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GW Cornelius

It all sounds good now lets get it done. As some one that lives in district 4, I believed we needed a change. Now that the election is over I will be watchful and waiting to see if our council person gets anything done. If not there is always the next election.

Norman Pappous


Steve Fouga

“We’re going to get some of these infrastructure projects complete,” Yarbrough said. “We’ll get some momentum and get this place cleaned up physically. That’s one of the things I want to do first.”

My impression during the campaign was that Big Jim wasn't as concerned with the neighborhoods as some of the others, but if he is able to do this his first term will have been a success. I think Pappous, Tarlton, McMorris, et al will have to keep the pressure on constantly to make this happen in any areas other than the business corridors.

Jarvis Buckley

Runner of the Island is feeling his oats after Big Jim's overwhelming victory.

L' Ouest

If Yarbrough keeps his vow to get this town cleaned up, I will be a happy camper.

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