to cost the district around $19,800. Well, I wonder where they did get this money since the charter school grant didn't come through as they had counted on?

What is it that's said about counting your chickens before their hatched? I think this clearly demonstrates poor leadership in administration for sure.

There's also lot's of questions we have about the 21 Century Learning Center grant that LMISD is supposed to receive, but that will have to wait for another day! [wink]

Robert Buckner

You said "chicken", General JD will get upset about that.

Walter Manuel

LOL, Robert.

I know, he's doesn't like us talking about his friends and the stupid things that they do or say!

If they can't stand the heat then they all need to get out of the kitchen is all I can say.....

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