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Mick Phalen

What a farce of a "scientific poll" - - - "We don't know how many people voted, or where they live, but 86% of them want a dog park" (12 divided by 14 equals 86%). But I will wager that 100% are dog owners.

City Council and City staff should be ashamed at conducting, then publishing, such a lack of objectivity and transparency. Councilman Mann always demands that "the process" be followed ...maybe the "process" should include an element of fairness. Must be an election around the corner. What is the next special interest group that will demand "their share" from this Council?

And a special thanks to Mr. Swerdlin and BARK9 (a pro-dog park advocacy group in Houston) for volunteering to help LC spend our money.

There is no way this dog park will cost taxpayers "only" $200,000.

Mick Phalen

The most representative, transparent Council ever.

Councilman Mann: "I can’t remember the last time we asked for public input on anything" - - - that would be sometime before the 2012 election.


I don't know of that many dog owners in LC, and I've been here for 30 years. I propose that instead, use this land and park fund for a fitness park for all citizens instead of a dog park for a few. Texas City has had this at their Nessler Park/Lowry Center since the '70's.
"LifeTrail" fitness parks can be used by everyone from small children to the elderly. The equipment is simple, sturdy playground equipment, but made for exercising and workout. League City residents would probably welcome this a lot more than the dog park that has already been rejected by the voters.

Chuck DiFalco

optimistic1, I want to give you credit for understanding the tradeoff. The issue is one use of League City park fund money versus another use for parks. Too many (other) people forget municipal governance 101.

A cat lover, I have no dog in this fight :-)

--Chuck DiFalco

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