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Carol Voight

Good Luck Sya!!!!!! We will be rooting for you!!!!!!

Miss Priss

Way to go! I'll be rooting for you as I get ready to tune in!!

Lars Faltskog

Jeepers, this title makes it look like he tripped upon entry onstage to spell something like "vivacious" . Wouldn't a more positive title to the story be, "Spelling Bee Finalist Gives it His All in Final?"

Either way, this boy has made quite an accomplishment - and it didn't involve playing ball/sports (which we hear about ad nauseum just about every day). Great job.

George Croix

Nice try, son. You worked hard and did your best. Your efforts reflect positively on you.
Which is more than can be said for whoever decided the title for this article.

Miss Priss

For the first time around Sya did excellent! And basically the youngest in the group of finalists.


What I like about this is that Syamantak Payra after having been the Champ Speller in Clear Creek for the last three years has served notice to America that, he is a FORCE to be reckoned with in years to come on the NATIONAL STAGE! I like that! Now, it is about preparation,determination, and desire!
So I say this to Mr. Payra,.....LET'S START "RIGHT" NOW, PREPARING TO GO GET THAT HARDWARE FOR NEXT YEAR! We are going to get it to!! So let go MAN!!!!
"LET'S GO MAN!!! You're representing this whole COUNTY!! "LET'S GO MAN!"

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