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MG Tex

I'm glad that the city has nothing more important to do than get involved in Little League business. The City Manager getting involved?? Good thing everything else is running so smoothly on the island ....

Island Lover

I agree. Why is this being handled by the "interim" city manager? How does this fall under city business? The city was never involved with Little League. Maybe the parks. Apparently it is in the discussion stages and according to Ms. Gillard, not ready for publication yet.

MG Tex

Like many other towns, it sounds like the city owns the facilities and provides primary use to one youth organization. That organization then provides management and varying levels of maintenance for the park, depending on the league and the city. It may be that these two leagues can't play nice together, and one of them went to the City to complain. That happens all the time. However, it hardly rises to the level of printable news, or getting a City Manager involved. Of course it DOES make for a good headline, so I see why GDN is printing it ... Gotta pull those heart strings every once in a while and sell a few ads ....


The "interim" city manager should have other business to tend to than little league business unless he's wanting to volunteer his time on and off the field?

Paul R Heinrich

When I played Little League Baseball in Galveston from 1960-1962 there were four leagues. Eastern, Central, Western, and Island. I played in the Island Division

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